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    Don't you need something like 20 other blue sources for pitch spells to be reliably cast for free? I don't think most lists run the requisite colored cards to support FoN. Yes, you can hardcast it, but don't we normally tap out to do our own thing each turn? I don't think FoN is a great card for us.

    I agree with this, you are normally busy doing your own thing.
    Btw has anyone tried baby teferi? It seems like a decent inclusion, as it protects the combo decently, other than providing cards in the long run and giving a little bit of time against midrange decks. Also, playing cantrips instant speed is not that bad, that's a decent plus. I might try him maindeck in place maybe of a pact and an unlife (or something else, don't really wanna cut that). Furthermore, with the rise of UW decks it might be stronger than it seems.
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    is just better /thread

    I don't think Jace is that much better than Lab man, it costs 3 specific, which makes it harder to cast even when comboing (with lab+cantrip you only need UU). You could argue that it is a strong play over the course of the game, but I don't even think that's true, as preboard everyone is prepared to face pw and sometimes you don't want to mill anyone at all. I have not tried him yet, but with these ideas in mind I don't think I will.
    As far as new addictions from latest sets, I was curious about horizons, but it seems that there's not much we can add (maybe the cantrip which splits onto instants, but it seems way too costly and fact or fiction, which is again too costly, just play teachings if you're considering it). Sadly there are not canopy-lands in our colors, but maybe a 2-of of the off color ones (most likely the UR) might be worth a try.
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