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    Platforms: iOS, Android and Website
    Website: https://CardCastle.co
    Pricing: Free accounts (1000 cards and 3 decks) and $4 USD per month for full access
    Purpose: CardCastle aims to create a platform for all the needs of a Magic player in one place- collection management, deckbuilding, pricing and more.

    Also check out this link to see the new hardware we are working on: https://www.mtgsalvation.com/forums/magic-fundamentals/other-magic-products/third-party-products/810992-introducing-cardbot-a-fully-automated-mtg-scanning
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    Hi MTGSalvation,

    I’m Frank from CardCastle, a collection management platform for Magic players. We launched in 2016 and have been working towards our goal of having all the tools players need in one place - collection management, card prices, collection statistics and deckbuilding. We’re constantly updating the platform and adding new features (many of these were suggestions from our users).

    I’m excited to reveal (exclusively to MTGSalvation!) a project that we’ve been working on for a while now - the CardBot:

    The CardBot is a fully automated Magic card scanning and sorting machine. You can check out a teaser video here. These are some of the main features:

    • gentle with your cards - soft silicon suction cups mean no risk of scratches or creases
    • scans up to 1,000 cards at a time
    • separates cards that match card attributes set by the user (price, colour, set etc.)

    It’s aimed more towards local game stores at this time - in the early stages it will likely be too expensive for the average player. That said, our plan is to have stores offer use of the CardBot as a service to their players.

    We’re currently runnings trials in stores around Australia but I wanted to reach out to MTGSalvation to see what players think too.

    Some of the things we’re keen to get feedback on are:

    • how useful do you think the CardBot will be for you as a player?
    • are there any features you would be like to see added in?
    • we’re planning a Kickstarter to launch production - is this something you can see yourself backing?

    I’m happy to answer any questions you might have about the CardBot and the CardCastle platform in general. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!
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