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  • posted a message on [Deck] BR Vampires
    her 3drop vampire is actually way better.

    Someoen build around that standard built https://www.mtgtop8.com/event?e=22559&d=353756&f=ST ?
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  • posted a message on [Deck] BR Vampires

    yes, thats the thing I played last testing. the inclusion of the oathsworn vampire sounds not bad. Had trouble against really good decks so this deck went on ice at testing by now. But I have an eye on it ^^

    a little problem is that the version is a bit slow at the aggro plan to close out. But yes, when that grinding works.. it was much fun to play the hellbent asylum visitor token generator build.

    If we get a good vampire from eldraine? Dracula tale might be a thing
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  • posted a message on Mono Black Jund
    @killer_eye ..i like mono black midrangey decks.

    the addition of that dinosaur is interesting. I would play a playset of funeral charm with it!
    Very versatile. you can get the damamge in with swampwalk, kill target or instant discard. Would replace ravens crime with that.

    Gifted aetherborn is the least best card in the deck. you could add one tombstalker in here. Maybe smallpox is great, too. You want to force hellbending in this deck as reliable as possible. maybe +1LotV -1 LtLH
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  • posted a message on [Deck] BR Vampires
    The option to discard aether vial later is very tempting. Don t have the math for it, but it helps to speed up the game? My playtesting in regards to nocturnus to bloodhall priest is that nocturnus would be the stronger one in most cases. Bloodhall priest beeing hellbent wasnt that often.. but i used the thoughtseize, lili, enchantment build. Maybe vial is better in this case. I will think about best possible lines of play... t3 kill is impossible? Have some t4 kills via nocturnus or kalastria in my mind but sorin with nocturnus with vial does 18dmg. 3 2/2, vial, sorin, stromkirk turn 3 with sorin dropped nocturnus and black card on top
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  • posted a message on [Deck] BR Vampires
    Oh damn! just realised that bloodhall priest with sorin, imperious bloodlord is so strong.
    Definitely before Nocturnus. You +the Sorin for deathtouch and lifelink and Bloodhall priest triggers for damage to creature or player.
    With DT you remove every creature that isnt hexproof or shroud. damn nice
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  • posted a message on [Deck] BR Vampires
    hey @pcrusader

    I replaced the 4 blood artist with sorin, imperious bloodlord
    You listed him as a 3off. But you can play him as playset. You want him and when you have too much copies you can discard him.

    I like Bloodhall Priest. It is maybe better In my Version than the Nocturnus. I want card draw when hellbent and beeing hellbent with call the bloodline and asylum visitor is such a hugh engine (creating many tokens.. for sac and army). Test it. It is maybe too weak on its own pieces, but I liked it a lot. Thats why I put liliana of the veil in my list to force the hellbent for both players (also removal for pushing the die ability of cordial vampire)

    Vampire of the Dire Moon dont know.. I dont like him much.. I only want viscera seer and indulgent aristocrat

    In regards of a aether vial lord vampire list... I dont know If its the list I want to play, seem like a weaker version of the other tribal vial decks out there, maybe I m wrong.. didnt test them much.
    These are my first standpoints on view of 2 days testing. I`m actually not 100% sure but these are the first conclusions I first think of. Might change later with further testing and brewing / suggestions from other players as well
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  • posted a message on [Deck] BR Vampires
    No one tried the list I posted? https://mtgdecks.net/Modern/b-decklist-by-artemesis-803156

    Yesterday I tried it a bit. But tweaked the decklist with new sorins after playing the original list a bunch.
    The amazing thing is here that when both are hellbent youre drawing immense amount of cards and pitch them into token with lifegain and you can sac
    them for powering up the rest of your team.. there are more powerful things in modern, but I enjoyed the playstyle

    are the tweaks. I added liliana`s into mainboard. Her and new Sorin can control the board a lot and I wanted to help hellbending more. Pitch bloodghast or Asylum visitor is relatively strong

    Call the Bloodline seems a bit weak, but Sorins makes every card a lightning helix with this. With an active Asylum visitor it's more powerful.

    Overall everything is kinda weak on it's own but pretty synergistic.

    Added 2 Vampire Nocturnus to steal games with him. But dont want to draw him in multiple cause of the curve
    In goldfishing the lethal combat is around turn 4 to turn 6 (with discard) but it's ability is more to grind out than closing games fast
    ..Only if tidehollow sculler or kitesail freelooter is a vampire.. Grin

    What do you think?
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  • posted a message on [Deck] BR Vampires
    Mono black vampires with nocturnus at top curve was my first modern deck.
    The has a high potential and a list with aristocrat style done 5:0 in a modern league!
    Will test it today..

    here the link:

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  • posted a message on Collected Company Elves
    @Simon DS nurturing peatland is great. I fear taking too much damage when drawing too much. Having some burn, mono red phoenix, 8whack and some other aggro decks in meta. I really understand to maximize on them.

    what's your take on sideboarding against phoenix?

    Planning to playtest a lot this weekend against my ur phoenix friend who´s won the bye for gp frankfurt in germany.
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  • posted a message on Collected Company Elves

    RG breach is difficult for elves. g1 you can race them, but g2/3 is too much mass removal. Have an urge to play thoughtseize again for combo and those decks.
    Maybe a good call for the london mulligan ruling.

    Funny note: last tournament I got the t3 kill against storm and g2 he fizzled his combo and I won that matchup. He has the best score overall the tournament results right now. Grin

    What are your thoughts on the nurturing peatland amount? I think i go for 3.

    Mainboard pretty hoogland list. I like beast whisperer, but I want to play more aggressive with clancallers

    2 reclamation sage
    1 collector ouphe (want not more because i want to keep rec sages against some prison decks in meta)
    3 damping sphere
    3 dismember (tried out trophies, but dismember is better against phoenix. its liek carddraw for them)
    2 thoughtseize (combo)
    1 lead the stampede (decided to have 3 in my deck, the canopy land should be compensate the cut of 1 of them)
    2 surgical extraction (only gy deck, I dont side in against phoenix)
    1 scavenging ooze (third ooze in the deck.. think its fine over other options)

    Yesterday I trained against ur phoenix and had beaten a local guy. talked about sideboarding and went with this:
    -4 clancaller
    -1 ezuri
    -2 lead

    +3 damping sphere
    +3 dismember
    +1 ooze

    think it may be the best sideboarding plan with this configuration. what do you think?
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  • posted a message on modern zombardement
    didn´t know about this bridgevine version! maybe it's the stronger deck in modern. more lineal and that a bit interactive. Dont know if cabal therapist is strong enough for modern
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  • posted a message on modern zombardement

    I brewed up a modern zombardement list for modern;

    With printing of carrion feeder and the cabal therapist
    and the ravnicas mayhem devil as goblin bombardement replacement it might be viable. judith, the scourge diva might be also be viable. buffs flyers but dont trigger the fetchlands and so on)

    Here is a rough decklist:

    sorry, for not sorting out. dont have time right now for this.. ^^

    what do you think? might have trouble in the meta right now because of grave hate, but seems like a fun deck to me
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  • posted a message on 8Rack
    @pf_mtg ..I agree with that. with urborg we could tap as a swamp for no pain I think. makes it a lot better. And I love the artist ;D
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