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  • posted a message on Infinite mana combo with Myr Galvanizer????
    Entirely unrelated to the infinite mana combo, another cool combo with myr, that can potentially be a turn one win, is Myr Retriever + Myr Retriever + Heartless Summoning + Altar of the Brood. Or, the same thing but with Impact Tremors instead of Altar of the Brood.
    Heartless Summoning allows you to play one Myr Retriever for free, triggering either Impact Tremors or Altar of the Brood; however, it'll die immediately. Then, you play your second Myr Retriever, triggering either Impact Tremors or Altar of the Brood again, allowing you to return the first Myr Retriever from your graveyard to your hand; however, the second Myr Retriever will also die instantly. Now, just continue between playing and returning the Myr Retrievers for free until Impact Tremors kills or Altar of the Brood mills.
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  • posted a message on Help with Massacre Girl MBC deck. What creatures to run?
    Mortivore would be pretty good, as long as it has a stable power and toughness before setting off the chain, it will be extremely buffed at the end of the chain. The only problem would be that a lot of graveyard return will only weaken it, particularly something like Grave Betrayal, pulling your opponents dead creatures onto your side will mean that the Mortivore won't get the power and toughness boost from a creature being in a graveyard while still giving it the consecutive -1/-1 from those creatures dying. Overall meaning that if you aren't careful you could easily kill one of your potential late game powerhouse/win-cons.
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