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    Cheers mate,

    Do you have a view on Rogue Elephant and Serendib Djinn

    Those 2 don't seem to get picked much because of fear of getting mana screwed.

    Also thinking of dropping Sneak Attack, our analysis shows that the lack of Big Targets with Enter Battlefield effects in the old boarder Cube is very limited. Was that your experience with your Old-boarder cube?
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    Hi wtwlf123,

    My playgroup have been constructing and play-testing an Old-Bordered cube for the past 12 months which we feel plays pretty well, but we are always looking to improve. If you get a moment would you be able to have a quick look at the list and see if anything looks out of place, or should be included.


    We have decided to stick with 540 because it enables us to continue to support a wide range of Archetypes with strong emphasis on cross-pollination.

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    Quote from wtwlf123 ยป
    I don't know man, I haven't managed this cube in years. Cut whatever your playgroup likes the least and keep the ratios more or less the same. Wink

    Hi wtwlf123,

    You are without a doubt the greatest Cube designer in history and our playgroup regards you as a god.

    I really like what you have done here with the Classic Cube. When you get some time is it possible for you to please update this to 540 cards so it can be Glimpse drafted with 4 players.

    There seems to be quite a few strong cards that other peoples classic cube have been running that yours doesn't.

    With Glimpse drafting in mind, I think that opens this back up to further archetype support that you have left out, and will enable 540 cards with ease.

    For example, Blue tempo could have cards included like Parallax Tide, Equilibrium, Standstill, and many others.

    Really hope you are able to take this on Smile

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