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  • posted a message on Gaining control of target creature spell, what will happen when it becomes a permanent?
    So I've been thinking of ways to combat ETB effects in colors outside Blue (countermagic) and Black (discard).

    I came up with this idea for a red card:

    Aether Misfire
    Gain control of target creature spell until the end of your next turn.

    I'm just wondering if that would work. The intention is you can target a creature spell on the stack, and then it will come into play as a creature under your control, giving you any ETB effects, and then be able to attack on your next turn. I also thought of a "As long as you control it, it can't block" clause, but I'm not sure if the spell would keep this when it changes to being a permanent?

    The technology/wording to do this also exists as Desertion, but I wonder if this shorter and more Red-feeling wording would work also.
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  • posted a message on Core Set printable commons for Pauper
    With Core Set 2020 coming up, I've been thinking of good simple cards that could be printed in a core set, while enhancing the gameplay of my favorite format, Pauper.

    Return target instant or sorcery card from your graveyard to your hand.

    I'm liking the recent idea of Core Sets having one or so non-evergreen mechanic, like Renown, Convoke, or such. Hybrid mana feels to me like a perfect simple mechanic for Core Sets, which is totally underexplored in MtG.

    Creature - Insect
    Sacrifice Splinterburst: It deals 1 damage to each creature with flying.

    Sick anti-Faerie and Battle Screech card, that can do good stuff with recursion and Aristocrats synergies. I was hoping Thornado from Modern Horizons was an "anti-air Tremors" like this, but alas not.

    Court of the Oak
    If you control two or more creatures, draw two cards

    Maybe a bit pushed, but I like the simplicity. Could be 2G draw 2, or have a bigger hoop of controlling 3 creatures (though then you lose some symmetry), or cost GG (though then maybe it feels less common?)

    Sun Blade
    Destroy target nonwhite creature.

    I just feel like White could really use some efficient instant-speed removal. Or a Flash Journey to Nowhere for 2W, although that might feel too complex.

    Ripples of Insight
    Scry X, where X is the number of Islands you control.
    Draw 2 cards.

    I guess I just dig Tendrils of Corruption and wish it could be a cycle. The baseline for this is Foresee/Tamiyo's Insight with some potential upside for deckbuilding restrictions. This is a strong Blue card but doesn't fit into the existing dominant Blue Tempo decks, so it might push a new Mono-U Draw-Go deck.

    March of Civilization
    Create X 1/1 white Human creature tokens, where X is the number of Plains you control.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Modern Horizons Spoiler Discussion

    Why wouldn't those decks just run Snow Lands instead and still be able to play the same suite of cards they already have? Seems like Boros and WB Decks just need to swap over to snow lands and they can run this card then? Not enough basics to reliably cast it?

    They could, and people will try it, buuut I don't think it'll work out. Current Boros Monarch decks are playing about 3 basic lands because they also need the artifact lands to support their metalcraft theme. I just don't think they can support enough snow lands to reliably cast this.

    IMHO Galvanic Blast and a more reliable early Glint Hawk are better than this and Skred.

    As someone who plays Corrupt Control and UG Turbofog which absolutely hate burn to the face, I would be elated if Boros Monarch started playing Skred over Galvanic Blast. It'd make those matchups so vastly easier to win. Plus UB Delver is falling out of favor, making even less of a case for Skred.

    I think this card will definitely be played, but I don't think it'll be a regular in Boros Monarch. WB Pestilence Midrange, though, might work for this.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Modern Horizons Spoiler Discussion
    A 1-mana Prophetic Prism that costs a snow mana just got spoiled. This card is legit. It's also a brilliant design for a card, since it's powerful but can't be effectively used by the existing decks that run Prism: Boros Monarch and Tron. So it encourages new archetypes, not the status quo.

    Snow-Go has been a niche deck, a 4-color URGB control deck that runs Skred and Mystical Teachings, and this could help a lot with it's mana. Plus we'll probably see more snow-matters cards at common for it, since snow matters is primarily a UG archetype in this set.

    Quote from Skios »
    I don't know, the angel could find a home in equipment based aggro decks. The vigilance could be quite useful.

    I've been playing Healer's Hawk in White Weenie and liking it. The thing is, Healer's Hawk really combos well with Bonesplitter. Segovian Angel could use some other sort of equipment/aura the also boosts it's toughness, making it powerful on the attack and also stonewalling the opponent. Maybe the oldschool Empyrial Armor?
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Pauper Turbo Fog
    Quote from Upkeep »

    I'm also still worried about Murasa Tron. It can be beat, but it's not a great matchup, honestly. Has anyone had any tricks to fight it in the long game?

    I wish I could get more games in vs. Tron. It's very under-represented in my store's meta.

    Right now I have 2x Exclude, 2x Dispel, and 2x Negate in the SB which add to 4x Arcane Denial and 1x Counterspell, and my plan vs. Tron is to just try burning through their Mnemonic Walls/Pulse of Murasas with counterspells. BW Pestilence Control is big in my store too, so the Negates are key in that match (I absolutely can't let a Pestilence resolve). Maybe Faerie Macabre will be worth it,too.

    I was doing some goldfishing with Whirlpool Rider as a "final turn haymaker" card, replacing Gush. I liked it but ended up trying Flux in it's place. Whirlpool Rider can give some decks a chance to use the Exclude they've been holding in their hand G1 before boarding it out, while Flux dodges this and Dispel. I think I like it a bit more than Tolarian Winds, since you usually have enough mana on the final turn and the +1 draw for 1 mana seems worth it. And it's a very cool old card, with Richard Kane-Ferguson.
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  • posted a message on Pauper Deck from MTGA to MTG
    A source to buy cards? TCGPlayer.com is usually your best bet for cheap, bulk commons.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Pauper Turbo Fog
    So I think this deck might be helped by the Gush/Daze/Gitaxian Probe ban, since Delver was by far the deck's worst enemy.

    This is my current list:

    Obviously the 1 Gush has to go, and quite likely the Foil. Not entirely sure about Deep Analysis, as part of it's strength was combo'ing well with Foil, but it can be a good haymaker if it's the last turn and you have 1-3 Erasure's on the board. The 1 MD Dispel might also be worth taking out if Delver really does fall back in the meta.

    For replacing these 4 flex slots, quite a few things I'm thinking of. Probably need at least 1 hard counter, to deal with troublesome stuff like Gray Merchant of Asphodel, Cuombajj Witches, Thermo-Alchemist, etc. Counterspell is most likely, thought I'm also kinda interested in other options: Countervailing Winds, Negate, Scatter Arc, Memory Lapse, Thought Collapse.

    The new Stream of Thought is a real interesting possibility. Might go back to Words of Wisdom, or try Thought Scour.
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  • posted a message on Damn Cycling
    I've had a bit of success with this deck in local tournaments. Right now I'm testing a new version with more Grisly Salvage (this card has always seemed good), 1-2 Stinkweed Imp for some more aggressive graveyard dumping, and 1x Morgue Theft for extra Crypt Rats retrieval. Was Grim Harvest, but thinking of cutting Fume Spitters...it seems they'll be less needed post-Gush ban, since Faerie Delver will fall in the meta, and Tireless Tribe isn't really a deck anymore...and that makes it a bit harder for this deck to reliably trigger Recover.

    BTW I think Architects of Will are strictly better than Monstrous Carabid in this deck. Both are uncastable, but the Architects are better since they can be pitched as an artifact to Wrench Mind.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Modern Horizons Spoiler Discussion
    I think Savage Swipe is the real interesting card from today. Plenty of potential in Mono-G Stompy. And a real unique effect...I've heard of being rewarded for high power, rewarded for low power, but not being rewarded for having a very specific power (besides 1 ala Pendelhaven/Aegis of the Meek, which is basically still "rewarding for low power").

    Stream of Thought could be good in Ux Creatureless Control. You don't even have to replicate it to win. Just cast it for 1 while holding up countermagic, shuffling back in a 2nd copy of it or Devious Cover-Up. It's like the Devious Cover-Up wincon, except you can actually replicate it massively if you're in danger of going to time and need to win faster.

    Venomous Changeling has potential application in Mono-B Zombies as "removal" against Gurmag Angler which can be recurred with Ghoulcaller's Chant and such.

    Imposter of the Sixth Pride will be a boon to janky tribal decks forever, like Soldiers or Griffins with Griffin Rider.

    Headless Specter is a crazy card. Don't know how or where, but it has potential.
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  • posted a message on Older token makers and Oracle text discrepancy (Broken Visage)
    So a lot of older cards with very obscure creature types had their Oracle text changed to make it a more standardized creature type, but still with the original name. For example, see the oracle text of Tombstone Stairwell, which makes a 2/2 Zombie name "Tombspawn," or Wall of Kelp, which makes 0/1 Plant Wall named "Kelp."

    One omission, though, is the Homelands card Broken Visage. Not on a lot of people's radars, but I like to use it in Commander because it's a cool card. On the original printed text, it creates a Shadow token. In the Oracle text, this is changed to a Spirit token, but no "named Shadow" like those other cards. Why, I wonder, the discrepancy? There are two printed versions, both referencing the Shadow name (Homelands and 5th Edition), so I don't see why this card is lacking the name while other older token makers keep it.
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  • posted a message on Sorcery Counterspell
    The real "sorcery counterspell" has already been printed in my mind: Hesitation.
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  • posted a message on looking for the name of a certian swamp card
    Maybe OP is thinking of Word of Command.
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  • posted a message on Ways to make a 4-person cube work
    So for a while I've been wanting to create a cube. The thing is, I'll probably only be able to get 4 people together to draft it, instead of the 6-8 usually preferred for draft pods.

    With that in mind, I've been thinking about what can make a 4-person cube better. It seems the usual issue with a 4-person draft pod is that the pool of available cards is much smaller, so you can't get as much synergy. Also, the split of colors can be awkward, with one player possibly getting a vastly more open color.

    Just adding more packs to the draft is the usual solution, but I'm wondering if I can solve it in other ways (since that adds time and cards/sleeves needed).

    • More hybrid cards, to give each player a higher proportion of playables.
    • More split cards
    • More cards that can fulfull multiple roles in archetypes. For example, Dreampod Druid could work in an Auras deck or a Go-Wide/Aristocrats deck. I'm also planning on creating custom cards for the cube, so I could really hit multiple archetypes in a targetted way.
    • Making one color much more heavily represented, ala Black in Torment. This way the 4 players can fight over the remaining 4 colors instead of over 5. And it gives an opportunity for a very unique experience and vibe.
    • A focus on multi-color decks, with 3-4 colors being quite possible. To avoid the opposite end where every player is just playing 5 color goodstuff, maybe I could have one or two cycles of "reject a color" cards. For example:
    Embodiment of Grace 4W
    Creature - Angel
    Flying, lifelink
    Whenever you cast a black spell, sacrifice Embodiment of Grace.

    Embodiment of Law 3W
    Creature - Angel
    Flying, vigilance
    Whenever you cast a red spell, sacrifice Embodiment of Law.

    Any thoughts and strategies on how to make a 4-person draft work well, with card choice?
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