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  • posted a message on Planar Celebration
    The last time I remember it got this heated on the story was when chandra and nissa performed the equivalent of a channel fireball on ulamog and kozilek. Which was also framed as a war between the inhabitants and an alien, off-world, threat.

    The victory, while grandiose in presentation, it doesn't sit sell with the audience and that the audience might feel the experience was cheapened. Its understandable. The eldrazi and nicol bolas share in common they are meant to be so powerful and beyond mortal comprehension, that winning against such threats should feel nearly impossible. But when not handled with careful writing, such characters act as a trap for writers, which they sprung with nicol bolas.

    With nicol bolas, the expectation is that he has his initial plan with an untold amount of backup plans meant to secure his victory at any cost. When that illusion becomes broken, that is when the audience feels wronged. That the expectation is when you have exhausted all of his backup plans, he is truly vulnerable. If he didn't plan for Liliana to turn on him even though contract bound to him, that is a crack in his illusion.

    It is not about the audience simply wanting one side to win, its the journey to that victory.
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  • posted a message on Print this Wizards (so I can play it in EDH)
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  • posted a message on Why I hate Mono red burn
    To your recent reasons
    1) Welcome back.
    2) Fair enough, whatever you enjoy at the end of the day for deckbuilding, just don't fault people who use established decks.
    3) Some just want a quick route to carve their way to mythic. If you can make it work, then good for you.
    4) Not so much weenie lifegain as it is more about a deck with lifegain to tank their damage, also watch out for Tibalt, Rakish Instigator when he comes out.
    5) Especially with no more Nexus of Fate anymore.
    6) Best to think of sligh and burn as a raid boss in reverse. That they already have their rage timer activated and that outlasting the boss causes the boss to slow down.

    Each color tends to shift in its power, green being a support color is just this. Back in Kaladesh block, which is four sets before Dominaria, red was a support color and green was stronger.

    Multiple planeswalkers of the same type but different names is a recent invention and had been met with a mixed reaction as one might expect.

    Won't disagree the game has more triggers and synergies than past standard formats.

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  • posted a message on State of Brawl: Bans, format health, and more!
    Speaking as an organizer, I have noticed an uptick in players showing up for brawl since the spoilers for war started. Mixed bag on who from what format for regulars and irregulars. Mostly standard players, one legacy, a couple modern, oh and even some EDH in there as well.
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