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  • posted a message on New Phyrexian Language Translation?
    Update! The Mystery Boosters contain a card called Yawgmoth's Testament.

    Working on a transcription now. Will update OP with image, transcript, and any translations I can find. First glance implies potential of art mirroring card text.
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  • posted a message on New Phyrexian Language Translation?
    Good catch. If it's "calls out", it could be a glyph set indicating sound or voice of some kind. With that in mind, it may shift the translation to another card: Unworthy Dead.

    It reads "Great Yawgmoth moves across the seas of shard and bone and rust. We exalt him in life, in death, and in between."

    This also partially aligns with the text. The translation of the first line carries over easily. The second line would need a shift from flesh, perhaps it's a marker of a biological component, which bone would count as? The last line's "exalt" could refer to a religious outcry, thus tying in with the "sound" concept from earlier.

    This interpretation does rely on something major though: that terms we've been using specifically thus far have a general meaning. So, I'll edit it into the OP, but I think we need more evidence before we can prove anything definitively either way.

    Thanks for the help!
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  • posted a message on New Phyrexian Language Translation?
    I think I might have found a new source for translating the Phyrexian language. When you play the card Phyrexian Scriptures on Arena, a banner unfurls. The markings on the banner are new Phyrexian text. Here's a screenshot:

    Transcription key from these threads:

    And here's the transcript:

    I've done my best to translate using the "Translating Phyrexian Scriptures" snippets, here's what I've got.
    Great/Grand Father?
    (present tense)Flesh?(tentative)??????

    From there, I checked known flavour texts on gatherer from the Scriptures (since the one on the art was the Dark Ritual text) and I found this on Phyrexian Altar:
    [quote]"Unskin these impure bodies, Great Yawgmoth, that the flesh may welcome your blessings."
    -Phyrexian Scriptures

    So this is my current best guess as to the full translation.

    I did not know if the original thread had a special color coordination, so I just used colors that were visually distinct so it was easy to see.
    The flavour text is my BEST GUESS, it's quite possible I missed something that just proves that theory false.

    EDIT: Thanks to @DimirJulie for pointing out the similarities between the last line and a term from the All is One video. This has brought forth another possible interpretation: Unworthy Dead's flavour text.

    "Great Yawgmoth moves across the seas of shard and bone and rust. We exalt him in life, in death, and in between."
    -Phyrexian Scriptures

    As such, assuming the final translation is incorrect (as it is tentative), and assume the translation of flesh may be a general term for biology, may provide a clue that the approach to translation has been a touch too specific, and the Phyrexians may have more general terms than specifics in their language.

    Edit 2: New text from Yawgmoth's Testament is out. Here's the transcript:

    Yawgmoth(tentative, differs from recorded usage)



    There are some indicators this is the text to the card, such as the Mana cost and the presence of a word like "Yawgmoth" occurring, though different to likely indicate a possessive.

    Edit 3: Missed a line in the transcript. Correcting.

    Edit 4: Wow lots of edits today. Going to try and translate the card as best I can and align specific terms. Will post here with the translation.

    Edit 5: Yet another edit! Reddit user citrus_inferno was on point and seems to have translated the art here
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