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  • posted a message on Worst Commander
    Well, Phage the Untouchable would be pretty bad in the command zone...
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  • posted a message on Zedruu Voltron: Little Auras, Great Beats
    Oh good catch with the card draw, didn't even think of it, im just so used to the hexproof spells being under our control
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  • posted a message on Zedruu Voltron: Little Auras, Great Beats
    Alright, so after a quick glance through all the sets since Amonkhet this is a list of possibilities for the deck that I found, I don't necessarily think all of these should go into the deck but they at least can be part of the thought process.

    Protection: I only found 1 that piqued my interest but oh boy I love it already

    Curator's Ward Hexproof for Zedruu that you can give away is already an auto include for me but it also has the flexibility of being able to protect hate cards like Torpor Orb, Rest in Peace, or even any of our O-Ring targets that we really need to keep locked away. The draw 2 if Zedruu leaves with this on it is just gravy

    Pump: Alot of these seemed nice on a quick glance but I imagine i'd have trouble finding things to cut for them

    Aether Tunnel Small boost and makes Zedruu unblockable

    Arcane Flight 1 cost for +1/+1 and flying seems really nice, maybe replaces Magefire Wings?

    Frenzied Rage For the players who think that 1 Giant Spectacle isn't enough

    One With the Wind If Arcane Flight doesn't replace Magefire Wings then this definitely does

    Tilonalli's Crown I definitely like this card and will be adding it in my deck. Getting chumped by a 1/1 flying spirit doesn't feel good. Bonus points if you actually ping an opponent's creature with it

    Answers: Similar to the pump spells, many of these are nice but I struggle finding cards to cut

    Deep Freeze Mostly just a worse Darksteel Mutation but if you run that, then maybe you also want to run this?

    Kasmina's Transmutation See above

    Prison Realm Less versatile O-Ring but maybe the Scry 1 makes it worth it for you

    Seal Away Instant speed but very narrow compared to most of our removal. I've used this and had good success but that could just be cause my meta is pretty combat focused

    Single Combat Definitely would be our worst "board wipe" but the second part has me really intrigued and I think I'm going to test it out


    Role Reversal For the same cost of Zedruu's ability we can give something away, while also stealing another permanent. Is it worth a card slot? I doubt it, but its certainly worth discussing

    Smothering Tithe Ughhhh I hate facing this card! But it certainly would be powerful in this deck as Zedruu is always hungry for mana and this card either gives you plenty of mana or slows the game down for opponents, both of which Zedruu loves. Personally, one of the big draws of this deck is that a lot of the cards played are low impact and so flies under the radar a bit. Smothering Tithe is not an under the radar card but is the card worth the attention? Yeah probably

    Like I said in my last post, I'd love to bring this deck discussion back so any feedback or thoughts are definitely welcome and encouraged

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  • posted a message on Zedruu Voltron: Little Auras, Great Beats
    Hey, I'd love to see the discussion on this thread pick back up cause this is still one of my favorite decks to play. The slow grindy Voltron strategy is one I don't see very often and this deck does it brilliantly and with such great style. I'm slowly going to go through the newer sets that haven't been talked about since the last posts and see which ones fit the plan but if anyone has cards they want to share that haven't been mentioned in this post definitely don't wait for me and give them a shoutout!
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  • posted a message on Small yet satisfying EDH plays
    Was playing a budget edric, spymaster of trest elf tribal deck, and the turn after my board got wiped I played infinite reflection on an opponents sun titan

    Then played some 2 cost elf that entered as sun titan, which brought back another elf from my graveyard that entered as sun titan. Rince, repeat and I went from no board to 22 sun titans on the field. So far its been my favorite play with Infinite Reflection
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