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  • posted a message on Mono-W/Wx Aggro

    How should I play against settle the wreckage?

    Am I limited to attacking with half my creatures if I sense settle the wreckage?

    Also, I’m unable to acquire Legion’s Landings in time. What should I put in it’s stead?

    Posted in: Proven (Standard)
  • posted a message on Mono-W/Wx Aggro
    Assume we’re using top performing decklists of each.

    I’m playing mono white weenie and I’m trying to defeat my friend playing boros aggro.

    Can mono white weenie be tuned to beat boros? Please instruct me to the best of your knowledge.

    -addendum: this boros aggro is using settle the wreckage and I’m not.


    Welcome! Deck-specific posts are supposed to go in deck-specific threads. Merging. Hopefully reviewing the thread may show some ideas also. - hoser2

    Posted in: Proven (Standard)
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