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  • posted a message on Colorless Eldrazi Stompy
    Hi, sorry for my English, I'm kind of new of this archetipe and wanna try the deck at the gp Bilbao next week, i tested for 2 month and I think is really strong in this meta.
    My problems are 22 or 23 lands (prefer 23 in testing) and more nexus/muta over zhafir void.
    Find a right sideboard is really hard for me, this is probably the configuration i have in mind for it:

    4 relic of the progenitus
    4 spatial contorntion
    2 ratchet bomb
    2 gut shot
    1 karn??
    2 damping sphere??
    Not sure of this 3 slot
    Prefer the relic because needed in uw and BGx match up, but is very slow against Phoenix and shadow, and bad with chalice...
    If i play leyline need some space for some card against this 2 mu
    Any tips?
    Posted in: Deck Creation (Modern)
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