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  • posted a message on Maro's Core 2021 Teaser
    • A card with thirty-one different options.

    There are 31 different possible color combinations

    1 W
    2 U
    3 B
    4 R
    5 G
    6 WU
    7 WB
    8 WR
    9 WG
    10 UB
    11 UR
    12 UG
    13 BR
    14 BG
    15 RG
    16 WUB
    17 WUR
    18 WUG
    19 WBR
    20 WBG
    21 WRG
    22 UBR
    23 UBG
    24 URG
    25 BRG
    26 WUBR
    27 WUBG
    28 WURG
    29 WBRG
    30 UBRG
    31 WUBRG
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  • posted a message on Best Mutation Targets in EDH
    You can't beat Cold-Eyed Selkie and Needle Specter. Bonus: They're in Brokkos, Apex of Forever colors.
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  • posted a message on New info about ikoria
    It's fine by me. I'm way more excited about Godzilla world than return-to-devotion world anyway. Theros was medium fine to acceptable-ish. I'm not sure it deserves a return set to begin with.
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  • posted a message on 10 Instant Designs
    Some designs I've been thinking about. All 2 CMC. All instants with hybrid mana. I tried my best to make them interesting. Feedback welcome.

    (W/U)(W/U) - Instant - Exile target spell or permanent. It's controller draws two cards.

    Maybe too strong? Oblation costs 3. Also, I have my misgivings about whether blue can do this.

    (W/B)(W/B) - Instant - Return a creature card from your graveyard to the battlefield blocking target attacking creature an opponent controls. Sacrifice that creature at end of turn.

    This feels solid, although maybe hard to fully grasp. The way I worded it, it can't be used on hexproof creatures or on creatures you control which may cause problems.

    (R/W)(R/W) - Instant - Choose a creature you control. That creature gets +3/+3 and flying until end of turn. If you control no creatures, instead put a 3/3 elemental creature token with flying and haste into play. Sacrifice the token at end of turn.

    I really like this design, although it's probably not the kind of card that I'd actually play with...

    (G/W)(G/W) - Instant - Target non-land, non-creature permanents owner shuffles it into it's owner's library. Shuffle #this card# into it's owner's library.

    Maybe boring. It's the best-ish I can do with W/G.

    (U/B)(U/B) - Instant - Target creature gets -3/-0 until end of turn. You may switch that creature's power and toughness until end of turn.

    Kindof a sneaky, rules-ey kill card.

    (U/R)(U/R) - Instant - Counter target spell an opponent controls. It's controller reveals card from the top of their library until they reveal a non-land card that costs less. That player may play that spell without paying it's mana cost.

    I feel leery about giving red a spell that says "counter target spell", but I think it's in the spirit of chaos that lets red bend the rules. See Chaos Warp.

    (G/U)(G/U) - Instant - Put a +1/+1 counter on target creature. If you played another spell named #this card# this turn, return #this card# to it's owner's hand.

    I feel the same way about giving blue counter-grow as I do about giving red counter spells, but I think the design is magically spell based enough to justify it. And it's not unprecedented in the Simic guild.

    (B/R)(B/R) - Instant - Target player draws two cards and then discards until they have four or less cards in hand.

    I've always wanted some way to punish people that play big hand decks. This card accomplishes this and manages to be not-broken instant speed discard. Also there's tension between whether it's better to play on yourself during an early turn to take a half-mulligan. I'm pretty pleased with myself on this one.

    (B/G)(B/G) - Instant - Reveal cards from the top of your library until you reveal a non-land card. Put those cards into your graveyard, then return a permanent card from your graveyard to your hand that costs less than the last card revealed this way.

    This one is a little wordier than I like.

    (R/G)(R/G) - Instant - Target creature with power five or more deals damage equal to it's power to another target creature or player.

    Not much to say about this. I don't feel it's particularly strong or interesting.

    Thanks. That's all. Feedback welcome.
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  • posted a message on Something bugs me about WAR (semi-rant inside)
    This has been bugging me for a while now about the state of the story and the future of the game. I'd appreciate some of the communities thoughts on this.

    First let me say a couple things about my perspective. I'm a kitchen table player. Period. I've been playing for a good stretch of years (Started in Mirage block). I participated in the Champions of Kamigawa pre-release, and that was both my debut and my retirement from playing outside my friends basements and rec rooms.

    I've rolled with a lot of changes to the game over the years and for the most part they've been positive for my little kitchen ecosystem. Planeswalkers, however have been a mixed bag. Sure, they're fun to play with and they're exciting to build around, but just the nature of basically being "an enchantment you can attack" means that people tend to build slower, grindier, defensive decks so they can keep planeswalkers on the board. And while it makes you feel powerful to control the board while you slowly tick up your Venser so you can go ultimate and exile your opponents permanents at will, it's not super fun for a table to know that the game is basically over five turns before it ends.

    So I'm not a huge fan. But, this isn't a "planeswalkers stink" post. I just had to set up my feelings before I got to my point:

    Now we come to War of the Spark. We have a couple of different ways that the War of the Spark can go technically. But, we all kind of know which way it's actually going to play out. There's going to be a struggle between The Gatewatch and Bolas. The Gatewatch will be victorious, but at a great cost (of probably some b level planeswalkers they'd like to replace with more interesting ones). This, in my opinion, just STINKS. So then Bolas (the most interesting personality in mtg, lets be real), either a) dies or b) gets imprisoned/neutralized or c) escapes to some secret plane to lick his wounds. We follow up this set with a few sets on new planes with some depressed and lightly beat-up gatewatch members. "Jace with an Eyepatch" "Ajani Peg Leg" "Chandra the Mildly Concussed" "Vivian, but Sorta Itchy".

    The most interesting and engaging possibility, in my opinion, by far, with no close second, is a hands down win by Nicol Bolas. Hear me out. What actually happens if Bolas wins? Lots of planeswalkers die. Probably not all of them, that's marketing suicide. Some more resilient walkers will escape to far corners of the multiverse. But hey, wouldn't the newly ascended Bolas God hunt them down with his infinite power? Actually, probably not.

    The thing about being omniscient and all powerful is that suddenly, the concerns of the lowly citizens of the planes tends to fade far in the background. Think of it this way: there's a couple visions of godhood in literature. There's the cackling demigod who sits on throne on top of a pyramid and demands constant sacrifices from his followers. This kind of god may be very powerful, but is physically and mentally attached to the world and what happens in it. Think of Aku from Samurai Jack.

    The other kind is less of a physical presence in the world, more of a psychological and mythical "energy" that menaces the citizens and directs their actions and moods but doesn't necessarily directly interact with them. A good example of this is Sauron from LotR. You could even say that Emrakul played this role on Innistrad before her reveal.

    I think this is the most interesting place the story AND the game could go with War of the Spark. Most of the current planeswalkers are killed. Bolas ascends to godhood, he begins to indirectly menace the remaining few. Cults pop up all over the multiverse worshiping "The Great Dragon". Those who get too close to the dragon-god are driven mad or enthralled. Planeswalkers are rarer than before. Maybe a planeswalker every two sets for a little while. I don't know, but a return to planeswalkers being unique and special cards that you're thrilled to open and play with would be good for everybody.

    Of course, that's never going to happen. Sigh...

    What are your thoughts?
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  • posted a message on Sonic Burst with no other cards in hand.
    As the title says: the question is can I cast Sonic Burst if I have no other cards in my hand to satisfy the discard cost.
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