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  • posted a message on Rubblebelt Rioters (Yuuya Watanabe spoiler)
    this could be good if there is a curve; it could go l.elves / arboreal dude into that GGG 5/4 guy then turn 3 this / troll. but that's a hack.
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  • posted a message on Reddit Leak: Gideon's (SPOILER ALERT)
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    Well, there's your ****ing Gatewatch death, folks. And of course it was my favorite member of the team, continuing Magic's long-standing tradition of killing off its coolest heroes. Happy now!? No

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    Damn Frown Gideon didn't deserve to go down.

    The heroes most willing to sacrifice themselves for others are usually the ones who least deserve to.

    I'm guessing this takes place right after Bolas "LOLNopes" Gideon. At least Gideon still has a hand in Bolas' downfall.

    Nah, people are still griping about the story. Nothing would be a good story except a complete rout of the Gatewatch it seems.

    Yep. It seems like it has to be some sort of Game of Thrones level of deaths, or the story just sucks. Including the death of the villain.

    I mean, ffs. In Lord of the Rings, exactly one major face hero dies in the second act (Boromir), and one in the third act (Theoden). And the BBEG doesn't even die in the end. Sauron does NOT die in the LotR. He simply has all his power stripped from him, and is doomed to wander Middle Earth as a shattered fraction of his former self. Clearly, half of more of the Fellowship needed to die, and Sauron needed to die, or the story is garbage, right?

    Same with a great many pieces of fiction, including some of the very best out there. Where there are major wars or the like, and virtually none of the heroes die. But many background characters die all around them, and it is the deaths of the many background characters that show the high stakes, not the deaths of the heroes.

    And now and then, someone sacrifices themselves for the good of the others, becoming one of the only major deaths in the whole overarching story.

    Because we're following the story of the survivors, in the end. The stakes didn't just disappear because most of the heroes lived to the end of so many top-notch fictional stories. We could have followed the story of one of the many background characters, watching them die tragically, but that does not, in fact, a better story make.

    But yeah. The nonstop griping because *gasp* most of the heroes lived through to the end, except for those who heroically sacrificed themselves at a key moment, as the "only way the story could have been redeemed/good" doesn't remotely mesh with the vast majority of top-notch fictional narratives. Note: this is not a statement by me about the quality of this story either positively or negatively. Simply a statement that the assertion many seem to be making that a lot of planeswalkers printed in the set "needed" to die for the story to be good or the stakes to be high, while the dozen or more definitely dead planeswalkers whose sparks we see floating around indicating they definitely DIED (along with countless citizens of Ravnica) don't count as high-stakes-enough, comes across as absurd on its face. A massive number of fantastic narratives do not, in fact, have all that many heroes die. Not even during a great war/battle in the final act. Yet somehow manage to remain both high-stakes and great stories with most of the heroes themselves surviving.

    It's quite astonishing, really.

    no one needed to die for the story to be good, and i think almost all following don't have that as an axiom. people only want it in this specific case cause the gatewatch is awfully boring at best and downright derivative and stale at worst. so yeah, people want them gone and if the goddamn eldrazi weren't a match, there was a sense of hope that a 10-year-arc villain could do it. it's not that people are enamored with bolas either - he too, as the story developed, became another cliche. and it's not that astonishing.

    frankly, it is a pretty good idea to tie the game to a fictional narrative so much, but i personally believe that they're throwing away the golden eggs while keeping the chicken, if you know what i mean.
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  • posted a message on Karn the Great Creator
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    Could be me just looking into this too much but it may be the case that Karn is the only one keeping Bolas's Citadel from activating. Bolas keeps playing ***** for free with it and gaining life back from the Dreadhorde Invasion. Ravnica and the walkers keep killing the army but it just keeps coming back as Bolas keeps playing new stuff. Jace might be an answer to all this with his win the game ability but really unless something changes soon I think Karn is going to be killed in order for Bolas to move onto the next phase of his plan.

    They’ve set up Karn as the impetus for a return to the Phyrexian storyline. I don’t think they can kill him here.

    eh, MtG Will play the resurrection game too. plus him being killed "but there's a way to get him back but it involvea new phyrexia," etc.
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  • posted a message on Ilharg, the Raze-Boar
    Quote from thatmarkguy »

    The looping companion we want is Medomai the Ageless

    I assume that being a new object when it comes into play from ilharg the second time and after makes medomai never see the turn it's in as an extra?
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  • posted a message on Maro on Brawl on Arena
    If wotc wasnt only interested in cash, there'd be a redeeming cards for gold or gems system by now. So yeah, they don't see how to cash in on it yet - in other words, they want to see it more at the tabletop cause then it would mean people invested enough to buy into arena's cash grabbing system without having to change anything,
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  • posted a message on Feather the Redeemed!
    jeez. i read this, looked at stats and yeah, colored triple cost, 5 mana, sure... wait, where's that 2... there's no number here. tis on curve and a plus, **** me. one mana repetable boost draw HOLY ****!
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 11/03/2019)
    this thread would be better titled as the banning of cards in modern thread


    Warning issued for flaming. --CavalryWolfPack
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  • posted a message on Modern Horizons Discussion Thread
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    I don't understand so many people's utter disdain for Daze. At best it's a "free" Force Spike that sets you back on lands. And Force Spike is laughably irrelevant past about turn 3 or 4. Stubborn Denial isn't good because it 'Force Spikes' people, it's good because it Negates for 1 mana most of the time. Daze would be a fantastic addition to the toolbox for decks fighting degenerate nonsense in the first few turns.

    But again, there are delusional people out there that still believe Stoneforge is too good for Modern... I honestly wonder if I'm playing the same format as these people.

    legacy fame; all that plays too heavily in legacy raises eyebrows when considered for reprint.
    but yeah, daze, without legacy's context, would be largely confined to some archetypes and not dangerous. even gush is, probably, fairly safe. most of the alt cost spells are, truth be told. i wish they expanded this design space - legacy made it scary, but it branches out lines of play and rewards tight builds.
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 11/03/2019)
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    good. the folks at wotc may **** up on aesthetics, design and storyline a lot, but at least they don't go around banning things idiotically (most of the time, i mean)
    Seems like you are playing the wrong game my friend.

    why? MtG is the best game of its kind. I'm not fond of some aspects of its present state, but it's a great game still. did i sound that negative?
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  • posted a message on Ravnica Allegiance (RNA) and War of the Spark (WAR) General Discussion
    on the matter of new villains and whatnot

    I don't read much into mtg storyline, but does anyone thinks the whole raven man deal is a long con for the next in line? and that the raven man is, in fact, yawgmoth? who else could been around when the onakke were living and powerful enough to actually be the one behind their destruction? (iirc, yawg's life has a lot of gaps, including one where he just sets out through the world spreading ill and chaos through many civilizations; he wasnt a planeswalker but before the mending people could journey along them, so maybe he got there through someone)
    also, the raven man seemed to know emrakul decently enough - and those who are aware of eldrazi are usually old, powerful beings themselves... plus, now that one thinks about the properties of glistening oil, it seems awfully similiar to an artificial/manipulated version of what happens to beings influenced by the eldrazi; or am i just tripping? maybe yawg got to know about the titans way back when? (of course, this is all possible only cause it can be inserted into his storyline, there never was such a thing as eldrazi during mtg's urza/phyrexian saga...)

    i'm just conspiring though, really, could be anything else

    but it just seems so weird to me, this whole raven man thing - he seems way too powerful, has the eugenic/researcher background hints and his DEEP back history points to someone that has acted a lot already upon the worlds.
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 11/03/2019)
    good. the folks at wotc may **** up on aesthetics, design and storyline a lot, but at least they don't go around banning things idiotically (most of the time, i mean)
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  • posted a message on Modern Horizons Spec/Predictions/hopes
    uhhh, very nice! thanks, folks!

    i ask cause i really liked this Memory Lapse, and it´s so rare for me to prefer a new version of an old card that I really wanted to mention it. (not that it's amazing, it could be better, but among the vast pool of insipid new art we usually get, it stands out a little little bit)

    edit: altough, to be fair, the Mirage one has quite a lot of flair, but it doesn't mesh well with the abhorrent new border (oh Blue, you were the one to suffer the most...)
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  • posted a message on Modern Horizons Spec/Predictions/hopes
    I wouldn't even feel that bad about no counterspell if memory lapse got to the printers.

    btw, does anyone know how do link the card image, but with an specific priting, and not just the latest (which is default)?
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  • posted a message on Do you enjoy modern right now?
    just to clarify, i voted #3, which i thought would be more clear from the content of my posts.
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  • posted a message on Do you enjoy modern right now?
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    The last option.

    EDIT: To be clear, and as a final word on it (from me until we get some new sets )unless someone wishes to debate it further.

    The format would be improved if we did not have.

    yadda yadda yaddaaaaa

    that damn banhammer smashing all over the living room again

    that's boring as ****; the game is rotative, just let it be, the seasons change and so do the decks.

    the overall problem is one of general design, not of specific cards. it's not even power creep, just power segregation and power simplicity.

    No, the 'game' is not rotational. The point of a format like Modern is that it simply doesnt rotate.

    The format Standard, is rotational. Forced bans, are rotational, of a sort.

    C'mon dude, think a little bit harder about what i said. Y'can do it.

    Jund is still here with us. When does it rotate out?
    maybe around when affinity rotates to not even pack a card with the ability's namesake and becomes a counters deck based around a GREEN enchantment, but oh wait that happened already, after happening N times to all decks of the format.
    Think of waves. It's very simple.
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