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  • posted a message on UR Phoenix
    Hi all,

    I'm trying to decide how is the best way to tune the deck, and I'm stuck doubts on the last cards:

    1) Izzet charm: Is it worth 1x if you already have 2x Lightning Axe?

    2) Crackling Drake: Shall we agree that 2x main os OK? I think this is the main tendency right now. I have doubts that it may be slow and high cost (we have 18 lands)

    3) Pteramander: Why playing 2x of those over 2x Young Pyromancer or 2x Pyromancer Ascension? In my meta, the decks are playing the Ascension, but I'm not sure why it's used over the Pteramander or the Young Pyromancer. Also, regarding Games 2 and 3, Pteramander is a way worse card than Young Pyromancer (GY hate). Could you tell me why chose one over the other? Also, if I should face Mirror, Amulet Titan, Burn and Horde decks (spirits, goblins, merfolks...) what's best?

    Thanks for your help,

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  • posted a message on UR Phoenix
    Quick question, why opt over sleight of hand?

    Is it because Instant > sorcery?

    Opt, instant speed, scry 1 and maybe blind draw
    Sleight of hand, sorcery, draw the best of two, the other one ends up at the bottom of your library.

    I tend to lean toward Sleight of hand but recent winning decklists run 4 Opt and 0 Sleight of hand.

    What am I missing here?

    I thought the same as you but what if they are there for the TiTis transformation at instant speed?
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  • posted a message on "What Deck Should I Play" thread
    Thank you "tronix" and "Cryptic Commander" for your help. I'll follow your advice.

    Best regards,

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  • posted a message on "What Deck Should I Play" thread
    Hello CrypticCommander, Hello all,

    I used to play different decks in Legacy:
    - Combo: ANT, Belcher, Cephalid, Reanimator
    - Aggro: Burn, Boros, Infect, Maverick
    - Tempo: Team America, Canadian
    - Prison decks: Stax, Dragon Stompy
    - Control: Pox, BUG

    Therefore, I'm open to any deck in Modern as long as it's well suited to have good results. I'm less inclined to play UW control decks, but the rest is fine for me.

    Again, thanks for your help.

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  • posted a message on "What Deck Should I Play" thread
    Hi all,

    I've been a long time Legacy player with most of its pool, but I stopped playing 4-5 years ago. Now, I've restarted playing but shifted to Modern.

    I've been playing Infect because I had most of the cards, but as the meta is becoming more Red I'm facing more problems. Moreover, I'd like to change a bit.

    My meta is as follows:
    - 15% Izzet Phoenix
    - 12% Jund
    - 10% Amulet
    - 10% Burn
    - 10% Bant Spirits
    - 20% Tribals (Merfolks, Elves, Goblins...)
    There may be some Scales, Green Tron, Blue Moon, Eldrazi and Taxes, Ad Nauseam,...

    Notably, there is no Dredge for now, nor any Storm, Monored Phoenix, Hollow One or Grixis (and I don't expect them).

    My options:
    - Izzet Phoenix: it is performing great there
    - Blue Moon: can be more suited, not sure
    - Burn
    - Zoo

    Feel free to offer a different option. I may consider an investment if it's worth the results.

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