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  • posted a message on Why I have no friends, a Kozilek Story
    Ah I understand it now! in future i'll be able to link cards to better explain myself haha.

    So I played a bit more today and I've found teferi temporal archmage isn't nice to play against.. He was playing the stax build so back to basics shut down the deck hard. I got my own back on the group though second game I turn two kozilek butcher of truth and everyone scooped so win some loose some.

    ah so in your opinion what graveyard hate card has the most application ? so grafdigger's cagewould shut down crucible of worlds If I am correct ? it's really hard to say.

    There are blue players in my meta so I am wondering if I should include either defense grid or put kozilek the great distortion back in.
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  • posted a message on Why I have no friends, a Kozilek Story
    Ok so since I last posted I've done some testing with [Chaos wand] after a few games these are some of the results I've had so far.

    Mono Black player - /Doom Blade /Increasing Ambition /Hero's Downfall /ultimate price /Gild /Walk the Plank /Murder /yahenni's expertise /Read the bones /in garruk's wake the only dud I missed in a few of those games was /Torment of Hailfire

    Red / Blue Player - [rally the horde] /anticipate /tormenting voice /Fabricate /clear the mind /manifold insights /Brainstorm The only miss I had was /past in flames only because I didn't have any instants and sorceries in my GY.

    I am really falling in love with /Chaos Wand everytime it comes out I am super excited to see it haha. Makes games more interesting for one cause Kozilek is a linear commander and having a bit of spice in the deck is a nice addition.

    Changes I have made to the deck - In a multiplayer format I have found [geode golem] to be killed every time I have got him down early. He progresses our game plan but I found if you're playing a deck like this and if people are clued up on what this deck does people will have none of it and kill / exile him asap. So I have decided to include /Welding Jar It still helps our overall gameplan and it can help a number of important artifacts in this deck! so [welding jar] welcome to the deck.

    I have removed /conduit of ruin and replaced it with /Relic of Progenitus so my choice for picking this card came down to two things [silent gravestone] doesn't allow me to grab lands from my deck with /crucible of worlds and /grafdigger's cage doesn't allow us to use /Planar Portal in our deck so I felt the correct choice was the relic its great early game and it helps remove cards throughout the game. And if I happen to draw it late just use it as a cantrip and exile all the cards in the graveyards Smile

    Final notes - play /Chaos wand unlease Chaos on your playgroup today!
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  • posted a message on Why I have no friends, a Kozilek Story
    I am at home watching movies drinking a beer but the next beer will be on you Rasputin101 Wink

    Going back to your reply I don't encounter a lot of reanimator strategy's mostly tokens and big creatures but I will take your suggestions on boards, thanks dude.
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  • posted a message on Why I have no friends, a Kozilek Story
    I've been playing this deck and making changes since 2015, to begin with it was a very basic build, the foundation of the deck was all there but improvements have been made since then. Back in the days before Paradox engine was a thing. ( oh Paradox engine you magnificent artifact you... lol.) This deck is my baby I've been slowly foiling it out since 2015 and it's almost all foil. On a side note I believe paradox engine will eventually be banned it enables so many broken plays it's only going to be a matter of time before the ban hammer comes down but fingers crossed it doesn't! :p

    I've only played the chaos wand since yesterday and it's hit twice so far that it's been out. So still early days in terms of testing. What a like about it is the utility and chances are if I wiff I accept that that's what will happen from time to time. I've also realised that if I have enough mana rocks in play with Paradox engine if my first activation fails to hit anything I can I cannot use the card in that moment I can choose to let it resolve with minimal effect that turn to then recast it again and spin the wheel! also if I wiff I can play something from my hand and go again. I will definitely keep using it and track the data for the amount of times it has hit and missed. This card also interacts well with rings of brighthearth, two activations for the price of one!

    You could make the same argument for when LED has been cast at the beginning of the game like lotus bloom that if our opponent chooses to counter kozilek it isn't that much of a set back considering like you said yourself in your write up of the commander that he is the god of deception! we'll draw 4 cards and he'll come back down again very soon. also I found that if you lead up with a winter orb coming to the counterspell it puts our opponents in an awkward position to counter him cause it sets their game plan back. Assuming the cmc of the counterspell and how much mana it costs to put them back.

    there are two cards I am considering to replace conduit of ruin with either Nevinyrral's disk or mana web. You made your case for nevinyrral's disk which I can see the pay off when you've either fallen to far behind and can cast kozilek back down again. Now mana web works brilliantly with urborg tomb of yawgmoth it basically turns all their lands into swamps so if they play anything tap everything down! but that is two cards in the deck that might not come up often so I don't know how viable it is.

    side note - I do have staff of domination in my current build and it has performed well with tapping down voltron commanders as well as just generally combo'ing off. It's a great mana sink!

    Still new here so I do apologize for not enabling links to the cards I am talking about. How do I link cards directly ?

    If there was anything you would replace conduit of ruin with what would your recommendation be ? I am thinking of soul of new phyrexia for the extra protection in big multiplayer games. I am finding it very difficult to make cuts in the deck now Frown The only card that seems like the weakest link is conduit.
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  • posted a message on Why I have no friends, a Kozilek Story
    looking to tune it further this deck doesn't make friends from what I've found. I played a game today and once everybody had scooped and I had to leave they slow clapped as I walked off haha.

    Nevinyrral's Disk I know how good it is with darksteel forge but I am concerned that It'll hit my creatures when I need them most seeing as I don't run a lot of creatures.

    Lotus bloom compared to LED I find If I am casting either at the beginning of the game i'd rather have Lotus Bloom. Soley because if either card is in my opening hand It's realistic that regardless of Bloom or LED he's coming out turn 4 regardless and if I have the choice of discarding my hand or not I'd rather keep my cards to give me more options. I mean I'd like to hear your take on it.

    Chaos Wand is there for the interaction with Paradox engine and some mana rocks allowing me to untap my mana rocks and tap Chaos Wand again! It allows me to have access to other peoples decks and whats more fun then playing with other peoples cards Smile Target the blue player - lets potentially get some draw cards, or extra turn cards or steal target permenants or bounce target permenant. Black players - let's grab hand removal or creature removal or tutor effects. etc etc with each colour theres a bunch of good instant and sorcerys in each colour pie. Basically I like having a card that gives me a tool box to everything. Yes it will wiff from time to time but I feel it's worth it.

    EDIT - Just realised Chaos wand is probably not the right call for this deck considering that all artifacts tap for colourless aside from gilded lotus so seems I have a free slot in the deck to fill. Also conduit of ruin I am sitting on the fence about.

    EDIT EDIT - if I active Chaos Wand surely I don't need Chromatic Lantern cause it says I can cast it without Paying it's mana cost right ?
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  • posted a message on Why I have no friends, a Kozilek Story
    New here. This thread has been really helpful and just wanted to share my deck list with people and get some feedback.

    My Local LGS hates when I play this deck, looking for suggestions to make it better!

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