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  • posted a message on The Zirilan of the Claw Compendium
    That all sounds good. I'm going to try out the 99 I pulled together last night based on your lists, with a blend of perm-ing/sac-ing/control and I'll post how it goes and what I've included.

    Hopefully this doesn't inspire me to buy Gauntlet of might...that's got a hefty price tag on it and I've already poured too much money into Blue. lol

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  • posted a message on The Zirilan of the Claw Compendium
    Just wanted to note that I am pulling together my own Zirilan build to start playing/testing with friends this weekend, and it's been extremely helpful to read through this whole thread. I'm mostly an Izzet player (I've built every Izzet commander) so I like to stay within those colors to limit the number of expensive cards I'm buying that I can't proxy across decks. I'm also a big fan of tribal/stompy decks that can actually win (Braids, Conjurer Adept's Army of Sea Creatures is one of my fav decks I've built), and this is going to suit me perfectly (as well as my meta).

    My one question (and something I'll likely figure out as I go along) is how much interaction with other people's board states I can "afford" to include. My group has definitely evolved quite a bit, we've got some big lands running around (Gaea's Cradle, OG duals, etc.) as well as lots of GY synergy, so I've been running a Crucible of Worlds/Ghost Quarter/Strip Mine/Wasteland/Scavenger Grounds package in a lot of my decks to slow down my opponents.

    What's reasonable? I'm looking at Blood Moon as a for-sure include, but it would seem that maybe my goal should just be to focus on casting/keeping Zirilan alive and not do much table management, and just strike when the time is right? I guess a lot of this is meta dependent...

    Anyway, also curious if there's been anything of interest in the new Ravnica block I should keep an eye on. i'll be doing some digging myself tonight as I figure out which archetype/gameplan suits me (and my budget) best.
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