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    Quote from Dirty Rat »
    Lavinia only works against noncreature spells...

    Nope, the second ability works on all spells.
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    I think it's better to play a UB version and splash W for PtE...
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  • posted a message on GWx Astral Drift
    Noone is mentioning Hollow one?
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  • posted a message on GWx Astral Drift
    LOL, to be honest I didn't know that card existed at all Grin
    That's it, I don't need blue Smile
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  • posted a message on GWx Astral Drift
    The old astral slide had lightning rift and I think that this deck will be missing a card like that. So I was thinking about a bant version of this deck, to se how Drake heaven will perform, but the black cards are so good that I will just splash blue for the heaven.

    What about morph creatures? Akroma, Angel of fury looks good, only that it can't be hardcasted...
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    Ore-Scale Guardian

    What do you thing about this guy instead of the Nightveil Predator? Flying and haste, and can be easely hardcasted as an alternate win con.

    And I would play eventualy 1 Eladamri. It's not filling the gy and therefore not quite a business...
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  • posted a message on Modern Soulflayer
    Thanx yuseimax! I'll keep playing it forever, I really enjoy it!
    I got the Chancelors and the Rampager, and next time I'll try your version.
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  • posted a message on Modern Soulflayer
    This saturday I went 3-1-1 with my Soulflayer deck and finished 3/21. (2 boosters and Misty Rainforest) Grin
    1.round vs GDS 2:0
    2. round vs Jeskai Control 2:1
    3. round vs UW Control 1:1
    4. round vs Mardu Pyromancer 1:2
    5. round vs WB Tokens 2:0

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  • posted a message on Modern Soulflayer
    Hello there!

    Nice score! Grin
    I'll try this version with the chancellor and the rampagers.

    After the tournament I've postet above I've played 2 more tournaments: one 1st place (4-0) and one 2nd place (3-1).
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  • posted a message on Modern Soulflayer
    This is the deck I've played yesterday.

    1st round:
    Some kind of agro deck (possibly humans). He put his whole hand in play on turn1 Grin . Land, simian spirit guide, Burning -Tree emisary, another one, some 2/2 for 1G who gives him GG mana, then a deathtouch for G and Rancor on one of them...and that was pretty much for game1. Game2 and 3 I had early soulflyers with hexproof and indestructible and he couldn't deal with it. In fact I believe he didn't even know what he was facing and didn't had an answer for that. Grin 2-1 for me and 1-0 overall.

    2nd round:
    This guy killed me turn3 last time we played, I was playing Goryo's vengeance and Through the breach with Emakul and Grisselbrand. Devoted druid and Vizier of Remedies for a huge Ballista and gg.
    This time I killed him very fast on game1. Game2 I made a big mistake: he destroyed my Blood crypt with Field of ruin and I took a swamp instead of a basic mountain and I didn't had a red mana source for looting and a Lightning Axe, and he won. Game3 again a early mighty Soulflayer, he had a hand he should mulligan but he decide to keep, and I won very easy. 2-1 for me and 2-0 overall.

    3rd round:
    I thought this will be an easy matchup, since he is helping me discard cards. And it would be if he didn't had an Ensnaring Bridge, for which I have no answer in maindeck, so i conceded. Game2 I had a no-land hand, mulligan to six with 1 land,but a decent hand, and I decided to play. Scry, no land, bottom. After that i had a land and passed with 2 fetchlands in play. He played smallpox, in response i fetched for 2 shocklands and pained myself for 6 to play a Grisly Salvage, and no land in those 5 cards! Frown After that 2 more draws with no land, then I got a land, played Soulflayer with hexproof, but without the Zetalpa, and he got 1 card in hand - Bontu's Last Reckoning. And that was it for round 3...0-2 and 2-1 overall.

    4th round:
    Skred Red
    I Really didn't know what to expect...I saw snow covered mountains, his Blood Moon wasn't that bad cause I had a forest and a swamp in hand and 2 Traverses. 1 went to find a second swamp,and after a Grisly salvage the second Traverse found a Soulflayer with all abilities and that was 1-0. Game2 he played 2 Relics on turn1 and 2. That slowed me down a lot, he put a Koth in play. I had a Maelstorm pulse and decided to wait 1 more round because I was on 11 life, and I passed the turn...he put 2 bolts in my head, and on his turn Koth for -5, and the mountains killed me. Game3 an early Blood Moon slowed me down again, but I had a backup plan: hardcasting Samut!! Grin With a Caryatid in play he came in play soon and the opponent didn't had an answer for it and in 4 turns of double strikes i went to 2-1, and 3-1 overall.

    5th round:
    Hardened Scales
    I've heard so much about it,but never played against it. Game1: easy win for me...a fat Soulflyer with pretty much all that he can get and we went to game2. Game 2 he had a better opening. 2 Ballistas and 2 Hangarback Walkers, I had some blockers, but that was to agresive,and we went to game 3. Another easy win for me, a hexproof flying Soulflayer with double strike and lifelinf, he blocked 2 times with the nexus but that was it. 2-1 and 4-1 overall

    Inthe finals the guy with the 8-rack i lost to played against a Mardu pyromancer and the 8-rack lost. Otherwise I would be in 2nd playe because the Mardu player had a draw earlier that day, but I'm happy with the 3rd palce.

    I must say I enjoy this deck a lot!!! I'm having a lot of fun!! Grin
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    Quote from yuseimax »
    Congrats on 4-0 Bile!

    I think 3 is our limit, playing more then 3 basics have their risk too.. like getting color screwed.


    I'm playing 4 right now,and so far didn't had issues with color screw. But it's been only a few times I've played it and the time will tell…
    This sunday I'm going to a Super Modern Tournament (aprox 30 people - that's a huge tournament for us Grin ) and I'll post my result here.
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  • posted a message on Modern Soulflayer
    A few weeks ago I've player Soulflayer on a small modern tournament and i went 4-0 (against 2 GDS, 1 UW control, 1 Jeskai control).
    It was pretty much the same deck, except for 4x Drogskol Reaver, 19 lands.

    But I was wondering another thing: is it wise to play only 3 basic lands? I've seen a lot of PTE, Fields of ruin, Settles...one or two times I was left with no lands in library to pick up...
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