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  • posted a message on Cavern of Souls Fake or Real
    Hi there
    I'm a player, not a collector. My new years resolution was to build into Legacy so I purchased two Cavern of Souls online to go alongside the two I own. My own two are on the left, the purchased two on the right. I noticed the colour of the new two is slightly darker than my previous two so did a light test (the light is much brighter through my previous two than the new copies).
    I still wasn't sure so a friend used an electronic microscope to look at the previous and purchased, comparison shots of both, plus the results of the light test are in the album below:-
    I'm new to encountering counterfeit cards and no expert so cannot conclude either way. I am throwing this open to the community and hope some of you would be able to assist and point out what you use to check.
    - I always use buyer protect when purchasing cards online so I feel quite safe as to my investment in either outcome.
    Thanks in advance for the help.
    Posted in: Card Authentication
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