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    Thanks Smile
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    Hi. Thats what happened in the last game with a friend of mine.

    He has a Forcemage Advocate with a +1/+1 counter on it making it a 3/2 total.
    He activates its ability targetting a card in graveyard.
    In response I cast a Sharpnel Blast on it.
    In response he casts a Giant Growth on it giving +3/+3.

    In my opinion it still dies because at the time my Sharpnel Blast resolves it is a 6/5 (2/1 base plus +1/+1 from the counter he already has and +3/+3 from Giant Growth) taking 5 damages, since the next +1/+1 counter he would get from its ability resolves last in the stack. Am i right or not?

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