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    When I was 14 my friends and I were riding the bus home from school. We passed this guy who was walking on the highway pretty close to our stop. I got off the bus and went inside the house and started making some ramen when I heard a knock at the door. I answered it and it was him. He said he had a flat tire and needed to use the phone. I grabbed our phone with the long chord and put it outside the door and shut it then went back to the kitchen. As I was looking in the cabinet I felt a pressure on my back and he said "I have a knife at your back. You are going to do what I say."

    At first I said, "Oh God help me!" and then I thought about running for the hot water on the stove but it was across the room. Then I got mad and put my hand behind my back. I don't know why I did that, maybe to try and grab the knife? But it was his finger and I started at him screaming that wasn't a knife and to get out of my house. He called me a whore and left. I grabbed my cat from outside (yes, priorities) and shut the door then sunk in front of it until my mom got home from work.
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