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  • posted a message on Questioning "design" of the color in MTG

    The designers of the set made some very weird choices in the manacosts, and i arguably dont like it as well, as its artificial and basically random how they slap manacosts on cards without really giving it a proper thought in terms of the color pie (which they basically ignore anyway).

    yeah, just feel like its just doesnt matter, having literal "mono" card just slapped with random 2 more color for no reason other than artificially say, "but its in the clan"
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  • posted a message on Questioning "design" of the color in MTG
    With the release of some card with the New Capenna se, I'm questioning what is the "point" in the color flavor or whatnot when they just put some cards and effect on random color, just to "force" that card to be restricted and add another color for no reason (imo). I understand you want those card to fit a "theme" or fit a "clan", to me its just not enough and just make me want to believe its just doesn't matter. yeah you could to some very very broad extent explain a card to be X color, but meh.
    Nimble Larcenist
    Raffine, Scheming Seer
    Queza, Augur of Agonies
    Why are those blue, nothing is really "blue" about those
    Obscura Interceptor
    Why is this black, again nothing is really "black" here
    and so on, not that Im complaining, but I just dont get the idea behind some card, why have they added X color when its just doesnt fit much in that color main idea but only only very minimal
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  • posted a message on How can you be "competitive".
    well more than 50% of my match are against aggro or close to aggro, even sometimes I had to doomskar on turn 3 to stabilize, how can you not be a reactive deck when the opponent mostly dump 4 threat in 3 turn, even if I put 1 or 2 mana cost creature, half the time they dont do anything, die to a shock or the board stale is too big
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  • posted a message on Questionning recent set of magic
    well, sure, its gimmicky and only used in sealed, but they could at least try to make them more interesting and potential "build a deck of [mechanic]" rather than being so restricted to the set, its been like this since almost lorwyn, like I said, there no interesting thing you can really brew if you want an energy matter outside Kaladesh for example and a lot of other "mechanic matter" from a set or even worst from subset of a mechanic, like "surveil" matter and such.
    Also what the purpose of a set mechanic then, if its only mainly use in such a small portion of the gameplay. its basically make a card obselete the moment you are not in a sealed or very casual format, a card with "do X if you surveil" is just pointless if you dont play a bunch of surveil

    Like they could do this, instead of having "whenever you surveil" change to something like "whenever you looked at card from top deck and putted some in graveyard" ok I know its more clunky, but that the idea
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  • posted a message on How can you be "competitive".
    yeah I understand, but let say I build a deck with
    4X Doomskar
    4X Bloodchief's Thirst
    2X Soul Shatter
    but its doesnt matter "how good" or what not I have a good deck or I made good or bad decision I could do because its all about usually what I draw in the first 4 turn or so, its always about getting at least 2 of those if im facing any kind of "aggro" then, flip coin, I dont feel like there any strategy, either im lucky and did a very good doomskar on turn 3 or 4 or can't sustain on turn 4-5 because I hadnt got enough removal
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  • posted a message on How can you be "competitive".
    After playing Magic for a long long time, and in the recent year I started to be a bit more "competitive" with playing on MTGA.
    But when I fight certain "tier" deck such as mono white gain life or mill rogue, there is just no real fight, most of these duel are very very often one sided, no real chance to "interact" or anything you can do to catch up. Like against mill, there is basically nothing to protect you, the moment you are at 15 or less card in library you can't catch up, compare to almost any other kind of board state that you can either "doomskar" it or similar other wipe card.
    I had even worst feel when I play historic and fight against deck that if you had no way to spot removal or wipe before your turn 3 (even worst when you are on the draw) that there nothing you can do, you lost on turn 4 and there were basically no interaction, mono w life gain, goblin with muxus, elf ball with craterhoof or such, or even deck where its all about the 2 card combo, "oh you didnt had the removal on that turn? I WIN" or even worst when its something like any "copy the next spell" and Approach of the Second Sun, there nothing you can do other than win with aggro before turn 7...

    Im tired of this idea, more than 70% of my match boils down to if either player had a specific card on a specific turn, Tetsuko and rat colony, Muxus, mono W gain life, mill, mono R burn or aggro, where is the fun is anyway your opponent couldnot do anything? you have fun playing all by yourself? or that its almost a coin toss of if the opponent had a specific card or not...
    Is being competitive all about just not caring and hope for the least amount of interaction? or that the opponent has very little way to even interact with you?
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  • posted a message on Questionning recent set of magic
    Well, its been a while that recently I really felt like that its going all over the place in term of theme, sotry and that mechanic within set are way too narrow or self contain to be use outside of their set.

    In term of "story" of set we went from big "Gozilla" style monster to viking theme, to medieval fantasy to "victorian" style, no ties in within 2 sets that are release, no combination or even relation within sets. It is quite hard to have a sentiment of being in a story line or what not when each set is so different.

    The mechanics of a set most of the time feel flat in most case and doesnt allow much constructive power to be interesting or even give possibility outside the few brew you can "select a mechanic and build a deck around it" then that it, you will have all those from one set, then you complete the rest with "staple" card of the color. There usually not enough possibility to the mechanic to not fall just as a "brew" idea within the deck and will just rarely be interestingly "competitive", having a party, venture in the dungeon, energy or card with effect like "when you surveil" are too restricted, you are just better off with card with effect that are less restricted like magecraft / prowess and allow much more "build" around.

    Why are set mechanic always usually purely so self contain and never really ties in, combine or even appear in other set, that EVERY set you need to "learn" the 4-5 new mechanic words and that those words will be basically never used again (bare the few exception that became evergreen like scry) and doesnt really allow to be built around much, Magic is supposed to give the ability to combine card and power but the moment you want to choose a mechanic, you are restricted a lot, because if you want a energy usage deck, you need to use a good portion of your deck to be from Kaladesh, no real choice of selection.
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  • posted a message on Koma Cosmos Serpent countering tap ability?
    My opponent had a Koma, Cosmos Serpent in play with some serpent token
    I tap my Steel Overseer, in response my opponent use Koma first ability on my SO by saccing one of the token
    while in MTGA the ability from Koma countered my SO ability
    Is this incorrect? or am I misunderstanding Koma?
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  • posted a message on Wight
    Wight vs a Runeclaw Bear in combat killing each other
    in mtga I had this and wight didnt make a zombie, am I missing something

    Nvm its got fixed
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  • posted a message on Hand Limit question
    1) let say my opp play folio of fancies and I play Jin‑Gitaxias, Core Augur, from what I understand it doesnt do anything to the max hand size of the opp
    2) how about folio in play and Midnight Oil with no counter, what is the max hand size, it is a question of timestamp? (which entered the battlefield last)
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  • posted a message on Vorinclex and own sagas
    Vorinclex, Monstrous Raider any sagas like say Harald Unites the Elves
    if you play the sagas while having Vorinclex I would guess you can choose the order of the two triggers from the saga
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  • posted a message on Mobile games pricing and problems (dissertation)
    After quite a bunch of mobile games I feel like this is just now the norm and its getting a bit ridiculous that players still "don't care" and still pay for this kind of morally gray and or wrong behaviour.

    1) Energy system: game that allow you to only play a certain amount of time, like a coin op arcade, but in this case it either you wait a certain amount of time to play again or just pay.

    2) Hidden grind: Some are more obvious than other, but a lot of the game hide the near exponantial growth in the grinding you need to do to get in the higher level, either you get to the soft paywall or again wait.

    3) "Fake" or skewed randomness: Either it lootboxes or any similar mechanic of having the chance of something, those are just usually highly skewed. Show you 6 items but you obviously only have less than 5% of getting the rarest things.

    4) Daily task / login: slight forcing you to grind the daily shores or login everyday to get the somewhat pennies worths everyday, I have seen game where they sell an objet at 10-15$ or you can wait and get that same item in the 90th day login, wtf?

    5) Notorious and invasive ads: I have seen this in game with very very basic gameplay and they riddle the game with very invasive ads at ervery seconds possible. Game that ask you to watch ad to get more of something, the worst is when the value they give you is worthless, like in most Idle game, watch this ad to get 1k gold, but eventually later when you are getting 100k/s it just a pointless ad you watched, you just skipped slightly ahead in a near infinite game.

    6) Ridiculous pricing all around: I mean come on, game that have that 2-3 paid only object/character with ridiculous price attached to them, or game with montly cost not even worth the game itself, im sorry your brick breaker game is not worth 7$/m. Dont people know that there is like plenty of BETTER choice out there for way less? Game you pay 20-30$, have no ads or restriction and you can play it to completion without those stupid restrictive mechanics. or even worst, all f2p mobile game have the pack at 100$+ for the e-money, NO, no game is worth 100$ no matter how it is, it not worth more than a damn AAA with year of experience and big team behind it, not your base mechanic and 3 persons team that baically just copied someone else.

    7) Pay to skip / win: Either it pay money to get stuff faster or even game that offer prenium object/character that are just obviously better than the base one. Very aggravating because they obviously made their game grindier and with randomness.

    8) Cloning factory: I dont understand this one, you can see sometimes thousand of the same mechanic copy pasted of near anything other than the visual and then just post your game. Why is this even allowed? Like there this "Archero" game and there is 100 or so different named game with the same exact mechanic, skill and talent and bare minimumdifferences. wtf?! I understand being inspired by a game but just purely copying it?

    9) Shovelware factory: Game that just took no effort at all, with bare minimum asset and mechanic and even sometimes with just pure base asset, usually with the incredible amount of ads/minute, they just hope to make the money from the first 20-30 minutes of game until you just quit the game for good...

    10) Fake review or biased review: Some game have the question "do you like the game" or have rating in game and if you say "yes" to the question or rate the game 4-5 star it will be automatically publish it on google/apple store otherwise it doesnt do anything! That why you can somethimes see very very "meh" game with incredible rating and with a lot of them not with any comment.

    11) Long tutorial: Ok this may not be so bad but there should be an option to say "im not a stupid gamer" and skip the sometimes 30-40 minutes long tutorial.

    12) The game you don't play: Game where you can just press "auto" and the game just play itself or is sometimse even better on average than you just playing the game, what is the point? It is even worst for idle game, I really dont understand where is the fun of idle, just look at number grows and sometimes tap here and there?

    App store need to stop being blind and being in the I dont care zone just because they gets a cuts of the microtransaction. There really a need for some regulation

    A) No ads in the first 30 minutes (or so), prevent game to hope and get their money from being the worst at the quantity they throw ad/min

    B) Prevent game to ask for more than 100$ or so total, yep, I dont care what kind of game it is, NO game deserve more than 100$ in general, maybe with very few exception. Doesnt make sense that you could spend 1k$ on a game of any kind and I dont care how rich or crazy you are about the skins or whatnot. A full fledge AAA is 80$+ you cant say that a loosy brick breaker or connect 3 can be doing more than 100$...

    C) Way to have a complete game with no montly price. I'm just tired sometimes to have incomplete game that can't never be really complete even with the montly subs, in the sense that a game that doesnt have endless grinds (not including idles). I would way prefer a fixed price for energy removal or ad removal, also ads removal should not be on a montly basis and not like 6$...

    D) Lootbox regulation: any randomness or spinwheel or whatnot should always show the % of each object. Also no pennies worthy stuff.

    E) Some kind of way to reduce cloning, I dont know how this could be done, but geez, write the 3 color combine game or brick breaker or whatnot, you will see thousand of them with bare minimum differences.

    F) Similar to E) but preventing game that just blatant steal known IP, how many times have you seen game that are not from nintendo and just called monster catcher with pokemon characters... (or similar other known IP)

    Well, just my 2 cents.
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  • posted a message on What is the point of temporary effects from now on?
    Quote from Mystic_X »

    Some examples of why a player may prefer kindled fury:
    -their deck has a Kindle subtheme, runs sootstoke kindler, rekindled flame (+hand disruption), etc
    -their deck has a Fury theme with embodiment of fury, cyclops of eternal fury, fury of the horde, akroma, angel of fury, etc
    -their deck is Minotaur (or more specifically zombie minotaur) tribal.
    -their deck is red/blue, and they prefer a card with blue in the art's color scheme to pump their Insectile Aberration (or whatever)
    -their deck only contains cards with art by Craig J Spearing

    Not that I am against player that want "theme" or art connexion, but that just really what, a very very tiny portion of players and very very corner case.
    You could even say I dont use Heightened Reflexes because of Muraganda Petroglyphs
    No matter how you bend it, it still always better to have Heightened Reflexes than Kindle Fury
    a 2/1 first strike is better than a vanilla 2/1.
    Creature are way more pushed and pushed than they were before.
    Just look at Questing Beast or Winota, Joiner of Forces and such.
    A Shivan Dragon was considered very strong back then, today we have uncommon than are not even considered good card and are has strong like Volcanic Dragon

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  • posted a message on New keyword learning
    if you play magic you know this, you learn a new word but the keyword is only going to work specifically for the next 3 months.
    We are at 100+ different keyword, I dont think we need more, and sometimes most are just rehashed renamed of an old one, like jump-start being flashback but just not named flashback for "theme" reason or the most ultra corner case that jump-start cannot be searched with Quiet Speculation.
    Would its been that bad that if jump start was flashback? it could have fitted izzet card in the same way jump start does.
    obviously I am not asking each keyword to become just a different kicker or such, but I think its not necessary to have 10+ in a set.

    What do you think
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  • posted a message on Between sets tie in and theme
    I made a similar thread like a year ago but this time I wanted to talk more about this.
    Why do I feel like the connection between two sets are sometimes almost non existent?
    Am I missing some kind of lore?
    For example when you look at the most recent sets
    Amonkhet - Ixalan - Dominaria - Ravnica - Ikoria
    The theme are all over the place.
    Also we barely see any kind of connection between them, when say Ixalan is out, its just feel like Amonkhet doesnt exist anymore no real some blee or whatever.
    Would it be that bad to have some theme / mechanic that bleed between each sets to make them at least to some degree rather than just crazy stuff that just within only itself.
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