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  • posted a message on Foiled Art question
    I just dont understand the idea behind that a rare that you "foil" is costlier than a common, not like its cost more server use than a common card, I just dont get it.
    Also, most microtransaction of paying real money for land art or sleeve, really? Again, I just dont see how you can explain the cost, doesn't require that much that you use the full art NYX land or the unsactionned land....
    Also now with the inclusion of the daily deals, I will NEVER buy anything under the normal cost.
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  • posted a message on bolt bend vs hexproof
    great, just got the the first situation in a match and thought I couldnt :p
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  • posted a message on bolt bend vs hexproof
    1) my opponent has Leyline of Sanctity and cast a spell that is "target player" such has Consume (of Consecrate // Consume)
    can I change the target with Bolt Bend

    2) would bolt bend could change a giant growth to a hexproof opponennt creature
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  • posted a message on Hapatra question
    Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons in play I play card that have inherent -1/-1 with their come into battlefield does it trigger hapatra?

    card like noxious hatchling or grim poppet
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  • posted a message on Most damage without going infinite (Modern version)
    turn one mountain, mana clash Smile
    ok ok I'm out Smile

    here a real one
    starting hand , Arrester's Zeal, Sigarda's Aid, Colossus Hammer * 2, plains * 2, kor duelist * 2
    turn 1, play plains, one of the duelist
    turn 2, draw plains, play it, play the aid, play the second kor duelist, attack for 2
    turn 3, play plains, play one of the hammer targetting one of the kor, play arrester's zeal on one of them, attack with both, first strike deal 15 and play the other hammer, deal 24 on normal strike
    Total: 41 damage turn 3 :p

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  • posted a message on Sower of Temptation and Reins of Power - It's a whole thing
    After the sacrifice of the Sower of Temptation creature they will get control of the tempted creature, at the end of the turn all creature will return their previous owner as the effect of Reins of Power will end affecting only creature that has been currently under that effect (and in addition will not give back the tempted creature)
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  • posted a message on looking for a card ability
    scavenge, yes Smile
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  • posted a message on looking for a card ability
    eternalize was the keyword I was looking, thank for the very quick answer

    Im looking for all possible mechanic that has similar concept
    I think there also the one where you remove the creature to give it power in +1/+1 counter and there the souls of X in M15
    3 common card in Shadow over innistrad have very small effect
    anymore like this
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  • posted a message on looking for a card ability
    I dont remember which set it appeared on creature and there was a mechanic where you could remove the creature card from the graveyard to make a black zombie token or something (not embalm).
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  • posted a message on Why does WoTC think 20 Rat colony decks are legal in singleton?
    Yeah I personnally don't understand, I get that some card may break the "base" rules, like trample break the rule of a creature not being able to deal damage pass through a blocker. But a card that break deck building? I dont know. What is going to be next? a card that has "this can can be played in all format"?
    Rat colony is somewhat only good in singleton event just because it not that easy to deal with when you only have one of each (and you havent really thought of it).
    I think allowing this kind of effect is weird and just seem to break the essence of magic in a whole rather than breaking the "base" rule of magic
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  • posted a message on Exile and Outside of Game?
    A few years ago we didn't have much distinction between the two, now we have 2 separate things.

    You can't search exile with Mastermind's Acquisition second option?
    I thought exiled meant they were outside of the game.
    What can you search with the second option?
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  • posted a message on The bad card debate
    "Magic is a game of discovery, this is where it differs from Living Card Games, where the entire set is given to you in a box."
    I never understand this phrase, how is Magic a more of a "discovery" card game than say NetRunner? just because of packs? You always have all the information about a set before buying packs, so in the sense, it's almost the same, the differences you have to wait for someone to open that specific card to buy it and "explore" with it, I don't see how is that relevant to having a booster or not.
    Buying 4 copies of every card would "almost" be the same as having an LCG, you can mix and match all the card the way you want and explore stuff, like every CCG, either they are a TCG like Magic, an Online CCG like Hearthstone or an LCG like NetRunner
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  • posted a message on The bad card debate
    yeah, but obviously if you have a game that lasts 25 years old you are bound to make very old card to become in some way good. I mean card back then was super strong just that the overall content was pretty weak compared to it, so yeah. But then again, can you make a bad card in a booster just for the sake that maybe in the next 10-15 years it's going to be good? that a lame excuse and that excuse only exist for pack opening. And again, now they can easily make different product, I am pretty sure people outside the sealed format don't really buy packs. Since you rather buy single of what you need and or that commander deck that let you have super cool card that you can't get in a booster.
    I would like a more interesting way to do it. Rather than being that poor guy opening "do something, search a specific planewalker", Fon't of agonies, Unmoored Ego for example in a sealed, I'm not saying those card are that bad, just in a limited format they are quite weaker.
    So, outside the concept for rarities in pack and the sealed format, is there a need for rarities? Would its be that bad to go toward a LCG/TCG route, a mix between pack and product that don't have randomness (like commander, funny how commander product are great)
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  • posted a message on The bad card debate
    I know the concept of spike, johny and timmy, I meant that its recent that they "started" to cater to more different player in their product rather than just stick with a regular set launch (like commander, again). And I'm talking about different type of player not the Spike/Johny/Timmy type but the I don't want to play tournament, I prefer a not so stressful environment of kitchen table or different style of play like commander or archenemy.
    I meant I wouldn't mind if card are crazy or more niche if they are in a special product, I'm all about diversity, I'm just saying that it's not "needed" in a standard pack in a way.
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  • posted a message on Why does each expansion just release the same exact card type over and over?
    Sadly "staples" is going to be part of Magic, because, its make the game healthy and still balanced through the years, Wizard barely changed what is Magic through it existence and the only "big" move they really did was planeswalkers, colourless only creature and catering to Commander. They are not doing strong change because they have a formula that works and the popularity still stand even after 25 years+. Personally, I would like to see more risky move such as Timespiral set, and more product that cater to a different crowd (like they did with commander), I'm sure Magic could become more and more strong with even riskier design outside of the standard set for tournament and sealed format
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