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  • posted a message on MtG CubeForge - a new Cube building tool for the community
    Super excited to present to you the Beta release of www.mtgcubeforge.com. It's a whole new way to experience viewing and building cubes online, please check it out! It's powered by Scryfall api (but not endorsed), so it's completely free to use. Best experienced on a modern browser on a bigger screen device.

    How do you create an account?

    1. Choose an email and user name and password

    2. Log in for the first time

    The email is so that a password recovery feature can be added later on. The site uses JSON web token, so like most modern web apps, you only have to log in the first time.

    How do you use it?

    1. Creating a new cube, enter it's name, and press 'Start building'.

    2. You will be directed to this cube's builder screen. Search for a card name, and once the preview appears, you can add that to your cube. You can also choose which edition of the card to add, if it has multiple printings. Adding or deleting cards saves your cube data.

    3. Click on a card in your list to see a larger high res image of the card. Along with this is a panel of options, such as removing the card from the cube, or seeing it's Oracle text in Scryfall. Click on the expanded card to hide it.

    4. There is an Upload List button on the cube builder. You can paste your cube list in there, preferably from a text file or csv. Please note that you actually have to copy paste the list, and the latest edition is automatically chosen, so please forgive these inconveniences.

    5. Once you have enough cards, you can either View a Sample Pack or check out your cube's stats

    6. Click the logo on the upper left to return to the dashboard. You should be able to see your cube. When a cube is opened in view mode, it will not have any edit functions.

    I didn't want this post to be too long, since what you really want to do is look at your cube. Please try it out, and let me know what you think. DM or email mtgcubeforge@gmail.com for any private messages.

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