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  • posted a message on Modern Angels (under construction)
    Well, looking at your list, you're not really playing a combo deck that needs myriads of redundancy nor are you particularly fast. In that case, I think eladamri's call is probably better than once upon a time for that reason. It's guaranteed to find the creature you need for the situation.

    Does boros charm have any use for you other than the indestructible mode? I know it has other useful modes, but if you're swinging for lethal anyway, double strike may or may not be useful? What I am suggesting is that heroic intervention might be worth a look. It's pretty good too.

    One card I forgot that probably ought to be considered if humans are a thing in your meta (they are surely a thing in mine) is generous gift. You already have beast within, but diversity of removal is a good thing to consider.

    Speaking of removal, why no path to exile or lightning bolt? Do they not do enough for you? I don't know what your current meta looks like, but premium removal is usually pretty good.

    Edit: You asked about volcanic fallout. This is really a tough call. I mean, what are you playing against? If it's still a ton of tokens, faeries, etc. then probably not. If it's a lot of midrangey stuff where the ability to exile a threat is going to wreck them or the ability to pay 4WW and exile all of their threats wins you the game, then winds of abandon becomes the better card.

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  • posted a message on Modern Angels (under construction)
    Eladamri's call is a good tutor, to be sure. That said, does it do what you need it to do? It makes more angels maindeck able. For example, you could consider sigarda, gisela, etc, as the case may be. It takes you from beatdown midrange to toolbox midrange.

    Some powerful cards that were printed?

    veil of summer is a powerful protection spell...so powerful that it's banned in 2 formats now.
    Once upon a time is quite similar. It allows a ton of consistency to all sorts of decks with green in them.
    winds of abandon is a powerful one sided wrath, may be worth it as a 2 of. It's not path to exile, but it can clear the way for your victory
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  • posted a message on Modern Angels (under construction)
    Man, this thread is still active? Cool. What does the current list look like or is the one in the OP up to date?
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  • posted a message on Mono Red Godo Ramp
    That seems like a ton of equipment. I could see one or two being all you really need if it's just to win. It seems as if it would be more prudent to run just 4 or 5 really good equipment and then other utility creatures. With the crazy ramp you have, a few higher end dragons seem like a good idea. For example, balefire dragon or drakuseth, maw of flames can keep you alive by wiping out your opponents army. Gets better with the equipment you're running, too.

    I mostly suggest a few fliers (not too many, but some) because right now you can't beat a moat effect unless you get really lucky and get one of very few removal spells.
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  • posted a message on RB storm commander?
    It's not impossible, but this is a 40 life format and multiplayer. What specific storm card are you looking to win with? Tendrils of agony, while an excellent card, probably won't do it. Grapeshot likely won't either. Ignite memories might, depening on how your luck tends to run, and dragon storm and empty the warrens certainly would (eventually), but it sounds as if you want to win with spells themselves, not with storming into creatures.

    If you're going to win with "storm", then I can only think that for this format, what you really mean is "chaining together a bunch of spells for a win" because that is what storm does. There are some cards that would help this in this format:

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  • posted a message on reltastic's Chainer, Nightmare Adept Experiment
    I believe whisper, blood liturgist would reanimate 2 creatures repeatedly. Now, you didn't say anything about them being untapped....
    Also, you're in red. Why does it only have to be a blood artist trigger? I mean, you have purphorous and impact tremors to trigger off of the enters the battlefield stuff.

    edit: Nevermind, I thought whisper was a victimize, but it's the other way around.
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  • posted a message on reltastic's Chainer, Nightmare Adept Experiment
    One card I would consider in this deck is burnished hart. Yes, I know it is unimpressive and costs a fair bit of mana, but your deck seems like it will be extraordinarily mana hungy and the ability to keep recurring the hart (even if only 1 additional time per game), is a lot of ramp you otherwise wouldn't easily get.
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  • posted a message on Golos Lands Matter (need help completing)
    Your deck seems a bit all over the place. You run a few of the goodstuff cards for lands like gitrog, tatyova, et al, but there doesn't seem to be much of a unifying theme. For example, if you had a scapeshift in there, I could see cards like ob noxious the fallen, er ob nixilis the fallen and the other landfall payoffs, but I am not seeing a ton of other good land matters cards that win you the game...they just generate value.

    For golos ability, I don't know that I like the ability to play on my opponents turns. I mean, yes, you can activate and get some free stuff with the alchemists refuge, but most of your best stuff wants landfall triggers and exiling lands seems bad. Failing that, you don't have a lot of continously awesome tutor to the top of your library. Vampiric tutor, imperial seal, etc. Yeah, I get it, those are expensive, but worldly tutor, enlightened tutor, and mystical tutor aren't too bad and frankly, to the top of the library is precisely where you want it if you aim for his ability. Failing those, something that fits the bill would be liliana vess or bringer of the black dawn. Bringer especially is beautiful in a deck like this.

    I guess what I am asking is, what is your unifying theme?

    Edit: I stand corrected on the tutors. Everything but the mystical tutor could be seen as awfully darned pricey. My apologies on suggesting expensive cards, but it can help with what you might be trying to do.
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  • posted a message on Card that searches for an artifact
    If you already have infinite mana, I propose genesis hydra and genesis wave. These will also "search" for your non creature artifact.
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  • posted a message on szadek, Lord of secrets EDH ~can you win by mill in multiplayer?~
    Cards that seem like they would be a good backup would include the haunt of hightower and consuming aberration. I have decked many an opponent with aberration and the haunt of hightower just gets huge!
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  • posted a message on Control decks: How do you stay alive against the whole table attacking you early?
    You could play mageta, the lion in the command zone and back him up with a few additional wraths. I have such a deck, it's rather mean.
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  • posted a message on The Wurm & Only
    If you really want that strategy (novablast wurm+impervious greatwurm), you need more interaction. I guess you could take a look at green devotion strategies for vomiting him onto the battlefield, but such strategies often have a tendency to run out of gas or draw the wrong half of the deck. A more interactive strategy while running these two as a top end when you want to should be stronger. A better idea would be to run tooth and nail as a top end into your 2 wurm combo.

    Alternatively, if you don't want this strategy (because it's already been done or there are already 2 card I win combos) is to run the new green tutor shared summons and just cast them as you can. This allows for stronger and grindier deck, with things like collector ouphe, kitchen finks, scavenging ooze, ramunap excavator, etc. as cards that can contribute towards winning the game/stopping your opponents from winning and keeping your options full.

    Regardless of what choices you do make, I would consider replacing vernal bloom with nissa, who shakes the world as 4 mana is pretty much the same as 5 mana here, or garruk wildspeaker for the additional land untap. Helping your opponents kill your faster really seems like a bad idea!
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  • posted a message on Mono Black Jund
    If you're mono black, it might behoove you to check out Legacy's "The Gate" thread. Modern doesn't have access to hymn to tourach, of course, but there are tons of value cards you can run that would stick to the theme. The theme here is basically the same.
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  • posted a message on Drakuseth, MLD fun!
    I see another person has fallen into the love-to-be-hated wiles of MLD. I, too, run a MLD angel stax deck (yes, it is mono red angel stax). I do run several walkers as well, but I am aiming slightly differently. Those differences are worthwhile enough to be noted here I think.

    My strategy is simple: I blow up all creatures, all lands, and all artifacts I don't control. The reasoning is that I need my mana rocks to keep up, as my general is 8 mana. Hence, I don't run obliterate or jokulhaups. If I ran more walkers, I might, but I need to keep my artifacts around.

    I think you need a few more threats. Cards that would help and might potentially survive your stone-age spells (as in, you blow everyone else back to the stone age):

    (well, doesn't necessarily survive your own stone age removal, but borrowing everyone else's nice mana rocks sort of fits under the "blow up artifacts I don't control" plan.
    vicious shadows (expensive threat, but you are blowing up all creatures and lands and this is bound to take maximum advantage of that)
    sarkhan the masterless (turns the walkers into quick game ending threats...nothing to sneeze at)

    I really don't see why you're running null rod in a red deck. I see a ton of interaction for artifacts in your list already, so why bother?

    Good artifact recursion seems to be king. I think goblin welder, goblin engineer (if you have other options to fetch artifacts out of the graveyard), daretti, scrap savant, trading post, and maybe hoarding dragon all should be considered. I know there is some dis-synergy, but there are many faster decks than you and the ability to recur some threats can't be ignored because they will remove yours for sure.
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  • posted a message on Mono Black Jund
    I respectfully disagree on bloodghast. It is a good card, but I do feel that gravecrawler is the superior card here. You have 3 mutavaults and 4 rotting regisaurs, all of which are zombies. It should be a straight replacement for gifted aetherborn unless your meta is heavy on burn.

    I second/third bitterblossom as a really solid add here. I might consider using it in place of liliana of the last hope
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