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  • posted a message on A Sindbad-like dryad (Weibo preview)

    The two cards, while not identical, are still incredibly similar. Players aren't playing Fa'adiyah Seer already (because it sucks), and it would be unreasonable to believe that players are suddenly going to start playing Dryad Greenseeker en masse for the same reason. It's a crappy card, and players will turn to other alternatives if they want some kind of land-drawing effect.

    Dryad Greenseeker isn't a land-drawing effect; it's a card-drawing effect.

    That is, if you run Fa'adiyah Seer, you will draw a bunch of extra lands and no extra non-lands. If you run Dryad Greenseeker, you will draw fewer extra lands than with the Seer, but you will draw extra non-lands, because you'll only draw a land for your regular draw step if the top two cards of your library were both lands before you activated Greenseeker.

    If we're comparing effects, Greenseeker is a lot closer to Courser of Kruphix (but without the life gain or the synergy with other forms of conditional draw) than it is to Fa'adiyah Seer. This may not mean it sees play anywhere — it's clearly worse than Courser — but that's the relevant comparison.
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  • posted a message on Pia's Revolution,Disallow,Battle at the Bridge,Dark Intimations
    Quote from alfindeol »
    The reminder text on Improvise is really.... interesting. A line of non-rules related text just feels so out of place.

    Convoke had the same reminder text the last time it was printed. See, e.g., Covenant of Blood.
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  • posted a message on Landfall & Three New Mechanics Spoiled
    I'm curious about why Awaken is an alternative cost, rather than an additional cost. Some possible reasons that I thought of, none of which I find particularly convincing:

    • Depending on how the Eldrazi "play things from exile" abilities are worded, it might disallow you from Awakening a land off one of them. This would be flavorful, but it seems like a rare enough special case that it'd be weird to work that hard to get it right.
    • There could be cards where the Awaken cost is cheaper than the regular cost. This could be any effect with Awaken 0, but that would be really unflavorful. Alternatively, there might be some specific effects where it'd make sense even with a positive Awaken number, but not many (wrath, mass bounce, anything else?)
    • You could have Aethersnipe-type cards where the cheap cost is more color-intensive than the expensive cost. Given that they're templating Awaken this way, I bet we'll see one or two of these, but their existence again doesn't seem sufficient to justify choosing that template.

    What am I missing?
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  • posted a message on Killing a Goldfish Review
    Mark actually was pretty unenthusiastic about the M15 hornet cards on the mothership, even before the set came out. He also was considerably harsher about them on Blogatog, again starting before the release of M15.
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  • posted a message on Risen Executioner - Metagame preview
    Quote from EyeballFrog »
    Seems like anything that can be cast from graveyard can't block. See Gravecrawler and Marang River Prowler.

    Presumably so you can only use your infinitely recurring thing to end games faster, not draw them out forever.
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  • posted a message on [[KTK]] Blogatog reveals the primary color focus of each of the wedge clans
    I find the combination of "primary color" and the time-travel element... suggestive. Since WotC were very clear on the fact that this is a wedge set and not a wedge block, perhaps set #3 is about off-center shards? (e.g., alternate-universe Abzan is Wub instead of Wgb, but they still feel similar to original Abzan because the primary color is the same)
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  • posted a message on Should there be two core sets in Standard?
    It's useful for R&D to be able to vary how long a card sticks around in Standard. If core sets lived for two years, the best they could do for cards they wanted to be short-lived would be to stick them in the spring set (and spring sets are often small, so there might not be much room for that).

    Also, I believe there's a hard cap on how many cards they're willing to make Standard-legal at any given time, so this would lead to more reprints and/or smaller sets.
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  • posted a message on How many different kinds of mounts have been used in the MtG multiverse?
    Dog: Kjeldoran Outrider
    Moose: Norwood Riders
    Water buffalo?: Ronin Cliffrider (except it has extra horns -- the ears are right, though…)
    Deer: Rune-Cervin Rider
    Griffin: Griffin Rider or Skyrider Trainee
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  • posted a message on Would you like to see Wasteland in Standard (and Modern)?
    Quote from Tybalt
    In modern, with fetches, you can run any color combination you want. You can do the same in legacy, but if you do you're likely to eat a wasteland at some point in the game.

    Hence why this thread.

    The top 8 at GP Antwerp consisted of 1 copy of Affinity, 1 copy of RG Tron, and 6 3-color decks.

    The top 8 at GP Brisbane consisted of 2 copies of Affinity, 2 copies of 2 RG Tron (one with a single black source for sideboard Slaughter Games), 3 3-color decks, and a single 4-color deck (Kiki-Pod).

    The top 8 at GP Detroit consisted of 1 copy of Affinity, 2 copies of BG Rock, 4 3-color decks, and a single 4-color deck (Ajundi).

    The top 8 at GP Kansas City consisted of 6 3-color decks, and two 4-color decks (Kiki-Pod and a Burn deck that splashed every other color except blue).

    It may be true that you can play any color combination you want in Modern, but present evidence suggests that it's not generally a very good idea to play more than three colors if you actually want to win.
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  • posted a message on How many "Cards" is scry worth?
    Quote from Kryptnyt

    Scry 2 has six potential outcomes.

    Technically this is true, but realistically it only has five (if you put both cards on the bottom of your deck, it doesn't much matter which order they go in).

    The number of actually-different outcomes from scry n is given by this sequence. In particular, there are 16 possible ways to scry 3.
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  • posted a message on Future Design for Theros Mechanics
    Polukranos kind of breaks if there's any other way to turn it monstrous (in the sense of leading to undefined or at least highly counterintuitive stuff happening, not in the sense of becoming too good).
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  • posted a message on What's most worth its weight in Gold?
    Gold is currently trading at about $1300 an ounce. A card weighs roughly 0.06 ounces, so it needs to be worth somewhere in the area of $80 to be worth its weight in gold.
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  • posted a message on [[COMM]] Marath, Will of the Wild (Plus Errata)
    It's a flavor text problem only, but we recently had Wit's End from Magic 2013; see

    Flavor text doesn't get errata'd, though.

    That said, I think the real lesson here is that WotC needs to be extra careful about proofreading any card that starts with a W.
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  • posted a message on [[COMM]] Marath, Will of the Wild (Plus Errata)
    Quote from Lorelorn
    The last card I recall needing day 0 Errata was Wormfang Crab from Judgment.

    Wizards have had a pretty good run; it's regrettable but hardly a disaster.

    Walking Atlas needed day 0 errata (albeit for a more obvious typo than either the crab or the stag).
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  • posted a message on Why does Canada have few competitive MTG players than other countries?
    Population of France: 60 million
    Population of Germany: 90 million
    Population of Japan: 125 million

    Population of Canada: 35 million

    There aren't very many of us


    Here's a list of everyone who's earned at least 100 lifetime Pro Points. France, Japan, and Canada (and the US) all have about one such player per 4 million people. In Germany, it's actually worse (1 per 6 million).

    The only countries that do much better -- and have enough players on the list for it not to be a total statistical fluke -- are some small mostly-northern European countries (Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands, and the Czech Republic).
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