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    posted a message on Custom Set - Return To Ixalan
    For the most part, I think you've done a good job with these custom cards. I came back to the game right after Dominaria came out, so I didn't play during Ixalan's heyday, but I can definitely see the allure of Pirates.

    Still, I'd like to see – especially if you expand this into a full-fledged 'Return to Ixalan' set – some green and white and Non-Pirate stuff.

    You've been improving a bit – the second post's cards felt more cohesive and restrained than the first. See the spoiler below for cards that need to be looked at.

    Oh and there's one more thing – I really suggest you add some more creature damage, destruction & bounce [return to hand] cards. It's what Grixis [Blue, Black and Red] is good at, and it's especially important in a set with so many creatures.

    Fathom Fleet Scavenger seems just a little bit too powerful for a common. I'd suggest making it cost 1 more, making it loot one less card, or making it uncommon.

    Dire Fleet Arsonist – it seems like this design is rather cumbersome with the amount of tracking and memory issues it entails. Imagine this in a long game of Commander.

    Rapid Pillaging seems much too powerful if it sticks around, even at that cost. This is especially concerning if you imagine a limited [Draft or Sealed] environment, where enchantment removal effects would be limited.
    -I would suggest simplifying it and making it empty at end of turn, which would also reinforce the 'rapid' part.
    -Rapid Pillaging 1RR Enchantment [Rare] Whenever a creature you control attacks, put a Plunder counter on Rapid Pillaging. At the end of your turn, remove all Plunder counters from Rapid Pillaging, then put that many Treasure artifact tokens into play.

    High and Dry isn't bad, but it still seems a tiny bit too good. Maybe just a 1/1 token instead of a 2/2?

    Is Johnavier Voice of the Free's stealing ability supposed to return them to your opponent at the end of the turn? If it's not supposed to, I don't know why the second line, with the not untapping part, is there.

    Captain Sarina's effect is too powerful. Not only is she a good 'lord' for the pirates, but her effect lets you cheat out big spells repeatedly way too easily.

    Gwyn is a bit too powerful – Indestructible on top of gaining plenty of life? But it wouldn't take much to make this card fairer – maybe just a single X, instead of double X.

    Grayson is definitely too powerful. Specifically, he is much too cheap for that effect. If you wanted to keep those effects as they are, he'd have to be 3UBR.

    Swab is a bit too powerful – each effect would be fine at uncommon on their own card. If you want to keep these effects together, move it to rare and make it cost more.
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    posted a message on Bragging rights - what cards did WotC steal from you?
    Well, it finally happened - a spoiled card turns out to be very similar to one I designed in a custom set.

    Unfortunately, I hadn't pasted it up to the thread for Annutia, so I don't have online evidence, but it's there in my MSE.

    I created:

    Opportunity Strikes 2RU
    Instant - (Uncommon)
    Opportunity Strikes deals 3 damage to any target.
    Draw a card.

    And today,
    Ral's Outburst
    was spoiled, and it's the exact same, except for
    it's a Sleight of Hand, not a straight draw 1

    Of course, it's not the biggest effect, and similar things have been made before. But it's still neat.
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    posted a message on Guashan: A Journey to the West
    Ah! Now I see, willows. Thanks.

    Chant sounds a lot better now - not in power level, but design.
    Power level wise, it seems a little on the weak side, but not so much that it really needs changing. Like a weaker Cipher or slower, conditional Rebound.
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    posted a message on Guashan: A Journey to the West
    I like the cards here. I do hope you flesh out a background plane for them at some point.
    Most of the cards look to be fine. I could easily see them being printed as is or in an Asian-influenced set.

    But there are some concerns I had:

    -Chant seems possibly too strong. Even two unblocked hits [it currently triggers for every creature] a turn provides a lot of value.
    It's not too overpowered a mechanic, but I think it would make for a quite powerful deck archetype if built around, like Bogles. It also depends on what rare Chants there are.

    -Disturb a Dragon seems much too powerful for a common. Compare it to Char, Flames of the Blood Hand, and Bathe In Dragonfire/Bombard. 4 to any target should be an uncommon at least, and with an upside a rare.
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