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  • posted a message on Question about Commander Damage
    He wasn't technically killed by commander damage. Being killed by commander damage is only when a single commander dealt someone 21 combat damage. If you guys use some more technical definition for your rules then thats something else.

    Same with infect, infect is combat damage. Unless your rules specify something else it wouldn't count as "being eliminated by means other than damage."

    So the correct answer in normal circumstances is just A.

    Also relevant rules on infect are here: https://mtg.gamepedia.com/Infect

    Commander damage is a tracked property of each commander regardless of if it is 21 or not. The Rule about 21 damage is simply stating that they lose the game as a state based effect. It does not elaborate on commander damage. The only other elaboration we get on commander damage is that it is a property of the object (commander).
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  • posted a message on Question about Commander Damage
    Quote from DirkGently »
    Quote from JuiceBOX »
    He would still retain his Commander-ness according to the rules. And there is where the confusion begins.
    Well, for sure the infect would kill them. So in this particular situation commander damage is moot.

    If attacking for non-lethal infect damage, that won't change their life total, so they definitely won't die from regular damage, even if they're already at 1 life.

    Commander damage is a good question though - if mimeoplasm has infect and attacks non-lethally, then leaves and returns and no longer has infect and continues attacking, does the previously-dealt infect damage count towards commander damage as well? This is sort of tricky since it gets into the nitty-gritty of commander-specific rules that aren't under as intense of scrutiny as the normal rules that apply for tournament magic. So I'm not sure if there is a correct answer (though there could well be). But I'll happily speculate Grin

    My vote would be yes. cards like whispering spectre show that infect damage IS damage. And in order for "when ~ deals damage" to work, it has to be more than 0 damage. So how much damage is being dealt? Well, the obvious answer seems like "however much poison was inflicted". If mimeo had infect, it would still trigger saskia, the unyeilding for the amount of damage dealt, for example, so it seems reasonable that it would also count for commander damage.

    Normally, this would be moot. However, our league has an achievement for eliminating a player by means other than damage (infect scores here) and another achievement for eliminating a player with commander damage (no 21 damage clause). So some lean towards, the Mimeoplasm player still eliminating a player with Commander damage, but others lean towards not eliminating the player with Commander damage since it was not 21 damage in total.

    I thought it was a good discussion to have, even if it is fringe, mainly because our group does not know how to handle it either.
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    Quote from ChazA4 »
    I believe that since Mimie is a 13/13 copy of Skittles, the defending player you attacked is eliminated via infect damage. So, B.

    He would still retain his Commander-ness according to the rules. And there is where the confusion begins.
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  • posted a message on Question about Commander Damage
    Trying to get some clarity on this.

    If I Cast a The Mimeoplasm (Commander) and exile Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon (copy) + Terastodon (counters). Give it haste and attack an opponent with no blockers, what of the following conditions are met when it comes to damage?

    • Defending player is eliminated by damage?
    • Defending player is eliminated by means other than damage (Poison)?
    • Defending player is eliminated by Commander Damage?
    • All the above?

    Moved to Rulings - wildfire393
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  • posted a message on O-Kagachi Rattlesnake

    O-Kagachi Rattlesnake is a Control deck at its core. By buying time and managing not only the board, but also your opponents, you can plant O-Kagachi, Vengeful Kami onto the battlefield and encourage them to start slugging each other. Counterspells allow you to protect the board, yourself, and O-Kagachi. Combat tricks allow you to ensure that O-Kagachi can start killing opponents instead of you. Tutor effects allow you to search for various tools and plan ahead. The deck features multiple ways to help unfold your battle plan, from disruption to recursion - O-Kagachi Rattlesnake can spice up your multiplayer games in a fun and interactive way.

    The goal of this thread is to foster an ongoing discussion around the deck and, over time, optimize the list as much as possible as the Commander format evolves I encourage anyone interested in the deck, to join in the discussion and share their experiences!

    You will enjoy playing O-Kagachi Rattlesnake if:
    • You enjoy reactive play
    • You enjoy table talk
    • You enjoy winning games in quirky ways
    • You enjoy tool box decks
    You will NOT enjoy playing O-Kagachi Rattlesnake if:
    • You enjoy playing Combo
    • You enjoy attacking with lots of creatures
    • You enjoy proactive / linear game play
    Alternatively, O-Kagachi Rattlesnake may not be for your play group if you are often a primary target regardless of what commander you play. The deck may be great for those play groups that often have a player who can be quite vindictive towards others as you lurk in the shadows.

    O-Kagachi, Vengeful Kami is one of the most interesting generals I have seen. Back when Commander 2013 launched, I was particularly interested in Ruhan of the Fomori. I have always liked Voltron themes in Commander, and once was particularly keen on Uril, the Miststalker in the earlier days of the format. Commander 2017 has brought a pretty neat option in 5-colors, but also in a unique way. O-Kagachi offers a somewhat political approach where Ruhan was slash and smash and Uril was a general base kit. So let's break down O-Kagachi Rattlesnake!

    JuiceBOX's O-Kagachi RattlesnakeMagic OnlineOCTGN2ApprenticeBuy These Cards
    Commander (1)
    1x O-Kagachi, Vengeful Kami

    Creature (4)
    1x Consecrated Sphinx
    1x Eternal Witness
    1x Perplexing Chimera
    1x Snapcaster Mage

    Planeswalker (3)
    1x Jace, the Mind Sculptor
    1x Narset Transcendent
    1x Venser, the Sojourner

    Instant (35)
    1x Anguished Unmaking
    1x Arcane Denial
    1x Assassin's Trophy
    1x Comeuppance
    1x Commandeer
    1x Counterflux
    1x Counterspell
    1x Crackling Doom
    1x Cyclonic Rift
    1x Desertion
    1x Dig Through Time
    1x Disallow
    1x Doom Blade
    1x Enlightened Tutor
    1x Go for the Throat
    1x Illusionist's Gambit
    1x Impulse
    1x Intellectual Offering
    1x Mana Drain
    1x Mission Briefing
    1x Mystical Tutor
    1x Path to Exile
    1x Perplex
    1x Plasm Capture
    1x Reins of Power
    1x Rewind
    1x Settle the Wreckage
    1x Silumgar's Command
    1x Split Decision
    1x Swords to Plowshares
    1x Teferi's Protection
    1x Ultimate Price
    1x Vampiric Tutor
    1x Voidslime
    1x Windgrace's Judgement

    Sorcery (12)
    1x Damnation
    1x Pir's Whim
    1x Demonic Tutor
    1x Disrupt Decorum
    1x Fractured Identity
    1x Gamble
    1x Insurrection
    1x Tempt with Discovery
    1x Praetor's Counsel
    1x Regrowth
    1x Seasons Past
    1x Supreme Verdict

    Enchantment (2)
    1x Sylvan Library
    1x Gift of Immortality

    Artifact (6)
    1x Assault Suit
    1x Chromatic Lantern
    1x Coalition Relic
    1x Oblivion Stone
    1x Mindslaver
    1x Sol Ring

    Land (37)
    1x Academy Ruins
    1x Alchemist's Refuge
    1x Bayou
    1x Breeding Pool
    1x Command Tower
    1x Drowned Catacomb
    1x Exotic Orchard
    1x Forbidden Orchard
    1x Forest
    1x Glacial Fortress
    1x Godless Shrine
    1x Hall of the Bandit Lord
    1x Hallowed Fountain
    1x Hinterland Harbor
    1x Island
    1x Isolated Chapel
    1x Luxury Suite
    1x Maze of Ith
    1x Misty Rainforest
    1x Morphic Pool
    1x Mountain
    1x Overgrown Tomb
    1x Plains
    1x Plateau
    1x Polluted Delta
    1x Reflecting Pool
    1x Savannah
    1x Scalding Tarn
    1x Scrubland
    1x Sea of Clouds
    1x Steam Vents
    1x Swamp
    1x Taiga
    1x Tropical Island
    1x Verdant Catacombs
    1x Volrath's Stronghold
    1x Watery Grave


    This is one of the more narrow sections, in terms of disrupting combat when it is happening. Overall, the decks ability to interfere with combat can really be broken down into 3 sections:
    • Disruption
    • Spot Removal
    • Mass Removal
    So when it comes to simply disrupting combat, you have a few great tools and each can also double as a potential kill card on their own. Comeuppance is probably the most apparent kill cards in that while it does fog damage for the turn, in a situation where the game has come down to heads up, Comeuppance can often kill them on the back of a greedy swing at you with your own O-kagachi, Vengeful Kami if their overall life total is higher than what they are swinging for. This card is probably best kept until the end of the game, but with recursion options, you can use it opportunistically throughout the game. White also gives you a defensive tool in Teferi's Protection, and while it cannot kill anyone like Comeuppance, it can save you or some of your permanents in a pinch.

    Reins of Power and Illusionist's Gambit are your blue disruption options. Both can also provide you with potential kills, but Reins of Power is probably more likely to provide this avenue to you. Illusionist's Gambit is less likely to provide you with player kills because often times the weakest player will be attacked in combat anyways. Both can also double as defensive tools should someone try to kill you.

    Red really shines here with the Goad mechanic that Disrupt Decorum brings to the table. This spell can straight up kill someone out of nowhere, but also can initiate a bit of bad blood between two other players if you plan on handing of O-Kagachi. An important thing to note about this card, is that you can tap a player out if you want them to die to a player taking a turn after they are forced to attack. This can also open up table talk routes to allow O-Kagachi through. Finally, red also allows you Insurrection, a card that may not disrupt combat but is important to keep in mind if you plan on having someone openly swing creatures into another player with Disrupt Decorum.

    Your counterspell options are almost endless when you have access to blue, but also getting access to the other 4 colors opens up for some awesome utility to go alongside your counterspell suite. From uncounterable Counterflux, stifling Voidslime, and punishing Perplex to additional vlaue like Absorb and Undermine. Out of all your options, perhaps the most interesting is Perplex. Transmute allows your to toss it in the yard for later use if you need it, and fetch something of use. Be it a different counter option with utility, or early mana fixing in Chromatic Lantern. Additionally, you can always fetch up a Oblivion Stone which is nice.

    There are plenty of other great 3 mana options out there depending on your needs, but you also have access to the usual 2 mana power counters like Mana Drain, Counterspell, Arcane Denial and plenty of others. As you move up the mana curve, you get into other great options like Rewind if you need extra coverage but are short on mana. Silumgar's Command, Cryptic Command, and Mystic Confluence if you want great modal options. Even Desertion and Commandeer if you like what your opponent has and want it for yourself.

    White and black have historically offered the best spot removal. This day and age, most of the auto includes are self explanatory, but where it gets interesting is when you start moving beyond the 2 mana spells. Being a multiplayer format, you can get excellent value out of options like Windgrace's Judgement, Crackling Doom, and Fractured Identity.

    Perhaps the smallest, yet most powerful selection of cards you can run in multiplayer commander. There are tons of great 4 mana options these days. Wrath of God, Day of Judgment, Damnation, Supreme Verdict, and Kaya's Wrath would be at the top of my list, but Settle the Wreckage is absolutely fantastic if you are looking to bait a sweep on a single player. Cyclonic Rift is one of the most powerful sweepers in the format and can double as a way to pick up your O-Kagachi, Vengeful Kami if you need it back for some reason. Oblivion Stone is perhaps your most versatile sweeper, allowing you to play the politics game and trade fate counters for favors. You can also drop a counter on your O-Kagachi if you have handed it off with a Assault Suit. You can tutor it up with Perplex and you can recur it with Academy Ruins

    The deck does not leave much to be desired if you are a player that likes tool box mechanics and land utility. Your mana base gives you artifact recursion with Academy Ruins, creature recursion with Volrath's Stronghold, and enables an O-Kagachi snapback attack on a player with Hall of the Bandit Lord. Additionally, you can get occasional flash value with Alchemist's Refuge. You can tutor up Perplexing Chimera with Enlightened Tutor, and start getting additional value out of it with Venser, the Sojourner. Speaking of Venser, he lets you get back O-Kagachi, recur spells with Eternal Witness and Snapcaster Mage too! Your late game power house cards are definitely going to be Seasons Past and Praetor's Counsel, meaning you can almost never run out of gas and outlast your opponents over the course of a game.

    The rattlesnake strategy comes from the deck's primary buff card, Assault Suit. The deck primarily plays a heavy control game, casting disruption spells to maintain the board state or change the direction of various attackers. The general strategy also incorporates political elements and table talk is strongly encouraged to leverage your spells for your opponent's creature power. Once O-Kagachi, Vengeful Kami is in play, your goal is to suit it up with Assault Suit and start passing it off to other players.

    The important thing to remember, is that players are not required to attack with your O-kagachi. You will have to encourage attacks through table talk, spells, and even abilities. Goad cards can be particularly useful when opponents are being stubborn and unwilling to attack each other. Disrupt Decorum can be used to break heavy stalemates and get combat going, but remember that it can often draw hate back on to you. In events where your opponents try to lay the heat on your, be sure to save spells like Illusionist's Gambit, Reins of Power and Comeuppance for potential kills. You have other options like Settle the Wreckage, Teferi's Protection, and others that can help you protect yourself.

    O-Kagachi Rattlesnake is a deck that is not meant to deal 40+ damage to a player. You only need to do 21 damage to any given player, and you can continuously deal the damage (potentially) on everyone else's turn. In essence, the early game is spent securing resources like Assault Suit, draw power, and perhaps a Vow or two. The mid game is spent protecting yourself and encouraging your opponents to attack each other. The late game is spent recurring resources with cards like Eternal Witness + Volrath's Stronghold, Academy Ruins, Seasons Past and Praetor's Counsel


    None as of yet, but looking at exploring Voltron packages in one iteration and blink packages in another. Stay tuned!

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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 21/01/2019)
    I think there is a lot of polarization starting to happen on the idea of "How open is modern?"

    Modern is pretty open in the sense that yes, you can play whatever you want, and there are a lot of decks that can do well. But Modern also is a cyclical format which can be measured. Tronix points this out in the above posts pretty well. We can look at a series of Top 8's and see what decks are currently in the Winner's Circle and we can use that data for ideal deck selection for an event.

    But yes, you can play just about whatever you want (within reason) and doe marginally well from time to time.

    Modern is an open format in that the cyclical nature of it offers a wide array of decks which ebb and flow in effectiveness depending on the cycle. For example, we see Tron have these extended periods where it shows up often in top 8's and then we have periods where it doesn't. You can apply this to most decks in the format, and the number of decks that have done this is significant enough to where you can call it an "open format". However at any given time, the pool of decks we see that are experiencing this phase, is small enough to where you can metagame effectively.

    Sure, you will have rounds where you are blindsided by a rather playable deck that is not in the "Winner's Circle", but you can calculate rough expected field representations in Modern - enough to hedge and significantly increase your odds of making it to the upper tables.
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  • posted a message on Rainbow Lich


    Ali Aintrazi's Rainbow Lich has to be my favorite deck of this Standard season. While the deck can be largely unfun to play against, and slow to run out it's gameplan, the deck can be a complete blast to play. The goal is to get Lich's Mastery into play and start casting Chance for Glory over and over again using multiple The Mirari Conjecture + Nature's Spiral and finish them with a Banefire or Expansion // Explosion. The deck has a toolbox sub-theme in Mastermind's Acquisition to search for combo pieces like Nature's Spiral or Banefire out of the sideboard, but also control elements.

    Rainbow Lich can have a rather solid aggro match, being able to make up lost life with Gift of Paradise or Revitalize and accessing sweepers like Cleansing Nova or Settle the Wreckage. Kaya's Wrath is a recent addition with Ravnica Allegiance, that gives the deck a viable 4 mana sweeper outside of Settle. Once Lich's Mastery is on board, you can start drawing a lot of cards and tossing unnecessary pieces into the graveyard to exile to any damage taken, allowing you to play Mastery fairly aggressively. RNA has also brought Cry of the Carnarium and Hydroid Krasis as additional toolbox cards vs Aggro.

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  • posted a message on [[MCD]] Stax Effects (Smokestack and Braids)
    I like Stax effects a lot and I'm not cutting it from my cube anytime soon but I think one of the problems with supporting this archetype is that the cards that go well in this are also cards that are strong against the archetype. For example, sometimes, I would resolve a Smokestacks while ahead on board thinking I could attrition out the game only to watch my opponent resolve a moderately sized Secure the Waste or Tempt with Vengeance and suddenly the Stax effect isn't working as intended.

    I think cube just has a lot of incidentally good cards now that break symmetry in both directions making Stax a pretty inconsistent deck and effect from my experiences.

    This is on point.

    Biogenic Ooze is a recent card I have been pretty pumped about for Cube. Much like Deranged Hermit before it, the card is solid at generating fodder for trying to break the symmetry of Stax effects. Coincidentally, as cards like this increase in density for Cube, he power of Stax wanes. Stax can still be a very powerful archetype in Cube, but as the format continues to grow, designers have to be mindful of how they flesh out other archetypes that would utilize the same kind of cards that a Stax deck is looking to utilize.
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  • posted a message on [540][POWERED][MODULAR] The Juice[BOX]³
    Reserved for future content
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  • posted a message on [540][POWERED][MODULAR] The Juice[BOX]³
    Reserved for future content
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  • posted a message on [540][POWERED][MODULAR] The Juice[BOX]³
    The Juice[BOX]³

    To provide players a limited environment with an opportunity to play some of the game's most iconic cards throughout the history of MTG. Cube is also a unique format that opens the doorways to fun cards and interactions that may have never had a time to shine at the forefront of a format, and it is through this unique style of play that fun and power can blend into a memorable experience for every player.

    [CUBE SIZE] 540 Cards. 360 Card Core w/ 2x Modules containing 90 cards each.
    [BREAKDOWN] 70 Per color. 50 Per Guild. 140 Colorless.
    [THEME] Standard theme.
    [POWERED] Contains power nine.

    [CUBE TUTOR] See it here! and Draft it here!
    Welcome to my thread, where I am documenting and discussing my absolute favorite format of Magic: the Gathering. The Juice[BOX]³ was created in 2010 and has continued to evolve with each set release. Originally beginning as a 360 Powered Cube, in 2014 a 90 card module was added on to help facilitate lager draft groups when necessary. In 2015 a second 90 card module was added to bring the total maximum cube size to 540 cards. With the addition of modules, I have begun to break up archetypes across modules to allow certain interactions and archetypes to ebb and flow as the draft group size changes. There is going to be a lot of information to unpack in this thread, from the contents of my Cube, the design concepts surrounding my Cube peripherals, and the resources I use to track my Cube to help me manage it for my players in the best way that I know how.
    I do not subscribe to the philosophy that a Cube should contain the best of the best in each color, but instead try to play mad scientist with various components while trying to keep the Cube both interesting and fun. I don't shy away from suggested pet cards, and I still "el oh el!" when Ethersworn Adjudicator makes swing plays at a draft table. If my players are enjoying it, then I am generally enjoying it.

    Over the years, my modules have started to become a bit less optimized than I would like. There are a number of cards that should ideally be moved out of one module and into another, and 2019 is the year in which I really hope to streamline my modules in order to make sure that the best cards in the 540 are in the module that allows for the best draft experience.








    [CUBE TUTOR] Coming Soon!








    [CUBE TUTOR] Coming Soon!








    [CUBE TUTOR] Coming Soon!

    2019 Objectives
    The new year brings with it, a number of goals that I am keeping in mind as we dive into new set releases. With my philosophy that every Cube draft should be a memorable experience, I hope to start checking off my goals for this year as we move forward through the year, while keeping the Cube both interesting, and fun.

    • Streamline Module Placements
    • Establish Framework for Multiplayer Campaign Module
    • Restructure Data Spreadsheets as a Community Resource
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