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  • posted a message on State of Standard Thread: bans, format health, metagame, rotation, etc!
    Buy, utterly burned out and not even 2 weeks in.

    I can only take so much Field of the Dead and Nissa, Who Shakes the World, at this point. There was enough of it before rotation and I am not very pleased to see that the format on Arena is still absolutely homogenized by these cards. I am typically not someone in favor of card bans, but it is crazy how out of control they are letting design get these days. No wonder this section of the forums is a ghost town.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Unreleased and New Card Discussion
    Some pretty pushed cards in the set, I am loving it! Really big fan of the mythic artifacts in UBG.
    Sadly WR seem, unfortunately lackluster for Commander.
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  • posted a message on Marisi, Breaker of the Coil (Let's Brew!)
    Quote from FunkyDragon »
    I did accidentally kill an opponent in one game, which is a shame because I could have used his army against the others. I goaded Opponent A, who then attacked Opponent B with his commander, Atraxa. I used Duelist's Heritage to give Atraxa double strike and then cast Berserk as a kill spell. Unfortunately, I didn't notice the two +1/+1 counters on Atraxa, and Opponent B took 24 commander damage to the face.

    I am confused, isn't that the idea? To have other players eliminate each other by using Goad tactics, so that you are the one going into heads up with another player?

    Or are you saying that you wanted to use Player B's army?
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  • posted a message on [CUBE][ELD] Questing Beast
    Quote from en fisk »
    Quote from steve_man »

    The green stat monster we've always wanted. I'm in shock that this has zero downside. Hits planeswalkers hard, especially since most tokens that planeswalkers generate can't block this.

    Also, True-Name Nemesis dies blocking this.

    Why do True Name die?

    Protection prevents the damage that would be dealt to TNN. Questing Beast no longer allows protection to prevent the damage, thus TNN will take damage and die upon combat in which it is dealt lethal damage.
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  • posted a message on [CUBE][ELD] Questing Beast
    This is a pretty powerful card, damn.

    Unfortunately, I think I am going to skip it. I enjoy that it is 2GG. But I think the 4 drops I want in a midrange green decks are just better than this card upon my 2nd or 3rd evaluation of this. Definitely an add to the Ondeck binder.
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  • posted a message on [CUBE][ELD] Wishclaw Talisman
    I have always wanted Stax in my Cube to gravitate to BWR, and that is really hard given that G has so many great Stax compatible cards. More interaction for things like this + Welder is always appreciated, and I will rejoice if and when the day comes that I can push BWR more. But until then, this card is kind of a miss for me.
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  • posted a message on 4C Gifts
    As hot as the Mardu Blue list looks, I am still ever so wary of not running green for cards like Abrupt Decay and Assassin's Trophy. You have no outs to a resolved Bloodmoon. That has to feel pretty bad.
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  • posted a message on Post your pimp decks here!
    Got a couple Urza foils recently that I am loving!
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  • posted a message on C19 Another Bust?
    Quote from Buffsam89 »
    highly considering banning the rift?

    That’s not what I said.

    You literally just said it was on the fence for being banned... implying such.

    Feel free to back up and reiterate.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Unreleased and New Card Discussion
    I know this was yesterday, but I absolutely love this card! What are some ideas people have?

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  • posted a message on C19 Another Bust?
    For anyone absolutely entrenched in the format, these products will always be disappointing... that is just how it is. These decks have never been what I hoped they would be for a $40 price tag, but they are nice to see anyways. Players deep into the format are likely just going to pick up singles anyways, this product isn't geared towards them - it is geared towards people who likely don't have a commander deck or who don't spend a whole lot of money on a secondary market.
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  • posted a message on Comander 2019 preview schedule
    I love how the attempt to completely troll and de-rail this thread, has succeeded.
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  • posted a message on [M20] [CUBE] Includes and Testing Thread
    Gonna be pretty honest, I am likely not going to include anything from this set. My testing list is pretty small. But after Mordern Horizons, I am okay with that.

    Chandra, Awakened Inferno
    Voracious Hydra
    Kykar, Wind's Fury

    Out of the 3, I only really have hopes for the Hydra.
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  • posted a message on [CUBE][MH1] Urza, Lord High Artificier
    My pick order would be:

    Tinker >>> Urza, Lord High Artificer >>> Jace, the Mind Sculptor

    At least in a P1P1. I think JTMS is going to give you a more stable draft overall, but Tinker and Urza have such crazy games sometimes, that I have a hard time just passing them. You can often beat JTMS at his best, you don't get to beat the other two are their best, at least not in my drafting with Urza since he was spoiled. I have seen so much crazy stuff so far.

    Obviously as the draft moves forward you can get signals if your artifact deck is open or not. I wouldn't P2P1 it over JTMS unless I had a good P1 draft for it, but definitely P1P1.
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  • posted a message on [CUBE][WAR] Nissa, Who Shakes the World
    I really want to give her a whirl. She is fantastic in Standard... but what gives me pause is the number of sweepers in Cube. I get that you can play around them, but I am pretty skeptical. I would love to hear how it works, or is working for people!
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