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  • posted a message on Azorius Titan/Emeria Control
    Hey there!

    About Blast Zone I have also purchased one and I'm planning to use it alongside 3 Field of Ruin, with no ghost quarters as I'm planning on using the Bant Glittering Wish version of the deck and I feel like I might encounter some colour fixing problems.

    About Dovin's Veto it's an auto include in the sideboard as I used to run 3 Negate so there's simply no reason not use it (it's amazing!). Also I can fetch it game 1 with Glittering Wish which is also nice :b
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  • posted a message on Azorius Titan/Emeria Control
    Hey mate, glad you're enjoying yourself with the deck!I also started building mine as blink value deck so i totally understand where you're coming from!

    Overall i think it's a very solid list so i'll discuss in particular the things you mentioned:

    I think the discussion between Court Hussarand Champion of Witsis a valid one. In my deck i go with a mix of both (3 court and 2 champions, this because i think individually court is better because it provides real card advantage and more selection (3 cards instead of 2) but champion is good for the late game, especially against control.

    About missionary i understand the dislike because it seems insignificant but the life gain swings games, specially against burn and dredge.

    Resto is a good card i used to run cause it has so much sinnergy with everything, but at least in my deck, i couldn't find the space to put a 4 drop that doesn't do anything by herself.

    Clique is a good card for disruption of combos and stuff but i also couldn't find a place for her as we already have many good 3 drops and her double blue cost means she can't be played on turn 3 every time.

    I dislike gearhulk as a 4th wrath cause the oponent will always get to keep his best thing, meaning sometimes it really doesn't deal with the problem we probably wanted to deal with.

    To answer your questions:
    - crucible is very good not only because of the land destruction package but because of fetchland recursion and emeria recursion if it's blown up for some reason. Also major card against tron if you have a Field of Ruin or a Ghost Quarterout.

    -About the sideboard, it always depends on your meta, but you should try to fight your worse match ups.I can give you my example wich consist of:
    2 Damping Sphere
    1 Disdainful Stroke
    1Surgical Extraction
    1Rest in Peace
    1 Runed Halo
    1 Detention Sphere
    1 Sorcerous Spyglass
    2 Settle the Wreckage
    2 Stony Silence

    - I used to run a Elspeth, Sun's Championin the side and i run a Gideon, Ally of Zendikarin the main, but usually the value and the titans are enough win condition for most matches in my opinion :b
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  • posted a message on Azorius Titan/Emeria Control
    About Teyo, The Shieldmage, I feel like the hexproof it provides comes a bit to late to actually matter that much (for example early burn or turn 1 and 2 thoughtseize) and the ability to create 0/3 walls isn't as great as I find that in the worse matchups we have, even Wall of Omens which has a much better +1 toughness isn't really doing that much
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  • posted a message on Azorius Titan/Emeria Control
    Hey there, first time commenting but been following the thread for more than a year now! I've been a UW emeria player for all of my modern times (2 years more or less) and I'm looking to try the glittering wish list now as it looks super cool and interesting!
    From this new edition I've been looking at Teferi, Time Raveler as a searchable sideboard card against control and Ajani, The Greathearted as a searchable sideboard card against aggro, namely burn.

    Also I usually do weekly FNMs with 4 to 5 rounds so I also plan on eventually putting up some results to discuss a bit more of the deck as this is my one true love in Magic and I plan on only making it better :b
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