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  • posted a message on Azorius Titan/Emeria Control
    The Fluff,
    Regarding Damping Sphere, like natesroom said, i would bring it against storm and tron, and maybe it could be a consideration against cascade decks, as it would delay them for a turn. Would this be significant? Not sure yet but depending on your sidebaord, it might gain the extra turn you need to turn things around!
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  • posted a message on Azorius Titan/Emeria Control
    Hello everyone!

    Happy to say i managed to go 4-0 in my FNM even without having all the cards i wanted to try out!

    I made a slight chnage to my sideboard, taking 1 Prismatic Ending and putting another Seal of Cleansing in, mostly due to 2 factors: first i feel like i never want to sideboard 3 of the same card in, specially a sorcery as i dilute to much of my deck, even in match ups where it's good. Secondly i really wanted to put another Seal of Cleansing as Urza's Saga is also an enchantment, therefore we can use it as land destruction before the third chapter and the second karnstruct come into play. I think it was a good change but feel free to comment on it!

    Going into the matches:

    First i went against a mono blue Jace, Wielder of Mysteries deck, trying to combo with Mirror of Fate or Leveler. Won 2-1.
    First game had no idea what it was until he played Jace. Managed to exile it with a Skyclave Apparition and he played Mirror of Fate. I had no experience with this card so i didn't see the line of them just activating it, putting the Jace, Wielder of Mysteries i had exiled back on top of their library and exiling the rest, winning after they draw it.
    Sideboarded out: 3 Path to Exile, 2 Supreme Verdict, 1 Solitude.
    Sideboarded In: 2 Gideon of the Trials, 2 Seal of Cleansing, 1 Sorcerous Spyglass, 1 Lavinia, Azorious Renegade.
    Gideon is an autoinclude against any I win combo deck, Seal i brought to deal with the Mirror of Fate to force them to combo in a turn and not just have it in play until they win. Spyglass came in to shut down Jace or Mirror (prefarably Jace as they have the Leveler combo too, altough they also run Laboratory Maniac and Thassa's Oracle so it's kinda hard to pinpoint a target sometimes. Basically i see their hand and decide. Lavinia was for any Force of Negation or Pact of Negation they might have had.
    The key cards in the match up were Teferi, Time Raveler and Gideon of the Trials. Resolving a Teferi against a mono blue deck is just the best feel, and provided me with the ability to answer all their threats unchecked. Made me sweat a bit, but always killing Jace on sight and keeping their counters turned off allowed me to get the victory.

    My second and fourth match were both against Izzet Blitz, and were both won 2-1.
    I had already shared my thoughts about this match up so i'll just talk a bit about the new cards and the sideboard.
    Sideboarded out: 1 Kaldra Compleat, 1 Sun Titan, 2 Elite Spellbinder, 2 Teferi, Time Raveler.
    Sideboarded in: 1 Shadowspear, 2 Gideon of the trials, 1 Sanctifier En-Vec, 2 Prismatic Ending.
    In this match up Prismatic ending was amazing as we could expect it. Exiling their one drop for 1 mana without downside is just perfect. Sanctifier is a card i brought to be a permanant blocker and maybe having the upside of exiling their lava dart, but not sure if i wouldn't switch it for another Teferi, Time Raveler that can delay a Storming Entity for a turn and making them unable to play at instant speed.
    Overall still a favourded match up, having only lost a game where i had only 3 lands, 1 Ghost Quarter, 1 plains and 1 island, not even beeing able to play the 2 Skyclave Apparition i had in hand, and another one that went a bit longer and where i didn't draw the response for Stormwing Entity fast enough.

    The third match was by far the most entertaining, against Jund. A good old midrange matchup like magic was supposed to be played. Won 2-1.
    The first game was a back and forth but i was lucky enough to not see a Liliana of the Veil until very late into the match and just dealt with his permanents until i resolved a Stoneforge Mystic, that went unchecked for a turn and slammed a Kaldra Compleat that just stayed on defence but gained me the time i needed to win the game. The card is just insane in this match up if it actually enters. They have absolutly no answer to it in the 75 (barring a Liliana of The Veil making us sacrifice it if we have no other creatures). The trick i founf was not putting the Kaldra in hand right away as they can just Thoughtseize it and then we are left without our best weapon. I bascially played around the discard they had and only played Kaldra when the coast was clear.
    Sideboarded out: 2 Teferi, Time Raveler.
    Sideboarded In: 2 Gideon of the Trials.
    Honestly didn't know exactly what to bring from the side but this felt like the best, having another threat and something that can just stop attacks from their threats.
    Game 2 loss basically because their discard game was just too strong. 2 thoughtseize, 1 Inquisition of Kozilek followed by a Liliana of The Veil were just too much to handle and i was both low on lands and on answers so not much to be done.
    Third game was very close, coming down to the wire, with an activation of Emeria, the Sky Ruin, bringing Stoneforge Mystic back and getting me the promised Kaldra Compleat, wich i hardcast on that turn, swinging to killing Liliana, and then with that in play and Emeria bringing a ton of other creatures into play. They still left me at 2 with 2 activations of Kroxa, Titan of Death's Hunger in the same turn, but equipping a Sword of Fire and Ice to the little germ that could with Kaldra, swinging for the win with 9 damage to the face. In the middle of the match also finally managed to evoke a solitude to exile a Kroxa that had escaped, basically going down to one card in hand but dealing with all their threats.

    Overall i'm very happy with the wins and the variaty of decks i played, with 1 combo, 2 aggro and 1 midrange. But i want to know what you guys think and what you would have done differently.

    Hope to play with some new cards this week, specially Solitude as i only managed to cats it one time during the whole tournement.
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  • posted a message on Azorius Titan/Emeria Control
    Hello to everyone!

    On the subject of the equipment sideboard i think Kaldra Compleat is just miles better than Sword of Feast and Famine in this match up. I used to use the sword to power trhough some black and green decks and get some card advantage b having more mana to play with and by making my opponent discard a card when i hit with it. But i don't think it's at it's best in our deck because we don't play as normal stonebalde wich likes to leave counters and instant speed plays. So cutting Sword of Feast and Famine for Kaldra Compleat was an easy choice for me.

    Regarding your question in specific about Batterskull i think i would still keep it for the clock, but would always fetch Kaldra first.
    I would sideboard in:
    2 Prismatic Ending (mainly to deal with turn one Amulet of Vigor and with the addition of Raugrin Triome to the mana base, Dryad of the Ilysian Grove).
    1 Seal of Cleansing for exactly the same reason as Dryad is also an enchantment.
    2 Damping Sphere because of their bounce lands.
    1 Lavinia, Azorious Renegade for their free spells, even though it's basically just Summoner's Pact according to the new lists i'm seeing.
    For that reason i think i wouldn't bring Sanctum Prelate in order to only stop their Summoner's Pact as for that there is alreadu Lavinia, wich one mana cheaper (even though it kinda has that lack of sinergy with Damping Sphere)

    I would Sideboard out: 3 Teferi, Time Raveler, 1 Sword of Fire and Ice and maybe 2 Elite Spellbinder because usually they have so much mana that it might not matter that much, but i'm actually not sure what i would take out for these 2 last slots.

    For the next FNM i'm still missing some cards, namely 2 Solitude (which i'll try to get until there), 2 Kataki, War's Wage and 2 Sanctum Prelate so i'll have to ajust a bit.

    This is the list i'll be running due to these constraints:

    Feel free to suggest some changes due to the lack of new cards for now!
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  • posted a message on Azorius Titan/Emeria Control
    Hello Stéphene!

    Still waiting to get MH2 cards due to the inflated prices but hope to get some games at least with some of them in the weekend.

    About the sideboard against Amulet Titan, i agree with you that it was quite unfucosed and i lost sight of the normal Emeria plan. I think in part it stemmed from the fact that i hadn't played against Titan decks in over a year and lost my practice against it. That's why i quite like these discussions as they help me correct these mistakes and play more optimally in the future.

    With the deck i went, i would have changed what i sideboarded, putting in only 2 Ashiok, Dream Render and 2 Damping Sphere, and maybe pondering over Sorcerous Spyglass for the resons you stated.
    I would have sideboarded out 2 Teferi, Time Raveler, 1 Mortarpod and 1 Sword of Fire and Ice. I think still having access to Batterskull and Sword of Feast and Famine make me confortable taking the 2 less relevant equipmenets in this match up, and Teferi would be the other choice as compared to the rest of the cards, i don't particularly think it would offer me the greatest advantage as they mostly play on their main phase, baring some summoner's pact or Pact of Negation, the first being able to be used at sorcery speed.

    Obviously with the new pieces from MH2 my sideboard will change quite a bit so i have to see exactly how i would sideboard against Titan decks, but i'll post it in a bit so we can mull it over and find ideeal lines.
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  • posted a message on Azorius Titan/Emeria Control
    Both Cascade decks and more controlling decks with Counterspell and similar effects seem to be running wild in this new meta, at least for now. For that reason i think Teferi, Time Raveler is just a great card that we need to run more off to fight off these effects, It does everything we want it to and it just shuts some decks down (at least temporarily).

    Speaking a bit of some sideboard cards:

    With the rise of affinity and Urza's Saga, Kataki, War's Wage seems like a great returning card! In association with Seal of Cleansing and Prismatic Ending, it might really help in the match up once again.

    If Enchantress becomes a big deck we have some deep old tech in the form of Patrician's Scorn. Don't know if it will ever be good enough or needed in the sideboard but it exists and is an option!

    Sanctifier En-Vec at least for now, doesn't seem like a strong enough card and i'm also leaning on Remorseful Cleric just doing a better job.
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  • posted a message on Azorius Titan/Emeria Control
    Hello everyone!

    Didn't have much time during the weekend to post but i'm here with a few results.
    Went 2-2 at my FNM having played against Mono Green Stompy, Izzet Blitz twice and Amulet Titan.

    First match won 2-0 against Mono Green Stompy.
    I think our deck is very favoured and a creature based aggro deck without a lot of disruption or surprise is exactly what we want. Dealt with the biggest threats, put up some blockers until a wrath just put them out of the game.
    Sideboarded in: 2 Gideon of the Trials Sideboarded out: 2 Teferi, Time Raveler

    Second match won 2-0 against Izzet Blittz
    The true problem in this matchup is Stormwing Entity. Being a Blue, 5cmc flyer, it presents a big clock that can't be dealt by skyclave apparition or Celestial Purge. In my version of the deck, i only have 2 flyers, them being Elite Spellbinder that are quickly shot down by Lava Dart. If i can deal with it, either with a Path to Exile or a wrath effect, it doesn't seem to be a very bad matchup as i had previously stated. Shout out to Expressive Itereation wich is honestly a crazy good card and can out of nowhere swing games in their favour.
    Sideboarded in: 2 Gideon of the Trials, 1 Kor Firewalker and 1 Celestial Purge. Sideboarded out: 1 Mortarpod, 2 Elite Spellbinder, 1 Giddeon, Ally of Zendikar (this last one should have already been out of my list but didn't chnage it in time).

    Third match lost against Izzet Blitz 1-2.
    Exactly the same thing as last match up but this time didn't draw the removal i needed for the Stormwing Entity. Could have won the third game but was playing around Spell Pierce because i only had a Wrath of God and not a Supreme Verdict in hand. Very badly played by me and a succesion of Expressive Iteration gives them the edge to just trample over me in the mid game. Still think we're favoured in this match up, i just screwed up my lines of play a lot this time, causing me to lose the game.

    Fourth match lost against Amulet Titan 0-2.
    Never liked this matchup and probably never will. I had been cutting my hate against Primeval Titan decks as they weren't very present in my meta and i think it showed a bit. First game was just instant win for them. I mulligan to 6 and kept a hand with 2 Emeria, the Sky Ruin but with Stoneforge Mystic and Wall of Omens and thought i could get away with it. They play turn one Amulet of Vigor. I draw the third Emeria the SKy Ruin, they proceed to make what seemed close to infinite mana on turn 2 with multiple explore and Arboreal Grazer and Dryad of the Ilysian Grove , and on turn 3 Drop a Primeval Titan out of a Summoner's Pact and leave me preety much dead.
    Sideboarded in: 2 Gideon of The Trials, 2 Ashiok, Dream Render, 2 Damping Sphere, 1 Detention Sphere and 1 Hour of Revelation
    Sideboarde out: 3 Wall of Omens, 1 Mortarpod, 1 Sword of Fire and Ice, 1 Charming Prince, 2 Teferi, Time Raveler
    Ashiok, Dream Render was the true MVP on the second game, at least until turn 5 when they put Engineered Explosives at 3 and blow her up. Damping Sphere was also nice to block them of the bounce lands they run but unfortunatly it also affected me as i got stuck at 5 lands and could never play 2 cards in the same turn, being forced to chose between a 2cmc or a 3cmc spell. Skyclave Apparition was also a great card dealing with Dryad of the Ilysian Grove on curve, but in the end i got stuck on lands, they started getting advantages with Tireless Tracker, and eventually play another Dryad and Valakut, the Moletn Pinacle me to death. Sad game but i wasn't ready for it and haven't played it in a while so probably some mistakes were made in the match.

    Overall not the best result but hopefully we can improve in the future and get more data from all of us
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  • posted a message on Azorius Titan/Emeria Control
    Hello Stéphane!

    I think you make a great point about the two slighlty different approaches we made for the deck and you are also correct in your assessment of most of my games ending before Emeria activates. I used to run a list more akin to yours in the past, specially before the reintruduction of Stoneforge Mystic to modern. As i had said in our previous discussions in the past year (it trully has been a while), i think many decks just trampled us before we got to the late game, namely some combo decks and combo like decks like Tron or Titan decks. I felt that even if i gained some time, they could just out of nowhere topdeck something and proceed to win without me having an answer. I felt i lacked ways to close out those games before they could do another big play. I think that's why (at least partially and from my experience and the people that play with me) control decks started seeing a bit less play. And please do correct me if you think i'm wrong as my bias for more midrange style decks might be showing a bit. This led me to be more agressive with the deck and use Emeria as secondary win condition, specially for wars of attrition with more control like dekcs or midrange games that just go well into the late game.
    About the Burn vs Prowess debate, i also agree with you that prowess in an excelent match up but it's a very resilient deck that can end a game when we don't have the proper responses in a turn. In the Burn matchup i think you can hold the eraly game better than i do. Given the fragilityn of my creatures and your greater array of removal, it might just give that little edge that i sometimes do not have. That is in part one of the reasons why i have Shadowspear in the sideboard. Usually i get it with Stoneforge Mystic instead of Batterskull because i assume they are going to kill it and i can't wait until turn 6 to swing with lifelink. A cost of 1 and 2 to equip to any of my creatures makes them have removal for them (wich is damage not going to my face) or me just leading them to an early concession with a clock and more life that they can take.

    About the Solitude discussion, i think both of us having more than 23 white sources do discard to it makes it a very viable option in our deck (This not negating the cost of 2 for 1 youself of course, but just the viability of use). Modern being a creature centered format and creature combo centered format, having a response that doesn't require mana makes it a very powerfull card. Of course i would never use it against for example a mana dork (unless maybe it was an Arbor Elf with an Utopia Sprawl on the battlefield), but for a hasty prowess creature, a Spike feeder or Walking Balista, or Yawgmoth, Thran Physician it is quite useful. But once again, i am not 100% on it yet and i will for sure try it and see what results it gets.

    Regarding the graveyard hate discussion, i have used Remorseful Cleric for a long time and i find it to be a great card. I changed him when Titan decks became the meta to make room for Ashiok, Dream Render to shutdown the ability to search decks while also dealing with the graveyard. It wasn't ideal for any of the jobs, but making both of them seemed enough of an upside to use it. For now not having Titan decks in my meta i think i'll adjust it again and put at least one more in the sideboard. When the new meta arrives and stabilizes we'll see if living end remains or goes back to being a tier 2 deck.

    About the Seal of cleansing and Shadowspear interaction it's actually something i hadn't considered directly. I had already thought of it with wraths when heliod turn into a creature but not with the disenchant effects. Given that it only takes putting 1 shadowspear in the main i migvht considerate it. I would just like to know your opinion on the infinite lifegain and how to deal with it. The way i do it is by obvisouly trying to deal with everything on the board and having a mortarpod ready to shoot it when they activate it for the first time and Gideon of the Trial out of the sideboard for just the milling battle (or Ashiok, Dream Render as it actually happened in my last week's game).

    I have tested Deputy of Detention when it came out, but the problem was that when it died, whatever was exiled just came back so i always ended up going with detention sphere as it was just better given being difficult to remove. But with skyclave apparition, while the illusion sometimes can hit me for little damage, it will never be as good as whatever i exiled so i'm completly fine on losing it to removal which almost never happens because why would you remove it and just get a 2/2 or 3/3 most of the times.

    I will have a tournmenet today so i will let you know how it goes and post my thoughts of the matchups here. Once again, thank you very much for all the insight and hope it helps me in the tournment.
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  • posted a message on Azorius Titan/Emeria Control
    Thank you very much, I was struggling in some match ups but with the benefit of my opponents not knowing this deck very well, I could surprise them a bit with some unexpected wins (no one ever expects the wraths in our creature based deck :p)

    About kaldra compleat I think I might not have explained myself very well as I totally agree with you! When I said it couldn't replace batterskull it's because in my situation in particular I only used one and 2 swords. But I completely agree in the 1/1 split of batterskull and Kaldra Compleat, having taken the slot of one of the swords in my case.

    About the red prowess deck, I honestly feel like it's a really good match up. Maybe I'm biased because of my experience but I haven't dropped a game against prowess in a long time. The only aggro deck that scares me a bit is burn because it doesn't care about my creatures and can go face, but as side from that, aggro hasn't been the bigger problem for me. Maybe the differences in our lists reflect the differences in our perception of match-ups. Seal of cleansing seems like a very good option to use, specially with the predicted rise of affinity and maybe emchantress. The only downside is not hitting heliod which I think isn't a great match up if my opponent is very skilled with the deck. I was on the fence about deicide but never got to try it as I didn't have the card. But deffinetly gonna give seal of cleansing a go to see how it fares.

    I think you exemplified really well the power prismatic ending can have. The fact that it can be played on turn one and two instead of the turn 3 skyclave apparition is a very big upside and might sway me to try it in the side! It will depend on the 1 and 2 drops that the format will have but it is indeed a very cheap and efficient card.

    Always loved containment priest as a card but the anti-sinergy with our deck always made me hesitant on playing with it. At least in my meta, I haven't seen neoform in a very long time so it isn't something I'm particularly scared of. Through the breach can be solved with solitude, as I still think that the card deserves merit. 2 for 1 yourself is painful, but I think you only really do it in a desperate situation and our deck is one that can reach 5 lands on time to hardcast it when we need to. In my opinion, you use it as a value 5 drop that can prevent your death in dire situations like a giant prowess creature or emrakul, just like a force of negation would in other decks. I think ephemerate makes it better just like grief, but in our very white deck with a ton of card advantage, I think it can work. That said I agree the card disadvantage is always bad and further testing is needed.

    I like Sanctifier En-Vec a lot, as the protection is great and the graveyard hate catches many decks. But it would take my graveyard hate sideboard slot, at least partially, and decks like living end that are using very few red and black creatures would just trample over it so I still like it a lot and intend to use it, but will deffinetly be on the lookout.

    Dress Down is a weird card and very hard for me to evaluate it, so just like you, I will see where it goes in the future.

    Confounding conundrum is a card I used a lot when every deck I played was a titan deck and it was very good, both it and Ashiok, Dream Render. Is lands matter decks become the meat again it's deffinetly a good choice!

    One last card I forgot to mention is Sanctum Prelate that might help with any combos revolving about noncreature spells like storm, or even shutting down for a bit izzet blitz.

    About the list you posted I see the advantages on maximizing the grinding plan instead of the more disruption/ midrange plan so I'm excited to see tour results too to learn from them!
    The only question I would ask in that particular list is related to the detention sphere. Do you think the exiling permanentes with the same name and with any cmc still grants it an advantage over the permanent but more narrow effect of skyclave apparition? Once again, in my version with the midrange and swords plan, I think it's a clear choice for me, but I would like to know your thoughts on your particular list!
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  • posted a message on Azorius Titan/Emeria Control
    Hey Stéphane, good to hear form you again!

    I think the meta will be too volitile in the next weeks to know exactly where we stand but in the first modern challange after the MH2 release the first place was a UW taxes/ Bink style deck that preety much uses every creature we use so while it might amount to nothing, i would say it´s a good sign!

    Only started playing again for around 2 weeks and went to 3 FNMs.
    Not gonna go too much in deapth about every match up in this post but we can totally dicuss it later. Basically first tournment won 2-0 against Izzet Blitz, 2-0 against Walls with Assault Formation and Doran, the Siege Tower, and lost 1-2 against Heliod combo.
    The second tournemnt won 2-0 against Boros Burn, 2-1 against Yawgmoth, Thran Physician combo, and 2-0 against boggles.
    Last FNM lost 0-2 to Yawgmoth, Thran Physician combo, won 2-0 to Heliod Combo and 2-0 against Grixis Death Shadow.

    Overall the deck still feels really good to play with. I think the best card in the deck right now is Skyclave Apparition. It preety much deals with everyhting bessides a Teferi, Hero of Dominaria, a Primeval Titan and Karn, Ugin and Eldrazi. I think this one of the most pushed white cards in recent memory and it is what mostly made Death and Taxes be a competitive deck again. I view Emeria a bit like a disrupting and Taxing deck ina way, but way more grindy than aggro. Our deck cares a lot about removal, so when we have a 3 mana creature, that exiles preety much anyhting in the format with little downside, i think it's almost an autoinclude.

    I have never tried a Yorion variant mostly because i didn't have the sleeves or the deckbox for it but i would want to eventually try it out as Taxes seeems to be making good use of it.

    I'm not particularlly a fan of the Kaldheim or stryxhaven cards for our deck asside from Elite Spellbinder. I was lucky to open 2 on my prerelease pack so i figured i'd try them out and i must say i'm very impressed. Most decks are very low to the ground and do'nt generate a lot of mana, so sometimes i would just stop a card entirely for the rest of the game. And being a 3/1 flyer that can equip sword or a batterskull is a very fast clock to close out a game. Gideon, Ally of Zendikar is just a fill ccard cause i didn't decide what to put more but i don't really think it fits the deck at all and it will change once MH2 comes out. Even now i would absolutly pur another Elite Spellbinder if i had one.
    Not very high on Esper Sentinel at the moment as we already generate good card advanatage, and the fact the it only triggers on the first noncreature spell, it gives the opponent the option of choice and it only is taxing for one, doesn't seem enough upside to play it. However, in a deck with Abiding Grace, Ranger-Captain of Eos and a bunch of onde drops it does seem quite nice
    About Chrome Courier i'm also not very high on as it digs one less than Court Hussar and we can't loop it like we do with Court. Kaldra Compleat seems like a very powerful card but always in addition to Batterskull and never instead of. It gives stoneforge even more of a toolkit feel, as in match ups where we don't need the life and stoneforge doesn't die immediately, it can close games fast and to some decks it's just gg as the don't have the removal for it. Sword of Hearth and Home while a very interesting card, doesn't seem better than the ones we already have and can use. Even though it synergizes wonderfully with our deck, i don't think it has the immediate impact we have with Sword of fire and ice or Sword of Feast and Famine have. Prismatic Ending also looks quite solid but i think it will depend very much on the meta. It basically hits 0, 1 and 2 for us, which while cool, skyclave already does, so the question is if you need the fifth or sicth skyclave effect or not. Out of Time seems interesting but i don't think it's better than the wraths as it is killable and phases everything out instead of putting it in the grave like we want it, even though it's one mana cheaper.

    I will continue to play and testing with the cards i have at the moment, and the MH2 as soon as i get them and i'll put the match ups posted here with results anf thoughts of the matches so hopefully it will help us all a bit more!

    I truly thank you for doing such an amazing job of compiling all these cards and talking about all of them, and sorry for not writting about all of them but these discussions are always interesting so i'd really like to see the new versions of the deck we can all build together!
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  • posted a message on Azorius Titan/Emeria Control
    Hey there! Once again thanks for all the detailed explanations you've been providing! After playing a bit more with the deck I came to the same conclusion as you in the usefulness of a third mortarpod, so you were right when you said it was something I had to experience to actually see.
    That said, I'm running a list just like the one you posted with the exception of having and extra Teferi instead of a detention sphere!

    What I'm finding hard with the deck is the sideboard. I know what things to put in but I'm left always iffy on what to take out.
    For example against ponza and amulet titan. Assume that the list don't have much variance from what is shown on mtggoldfish. Could you explain how you would sideboard in these match ups and why?

    Once again thanks for all the help and hope to post some results soon!
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  • posted a message on Azorius Titan/Emeria Control
    Hey there folks!

    Manage to grab the cards I was missing to try this Emeria shell and gave it a spin yesterday. Made a couple of changes based on my usual meta, having quite a lot of burn and some flash and control decks. With that in mind I put 2 charming prince and 2 teferi, time raveler and took out 1 mortarpod, 1 pilgrims's eye, 1 court hussar and 1 wrath of god. I would very much like to know your guys opinions on the changes and if you would have done it based on the meta or stick to the version posted.
    In the side the only change was the addition of 1 damping sphere Instead of 1 of the pithing needle, maybe due to past fears of titan and tron decks, which unfortunately, despite showing in the tournament I didn't get to play against and therefore was unable to test it.

    First match was boros burn and I lost 2-0. Game 1 I basically did everything I could to survive and managed to put a batterskull on turn 5 but it was too late. On game 2 everything was under control but a skullcrack when I was going to gain some life with batterskull and a deflecting palm on sun titan back to back sealed the game. I did sideboard a bit wrongly not putting the aven mindcensors and instead leaving 3 wraths in cause I hadn't had the chance to read your answers yet so I look forward to playing burn again and trying it correctly. I would also like to know what you think of kor firewalker in the side depending on the prevalence of burn in the meta.

    Second match was infect and I won 2-0. Mortarpod and teferi, time raveler were as expected MVP cards. Sideboarded in a pitching needle for possible teferi, time raveler in their side and blinkmoth nexus and blessed alliance, taking one titan and one batterskull out. Overall same thing and patiently awaiting the time to use my removals was key to winning the match.

    Third match was mono white death and taxes. It was from a good friend of mine who helped me build the deck so he knows emeria inside and out, which makes playing tricky more difficult. I ended up winning 2-0 in a match up I think I was heavily favored. Game 1 was tricky with him playing turn 1 vial, turn 2 Thalia and turn 3 arbiter into ghost quarter 2 turns in a row, taking my blue sources away, but I managed to top deck an untapped blue source for court hussar which kicked me back into the game. Game 2 I brought in 1 pithing needle for vial, Gideon, ally of zendikar and eldrazi displacer and took out 1 mortarpod, and it was a very normal safe game with me controlling the board at all times.

    Last match was mono red prowess and I lost 1-2. Overall I think we're favored in this match up, and game 1 I won dealing well with the creatures. Sideboarded in 2 celestial purge and 1 blessed alliance, and for some reason didn't put in lone missionary. Took out 1 mortarpod, 1 wrath of god (Which in hindsight I think was wrong as not seeing a wrath in game 3 is what cost me the game) and 1 crucible of worlds. Game 2 I died on turn 3 because of runaway steam-kin which got completely out of control while my opponent was storming off. Game 3 I think I was quite unlucky because I didn't see any titan or wrath and even removing 5 of my opponents creatures, he just repouplated the board with a volley of spells into bedlem reveler into more hasty swiftspears.

    Overall I got a feel of the deck but need to play more to truly understand more of what you wrote. If your guys have any feedback I would appreciate it very much!
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  • posted a message on Azorius Titan/Emeria Control
    Once again, your insight is invaluable and I really appreciate this discussion!

    One little detail I'd like to mention is that you were referring to an older build I had. My current version (the last one I posted) does have the detention sphere and doesn't have ephemerate or soulherder.

    Also I see your experience with the build is greatly different from mine and that might stem from the fact that I was a worse player a year ago than I am now so I'm definetly interested in giving this shell a go. I will make this my primary build for the next month to see if I come to the same conclusions as you as your arguments are sound.

    Some questions I have about the build:
    First one is about the number of mortarpod. How did you settle on 3?
    Second is how good does this shell deal with burn? Basically not losing life from fetches and shocks and putting a batterskull on the table?
    The other questions stem from the sideboard: I've never been a huge fan of Lavinia, azorius renegade. Do you think she's useful enough to merit a place in the side? Also blessed alliance. I haven't used this card in a while so in what matchups do you bring it on that aren't already answered by other cards in the deck.

    Aven mindcensor seems like a solid card against titan decks in general so it will be good to see how the fare.
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