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  • posted a message on No green legendary artifact in ELD?
    The legendary mythic green artifact is The Great Henge in case you missed the spoilers that were added a little after this thread was opened.
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  • posted a message on [ELD] Harmonious Archon
    Whelp... This means no angels in the set. Nice to know for my wallet.
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  • posted a message on No rare duals in Eldraine
    Personally, I'm ok with that.
    I'm really fed up by the idea that in many decks (and all multi-color decks) the manabase is one of the most expensive parts while at the same time being the most important part of the deck if you don't want your chance to win to go down the drain.
    When you can reliably pull off 3 and 4 color decks with almost every multi-color land coming into the battlefield UNTAPPED, then there is something wrong with the balancing (personal opinion, obviously).
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  • posted a message on Oko, Thief of Crowns
    Am I the only one who thinks that being able to beast within your opponent's best creatures and/or artifacts as a +1 is a little pushed?
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  • posted a message on [C19] Scroll of fate
    Presale starting at 29 Euros on Cardmarket... Sweat
    just wait after the deck releases, then.
    Or just buy the deck itself.
    Presale prices are always extremely high for some cards, especially if the card has been spoiled just a few hours/minutes prior.
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  • posted a message on Akroma angel of fury dci promo???
    Then let's say, all tournament legal cards have the usual MtG back and generally promos are tournament legal.
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  • posted a message on Comander 2019 preview schedule
    Quote from Xcric »
    when there's so many different websites, channels, and feeds getting previews that you need to publish an article to track them all, its time to rethink how you ******* preview things.

    sweet ******* jesus. no one is going to go to all that ***** to see some damn spoilers. they're going to just go somewhere that shows them all at once.

    their spoiler strategy sucks so much dick and is beyond obnoxious now.
    That's why I ignore all of them and just look at spoilers on sites like this one or on mythic spoilers or mtgpics.
    I can't stand most of the youtube videos with spoilers (apart from Desolator, at least his commentary is funny sometimes), I neither have the will nor the time to watch long boring streams on twitch just to look at a low-quality screencap of a card and I can't be bothered with Twatter.

    At least this time they will spoil an entire deck each day starting from august 5.
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  • posted a message on Throne of Eldraine eBook
    Quote from cyberium_neo »
    I suppose eBook is better than no book. :3
    If it is the same quality as War of the Spark, then no book is better... Way better.
    Not counting that the WotS book wasn't even complete because "screw you, you whale who bought our book thinking it would have been a good and complete product".

    Quote from NZB2323 »
    I’m not sure how much of the blame should go to Greg Weismann. He had to write about dozens of characters and conclude a story arch that different authors have been creating, and I have a feeling his writing was micromanaged by a bunch of people.
    It may be his style, but I've listened to an excerpt of one of his Star Wars books and... It was an awful mess of periods with random punctuation trying to mimic a stream of consciousness and failing miserably, so... I would say that even without micromanagement the book would have been a literary disaster.
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  • posted a message on What's the next major story arc?
    Quote from Ryperior74 »

    Yea but can he do it with 0% powers as well

    I don’t think so.
    Don't worry, if WotC wants to have Bolas back in the future, they will just write a deus ex machina to restore him to his former glory.
    Same way as they wrote back Teferi's spark into the story, because... Teferi.

    This said, I hopere there will be no major overarching plotline. It makes things old and stale, while having loosely related stand-alone stories allows for a more expansive exploration of the multiverse without having everythng to converge to a single final moment that will most likely be another overhyped garbage fire like War of the Spark.
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  • posted a message on Next set is called "Throne of Eldraine"
    Not sure about that. It could be a prominent tribe, but not have real tribal support, like Angels in the Innistrad block.
    On the other hand, it would be nice to have knights in colors different from black and white.
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  • posted a message on Next set is called "Throne of Eldraine"
    I imagine it will be just one.
    For how they described the new way they are doing sets (when they removed blocks) cases like Ravnica will be the exception and not the rule.
    Would sound a little strange having them saying "Now we are doing 1-set = 1-plane unless narrative decisions require more sets" then have it apply only for 1 story-driven set (core sets do not really count) in the 2 years after the announcement.
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  • posted a message on Brawl 2019 - Chulane, Teller of Tales
    I would never play Brawl over 1Vs1Commander on paper, but on arena, that's nice to have.
    I was thinking about leaving arena for good (I'm not liking the current standard at all), but I might remain a little longer to see how they handle 1vs1Brawl there.

    If they treat it like a per-se queue like the standard and the upcoming historical (or whatever it is called) formats (free to join and counts towards quests and daily wins), then I'll be mostly playing there. Even more so if they make a non-rotating version.
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  • posted a message on Next set is called "Throne of Eldraine"
    Female King Arthur... Either she is Sabre or the set is dead to me XD
    Anyway, everyone with a drop of good taste knows that King Arthur can only be depicted in the likes of Graham Arthur Chapman.
    ...The set really needs a Killer Rabbit, tho...

    If WotC is going to take pretty much every popular public domain fairy tale and switch it around in order to "subvert expectations", the gimmick is going to grow old very soon.
    It is pretty early to jump to conclusions, but with WotC being WotC, I don't expect them becoming creative with this kind of source material. At most they will switch some roles around (Goldilocks becoming a bear hunter) and the little mermaid being a human girl turned into a mermaid. All "damsel in distress" tropes will either be genderbent or removed outright (because there otherwise would be a twittermob calling for their heads at the cry of "toxic masculinity" and "kissing Sleeping Beauty / Snowwhite is sexual assault!").

    I would have been hyped for the setting as long as it was just high fantasy... Put in the fairytales and WotC adding a "twist" on them and you lose me...
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  • posted a message on Next set is called "Throne of Eldraine"
    For me McKinnon's art is very hit or miss.
    Some I like very much, for example Blood for Bones, Unholy Indenture or Answered Prayers, others are a complete miss for my tastes (Deliver Unto Evil or Dirge of Dread), yet he seems he got his stride going when he started using more abstract compositions starting from Dominaria (or little earlier with Phantom Tiger).
    Looking at the artwork he is doing now for cards, you would be hard pressed to believe that he also made pretty generic artwork like Attended Knight or Blind Obedience
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  • posted a message on Next set is called "Throne of Eldraine"
    Getting back to the main topic, if you look at the art with the sleeping king and the planeswalker symbol castle, we might try to speculate on some parts of the setting, if not for the main story, at least for the environment:

    Pure speculation is that the current king was cursed and put into an unbreakable eternal sleep (more fairytale-like than outright death) and with the Throne of Eldraine vacant, there is a power-struggle between the various courts.
    Planeswalkers are either being invited as allies of the various factions or as impartial judges for the selection of the regent (similar way as Picard was asked to judge on the selection of the new Klingon chancellor in Star Trek TNG.)

    Assuming that the currently sleeping king is their version of Arthur that was put out of the picture in a less controversial way than having his own incest son skewering him with a spear.
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