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    Or me, that would have worked too.
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    I appreciate the thought, Slothful, but even if I had enough free time I would still drown in the seas of daily spam. That and I'm from Europe too.

    Besides I'm not very hyped for this. I'm not fond of the set-up or of certain game mechanics (personal taste).
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  • posted a message on Prison Block Mafia II, Game Over: Pardoned! (Town Win)

    We agreed a lot. His scum list coming into the Night was the same as mine (Vaimes/Johnny/Fplargca), then I started doing vote analysis and we saw the same things (mostly Vaimes/Johnny and Johnny/you connections) (the three of us saw these).
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  • posted a message on Prison Block Mafia II, Game Over: Pardoned! (Town Win)

    All I have to say in my defense is to point at my past play and ask for any reason to scumread me besides my still being alive.

    It's not like I could be some kind of superscum either. My play has been *****, all I did was follow my convictions and be blind to my cell mates (in retrospect, there was a ***** Night 3 where we clicked so well I started wanting them both to be town). I got lucky with Vaimes and ended up the most obvtown player for reasons outside my control. As scum, I am now in exactly the kind of situation I would have wanted to avoid; when I'm scum I always prepare an excuse for being alive late way in advance. I haven't prepared anything and I don't have such an excuse now.

    I realise the irony of being in this situation because I turned a deaf ear to the wisdom of the crowd re:Rodemy, and I have enough self-derision to find it hilarious. If it was only about my feelings I would be fine with losing the game right here, but it's not, and many will be pissed if Rodemy of all people pulls off a scum-win after being suspected all game. So let's have this game continue for a little bit.

    Vote: Rodemy

    The scum-team can only be Rod/Johnny/(Vaimes). These three have been distancing or outright bussing each other for a while, and yet something nearly always happened to move attention away at the last minute. Off the top of my head: who started a CFD at EoD2 when Rodemy was about to get lynched? Who broke the Vaimes wagon Day 3 and let the Rod wagon die? Who started having second thoughts on his main scumread on the very Day he looked like a probable lynch, and who decided to hammer outside his scumreads "out of frustration" on that same Day? When did Rod start seriously pushing Vaimes and Johnny? What three players have been taking jabs at each other since the beginning of the game yet never showed as much intensity as other players joining in later?

    I don't have perfect answers for every interaction these three have had, and I suspect Vaimes was legitimately trying to bus KCC/Rod Day 2, but it cannot be denied how absurdly ***** these three have been at lynching each other without outside help, despite how hostile they have been to each other.

    Going into toDay, Rod and Johnny were the main two suspects and badly needed a viable alternative. It couldn't be tom because Johnny can't justify voting him, and it couldn't be Jack because Rod can't justify voting him. It could hardly be YWF either, for lack of good argument. On the other hand I am the perfect scapegoat, all they have to do is point out I'm still alive when I shouldn't be and that's it, work's done. This, by the way, is literally the entire extent of the case on me. It's shallow and empty and requires acting like the rest of the game didn't happen.

    They may have been preparing this since Night 4 at least, look at Johnny subtly not-quite-omgusing-me-yet Day 5 and look at Rodemy going "woe is me ZDS will die and then me and then we'll lose, also let's lynch town so we can get to MyLo". Last Night they NKed Jack who may have sided with me and whose death doesn't provide much conclusive info. ToDay, Rodemy jumped the gun by voting as soon as it looked like there was potential support (not paying attention to the fact it came from his supposedly second scumspect who herself had both me and him as scumspects, which should have given him pause), he tried jumping out for a short while but Johnny figured it was safe doubling down, and now they are stuck in an all or nothing gamble.

    We lynch Rod toDay, toMorrow it's Johnny's turn no matter what. The end.
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  • posted a message on Prison Block Mafia II, Game Over: Pardoned! (Town Win)
    Rod, why would I NK Jack when he clearly trusted me more than you? In fact, why would I NK the player least likely to turn on me by a fair margin?

    Moreover, why did you wait precisely until someone else had me as a clear scumspect before voting, and does it not bother you the player in question (YWF) is your own other scumspect?

    Quote from Rodemy »
    @ zds

    If it was Tom/ ywf you’d STILL be dead though. In Tom Johnny and ywf you’d have me lynched toDay and it would be over.

    That depends a lot on Johnny going along with it, which wasn't guaranteed. I agree I was the obvious NK for most scumpairs, but sometimes the obvious NK is not the right NK. And whatever the scum were trying to achieve by killing Jack, it's working.


    I had an exhausting day and I'm already falling asleep even though it's barely 7pm here. I hope Rodemy isn't town and the game doesn't end with some ***** tier framing. If he IS town, I hope he unvotes before YWF pops in and we can proceed from there tomorrow (irl time).
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  • posted a message on Prison Block Mafia II, Game Over: Pardoned! (Town Win)
    @Johnny My read on Vaimes wasn't that strong Day 2, I wanted to wait until I had properly re-read him to either mount an actual attack or start looking elsewhere. Iirc you can see me prodding him and trying to get him to post non-fluff, which he dodged (I don't know why he thought that would be a good idea).

    1) Why would scum ever kill town-Rod? When do scum ever NK such an easy mislynch as town-Rod?
    2) Why would a Rod/me team ever NK Jack and give up on literally controlling the lynch?


    YWF's post made no sense, I'm moving to tom/YWF as most likely scumpair.
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  • posted a message on Prison Block Mafia II, Game Over: Pardoned! (Town Win)
    I may be the one being paranoid, of all players you are the one who most needs me alive if you're scum.


    Come to think of it, the only player who really needs me dead is scum-Johnny. Anyone else may have reasons to keep me alive (such as: to unleash me at town-Johnny). He doesn't.

    So in spite of all the time I've spent re-reading him and of all his scumtells, I am clearing him for now.

    Secondly, this NK has resulted in completely flipping common reads. YesterDay it was obvious the lynch would be Rodemy with an offside chance of Johnny, now it's a free-for-all where no one is safe.

    This is probably exactly what the scum wanted, and this is why this is going to be my last NK-analysis post. I need to re-read non-Johnny players and ignore the WIFOM.

    @YWF: What's your most likely scum-pair and why?
    @tom: Same question.
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  • posted a message on Prison Block Mafia II, Game Over: Pardoned! (Town Win)
    Someone is making a fool out of me or is trying to frame me.

    I've become the elephant in the room, you guys need to address me so I can figure out what's going on. How does my survival affect your read on me, what do you think I should be doing, and what do you think should be done with me? Justify all three.

    Last Night Rodemy was already pushing the if-ZDS-survives-he's-scum stance and Jack disagreed, and Jack wanted to go after tom but Rod disagreed. Now that Jack is dead a tom-Rod team seems very plausible, with me playing the part of the useful idiot who is supposed to defend Rod and/or attack Johnny, or who gets WIFOM-lynched.
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  • posted a message on Prison Block Mafia II, Game Over: Pardoned! (Town Win)
    Vaimes never voted Jack, either. If I let my paranoid side take over I could find reasons to vote literally anyone besides myself. I'm not doing it because that is the exact opposite of what we need.

    We need town reads. We need PoE. I'm taking a gamble by clearing players for admittedly debatable reasons because we need focus.

    Only scum benefit from spreading doubt.
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  • posted a message on Prison Block Mafia II, Game Over: Pardoned! (Town Win)

    Of course right brain and left brain were going to nitpick and complain about my summary. I should have seen it coming. All they are trying to do at this point is destroy a likely-town block, meanwhile they have acted as a unit for much longer than we have (only without being as explicit about it).

    Look. I'm not saying Rodemy and Jackrito are 100% town. Maybe Rod is giggling like a little girl every time I shield him and maybe Jack is having the time of his life coasting.

    I'm saying they are far townier than the guy who used to only ever take the safe option even when standing under the spotlight, the guy who takes pride in pushing every lynch so far but actually has had ZERO influence on the only scum lynch, and the guy who oh-so-coindentially acted as a textbook buddy to the only flipped scum.

    I'm wrong about at least one of these, because of numbers, and unlike my cellmates I'm not sure right brain and left brain are scum together. It's a possibility I can't ignore, but it also requires gutsy play from the entire scumteam.

    I also don't think kpaca and tom are scum together, because if tom wanted town cred for trying to get Flarg lynched Day 3 he would have used analysis, not a calculator. And kpaca is the scummier of the two, even if tom pings my scumdar like the Bloop every time he bull*****s about having anything to do with getting any scum lynched.

    My most likely scumpairs are kpaca/Johnny and Johnny/tom. Logically I should be voting Johnny since his flip will make or break both my teams, but pragmatically I know I'm unlikely to succeed (I'd need YWF's support since tom's is obviously not coming and since I don't trust kpaca, and she has expressed no interest in the case that I remember).

    So I'm voting kpaca, who we should lynch instead of getting all divided a couple days before the deadline.
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  • posted a message on Prison Block Mafia II, Game Over: Pardoned! (Town Win)
    Jackrito's participation in the cell chat:
    I'm oversimplifying everything and focusing on his original thoughts, ask him directly for better details.
    N1: Had a scum read on Grape and a scum read on Flarg. Had a case ready on Flarg but I ended up ninjaing him.
    N2: Suggests scum are in control (later says tom is in control). Describes his own meta as: taking control through risky play as scum, acting as support as town.
    N3: Opens the chat by complaining about the quick Day, being frustrated about the game state (too many players in the common PoE still alive), and scumreading Johnny for his hammer. [Context from that point on: I'm dumping the game's entire voting history into the chat] First to point out Johnny's Rodemy vote killed the Vaimes and tom wagons. Suggests Vaimes was angry at scum-tom for wasting a mislynch. First to point out Johnny's tendency to vote like tom.
    N4: Didn't post at all.

    Bonus: Rod was the first to aggressively push a Johnny vote.

    To summarise, I understand why it seems like I'm leading cell D but that is not actually the case at all. Both Jack and Rod have sharp minds and are an active part of our collective brainstorming. They are not blindly following me, far from it.

    Bonus 2: I don't know how we can be said to be "operating fully as a unit" when we have legendary vote-hopper Rodemy among us.
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  • posted a message on Prison Block Mafia II, Game Over: Pardoned! (Town Win)
    I don't know how Cell D can be accused of tunneling when our suspects make statements like
    Quote from tomsloger »
    yes, i think my posting clearly indicates i think you are wrong town...

    And frankly, even if you were to flip town i dont think id care about your <100% omgus> reads
    We're both better town than that

    What the **** happened to lynching players we think are scum?

    All tom and Johnny have proven in the last couple pages is that Rod has been playing poorly, which is... completely irrelevant and not a valid reason for a lynch. It is a great source of mislynches, though!

    It should be no surprise why I put my trust in Jack and Rod. We've been looking for scum and it turns out the pool of suspects is not that big.

    Only thing I somewhat regret is when they mention me as the drive behind some of their reads, which leads to the false impression they are purely "riding on my coattails". They are not, but now because of that it looks like the Johnny/tom pair is looking at Jack like he's deliciously juicy and not that high up the tree.

    Come to think of it, I'll have to check if these two ever made a serious push against a non-soft(ened) target, besides maybe KJ (who they softened themselves).
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  • posted a message on Prison Block Mafia II, Game Over: Pardoned! (Town Win)
    Take care of yourself @kpaca. Even if you won't catch up on the full game, which is completely fine, can you at least catch up on the last few pages and tell us if you notice anything worthwhile?

    It will be a nice change of pace from being sick and depressed, too.
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  • posted a message on Prison Block Mafia II, Game Over: Pardoned! (Town Win)
    What the **** is going on, Johnny is defending Rod (good on him) and tom has completely given up on pretending he's "50/50" on the demy.

    @Johnny I don't see the point in nitpicking and nobody besides my """pod""" is paying attention anyway. I'll re-read you during the week-end (assuming kpaca keeps on lurking in the meantime) and either mount a proper offense or move on. I was not interested in arguing with Vaimes about his playstyle and I'm not interested in arguing with you about your perfectly fine NAI explanations for your not at all fine plays.
    You win the meme wars, by the way. I can't compete.
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