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  • posted a message on Most turn 1 damage in a deck with no infinite combos
    Hi, new to this whole shenaniganry, I'm trying to understand the ultracombo list, as it sounds like that's the starting point of the new thing, but I'm stuck at one point where I can't get my mental picture of the gamestate to agree with what y'all are describing.

    Near the beginning, when you first cast the Drake, I understand this as still being with the original 4 dual nature "exile all tokens named dual nature" triggers on the stack. If that's correct, seeing as Allay hasn't tried to resolve yet, it's still on the stack. That being the case, how are you enchanting it with the copy of Spellweaver Volute after the 11th Drake trigger?

    Additionally, even if y'all aren't in the mood for a full write-up of the current list, linking to the critical posts would be really helpful. There's a lot of referencing back to old systems or ideas without links or explanations, so reading backwards is really difficult, and due to the number of false starts and failed branches, it's also very difficult to try and read forward from the start. The two posts Stakfish recently linked to were helpful at the meta level, but some sort of ledger with "this post explains how X card works" would also go a long way to making this subject accessible
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