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  • posted a message on [ELD] Murderous Rider- StarCityGames preview
    Quote from Rizso »
    AS for this card, its solid. DONt really get why they put the put on bottomclause tho.
    Creature cards in the graveyard are much easier to get back to your hand than Hero's Downfall probably should be.
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  • posted a message on Veil of Summer (Bloody preview)
    This effect is really good. It is a straight 1 mana instant 2:1 or better for the following popular cards in standard:

    Cast Down
    Thought Erasure
    Tyrant's Scorn
    The Elderspell
    Oath of Kaya
    Entrancing Melody
    Mass Manipulation
    Dovin's Veto
    Assassin's Torphy
    Disdainful Strike
    Vraska's Contempt
    Spell Pierce
    Angrath's Rampage
    Enter the God Eternals

    It also does really reasonable things against the minus ability of big Teferi, 4 mana Vraska, Bolas Dragon God (not so good against his +1 though), and isn't terrible against 3 mana tef, cantriping in response to him being played and shutting off his bounce for a turn to let you pressure him.

    It hardcore wrecks priest of forgotten gods activation, it blanks hostage taker and frilled mystic despite not straight 2:1ing them.

    It's very narrowly written text, but it calls exactly what most of the standard format is doing right now.
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  • posted a message on Unbound Flourishing
    Oh well, I don't play Commander at all but I suppose this can be abused in the format with any crazy mana engine and good ol' Banefire, too bad this wasn't in WAR, else this plus Wilderness Reclamation plusExpansion//Explosion=an actual nuclear explosion to blow Bolas and his Dreadhorde out of Ravnica:D
    If this was in WAR alongside Vivien's Arkbow...
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  • posted a message on Bioessence Hydra
    *Cackles maniacally in Thud*
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  • posted a message on Narset's Reversal (reddit leak)
    Funny that this effectively counters the uncounterable dovin's veto.

    If I break this down into a few modes, it has a mission briefing like buyback your spell effect when not interacting with opponents on the stack, it is extremely good for defending your instants and sorceries against counters and your removal against dive down by buying back the original spell that was in line to be countered or fizzled and resolving it anyway, it is an answer to the uncounterable dovin's veto in control counter wars, it has a remand like tempo element that is especially potent against opposing resource generating spells like Chemister's Insight, Circuitous Route, or Nexus of Fate (people mentioned the interaction with Nexus of Fate earlier, but this is an amazing counter against a Nexus of Fate, stranding it in their hand and time walking them), or against targeted removal, buying your permanent a turn and destroying an opposing permanent in many cases. It is probably at worst a hard counter against Thought Erasure or Duress, giving you the option to remove the countered discard spell from the opposing hand or take a more important spell. Flashback and Jump Start spells cast from the graveyard get exiled if removed from the stack, so this is a hard counter and copy for something jump started, very relevant on the aforementioned chemister's insight's backside.

    Those all seem super solid for UU. Might end up only being a sideboard card, since most of these are applications in control mirrors where stack interaction is heavily emphasized, but I could also see this being a super strong weapon in the arsenal of monoU against targeted creature removal from midrange decks.
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  • posted a message on Feather the Redeemed!
    This card could be a Thrashing in standard
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  • posted a message on Mothership spoilers 04/03/19
    A planeswalker wrath was an inevitable safety valve of the walker set. Giving your opponent the initiative by having them have the next turn where a creature or walker can be played kinda sucks. It is an interesting pairing with the amass mechanic which is going to voltron together a giant army creature.
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