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  • posted a message on Primer: Casual Midrange
    Hi, sorry im new and probably doing just about everything the wrong way Weird . But im working on a deck and didn't feel like it fit into any of the other primers.
    So basically this is the stand of the Deck atm:

    So the deck revolves around mask of the mimic and reincarnation, two cards i find quite interesting and unique especially given their instant speed. The more i think about it though the more mask of the mimic could just be a blink spell trying to abuse etb triggers (like ephemerate) yet i guess the significance is that it thins your deck and fills your graveyard, maybe there is some way of abusing that?
    Im looking to build a deck that revolves more around older cards yet im aware that there are quite significant restrictions in power if you keep it Premodern. While i do like the premodern archetype most of the decks become to Control or non-creature heavy for my taste if they aren't straight up aggro. So i am willing to Splash newer cards.
    Other cards im thinking about are: Attunement : Living Death : Rishadan Footpad : Deranged Hermit : Diabolic Intent
    I've been goldfishing the list a bit and it tends to create alot of value in ramp and card draw yet not really find a card that can turn that value into a wincon..
    The Kitchen table i play at tends to run quite alot of wrath effects etc. yet the only discard effects i have are scions own cycling effect and vodalian merchant which might just not be enough.
    If anyone has any tips or experience with this kind of deck id be more than happy to hear them!
    Btw Im not trying to build a straight up combo or reanimator deck that relies solely on cheating out big creatures. And im more than willing to splash another color!
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