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  • posted a message on I play casual EDH with 1 or two kids at work at any time
    So I usually play 1v1 commander against a kid at work who's really into EDH. Our third friend plays a zombie combo deck and is quick to anger and gives up quickly. So I'm particularly interested 1v1 decks that will last all the lunch breaks.

    He plays political vampires: small creaturea and vampire tokens, I think they get +2/+1 when they attack the player with the largest health.
    He also has a go tall red deck.
    Finally he has a deck with the 20/20 land and cheats that out and then I have to capsize it.

    I originally made a homebrew Mizzix UR X burn deck with a lot of copy effects. It beats 2 of his decks.

    I'm interested in a combat deck now, I found two budget decks I like but was looking for some budget improvements since I already have some expensive cards that I swap inbetween decks: Time Spiral, Time reversal, Capsize, Thran Dynamo, Cyclonic rift.

    Deck 1 looks cool and I think the commander effect is great for when we have 3 players
    I absolutley love the ninjitsu effect but realize it's all about evasion and I'll have to spend a lot of slots bouncing my own creatures. I used to have a budget fairy deck that I enjoyed replacing spell stutter sprite with fairy imposter.
    I'll definitely put Divining top and some tutors to throw enter the infinite ontop of the deck too! So much damage!

    Deck 2
    I love the immense amount of spells this deck has and fits my playstyle (I'm a filthy tryhard and like to build decks without creatures).
    the token generation seems nice and it feels like a really oool Commander beat down deck.

    I'm not interested in viability, just some card replacements to make the deck a little better. It's tough to get cards like ensare on tcg player so I'll have to replace that and a few others. I'll check in again tomorrow night.

    I appreciate any suggestions you guys may have and changing commanders isn't out of the question. Thanks!
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