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  • posted a message on Abzan
    I play midrange since extended. After trying all "BGx" styles (jund, abza, the rock, sultai), I tried Abzan again, achieving better results. I guess Abzan is more my style and I feel more comfortable since I know the deck a lot. Obviously, the deck was adapted to the meta (humans, spirits, affinity, dregde). However, I still get cards to face combo / control (damping, thrun, fulminator + surgical)
    I dare to say the only advantage of BG is to have a better match against other midrange or bloodmoon decks. In general terms, Abzan is more versatile, since it can be played in "to beat" mode or in more control mode. The only thing that does not convince me is the hissing, but it is the only way to not impact the mana fix.
    The configuration can be change: nihil / kalitas / LTLH depending on the meta.
    Tracker only seems good in The rock and Sultai, it's very slow for the abzan where you dont have the time to wait to use fetchlands.
    PTE is a great solution for the meta and can be used in my own creatures. Tasigur is like the 5th goyf and because of the 9 fecthlands it dont have problems to cast it in 3rd turn.
    I tried DC and my conclusion is bad for the meta. LS is still great and it has sinergy with flayers and LTH and CB. It's free win against other midrange (mardu, jund), affinity, shadows, spirits. Only sucks against combos.

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