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    posted a message on Blim, Comedic Genius deck ideas/help
    Compared to Zedruu the Greathearted, Blim is a lot more difficult to build, mostly for the fact that he’s a 4/3 flyer. In order to maximize him, I’d go with something like Assault Suit and a swampwalk enabler with Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth, just for the pure chaos, and to maximize his ability. Plus he becomes less of a ‘threat’ and more of a ‘weapon’ that way.

    For card ideas, there’s not a ton off the top of my head that I can think of, but any Lich type effect works good for an early-ish kill. Demonic Pact is another lose the game you can give somebody. Demonic Lore nukes card draw decks. Demonic Taskmaster works well too, or Akroan Horse if you want more of a group hug theme.

    Some curses are controlled by the cursed player, again making Blim slightly more viable. A few other cards that work well that come into play under opponents control are Pendant of Prosperity, Sleeper Agent and Xantcha (basically the same idea, Coveted Jewel which is counterintuitive so opponents don’t attack you, but besides that there isn’t a lot you could use. And, aura enchantments you put on opponents creatures you still control, which really sucks for making Blim a fantastic commander.
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    posted a message on [KHM] Esika, God of the Tree // The Prismatic Bridge— Noxious and Mark Nestico preview
    Quote from Dragoon91 »
    Quote from Ryperior74 »
    Quote from Dragoon91 »
    Can somebody do the math for me and figure out how fast you can get this, Song of the Dryads, Wind Zendikon, and Helm of the Host onto the battlefield? Because I just threw up in my mouth the moment I read this card.

    Less janky:

    Turn 1 Enlightened tutor for Fist of Suns, land+mana rock+fist and cast this, win on turn 4 with like Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker and Zealous Conscripts


    Timestream Navigator exists.

    Haste enabler, 9 permanents and this card, game.

    I hate polymorph

    Wait what? I don't see it... Unless you're using cute interactions with stuff like Paradox Haze or Sphinx of the Second Sun, you only get one creature/planeswalker per turn.

    The haze and the Sphinx add another upkeep trigger so it triggers per upkeep

    Yes, that is what I said. But I don't see the connection with Song of the Dryads, Wind Zendikon, and Helm of the Host.

    Song of the Dryads turns the enchantment into a land, Wind Zendikon turns it into a creature, and Helm of the Host copies it every combat. That’s about the only way to clone it.

    Not only that but now you can get commander damage by getting a craterhoof but that’s a whole level of jank that’ll be funny once.
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    posted a message on Split Deck Magic to nullify Mana Screw/Flood
    There are quite a few extremely blatant problems with the split deck idea you proposed. The easy one is that every single card that interacts with the library becomes void, because now you have two libraries. That means every draw, mill, exile, and search becomes completely void. Along with that ramp will become a fundamental part of the game because the only mana advantage possible is through ramp of a separate library rather than manipulating a mixed through scry effects. Green would become the most played color solely for the ramp options, or blue if you can target the second library with conventional draw. Resource management is a fundamental part of what makes Magic function, you’re either obtain more resource than your opponent, drain the resources from your opponent, or manipulate resources. By giving a split mana deck it becomes near impossible in practice to balance out resource management, solely for the fact that the aspect of resource gain is equalized, therefore the optimal strategy is increasing gain by ramp or other means.

    Yes, I hate getting mana screwed or swamped, but with mulligans you’re probably going to see maybe one out of thirty games where you’re truly screwed or swamped.

    Ultimately, my option is that a split deck is a very VERY poor idea.
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    posted a message on Silly Salamander Deck Idea
    Standardize and isochron works exactly what you want.
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    posted a message on Oh look I fixed White
    Quote from TearingEons »
    Of these, I think Manifest Destiny, Tax Man, Eminent Domain, and Excise have the best shot at getting a future version printed. White does get to ramp, just very specifically in the way of basic plains. White has always had a taxing and rule making design philosophy, so Treasure or Gold tokens are def good new spaces to give White a ramp option that fits flavorfully. Saying that White does not get to expand it's abilities when Red has already received Impulse effects for card advantage and Black getting to hit enchantments, and Green gets a bit of everything now, is not fair to those players that would like to play White as a main color, not as support or splash. This is just like when Kabira Takedown was printed and everyone was like "Oh no, White can't have that! It's a Red card!!!" when White is in sore need of some payoff for being the best at flooding the board with creatures/tokens. Let White dabble with some color bends, let White get incidental card draw for once instead of gaining life, and let White get either some form of ramp or a fair way to punish ramp decks.
    Those 4 cards seriously belong in a secret lair 4th of July set.
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