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  • posted a message on Upcoming Kaldheim miniatures
    Dang those walkers make me kind of sad. I was hoping we’d find out that this was Wrenn and Six’s home plane.
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  • posted a message on 2022 sets, return to x?
    Well with the printing of fountain of ichor, we might see a return to every plane... invasion 2 electric boogaloo
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    Personally what I think will happen is that certain stores might ban these from their tournaments. Sure, the few players that buy these cards will be mad, but from the stores’ and other players’ perspectives it’s a viable reason.
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  • posted a message on Solving “Power Creep” with more Power
    1. How does this card cover color identity. The land is colorless and your deck needs to be commander legal even before “before the game begins” effects are present.

    Like I said if Prismatic Piper works and is colorless, then this land can.

    Regarding the Bishop, again if you use Command Beacon it negates it, or if you run any of the spirit guides to add mana it cheats it in. And that creature is not going back to the command zone once it’s cast. At that point it’s just a lost turn. I’m not opposed to increasing the draw back, but I don’t want the opponents to get an advantage, rather the player get a disadvantage.
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  • posted a message on Solving “Power Creep” with more Power
    There needs to be a middle ground somehow when making this, hence why I chose the 35 life 90 card drawback. My initial draft had “Commanders cost 2 more to cast” but I felt it hinders big cmc commanders too much. In the case of Bishop of Coronation, there isn’t a reason why you wouldn’t run that card as a commander. Sure that delays 2 turns of plays, but that isn’t a problem once it hits the battlefield, plus it’s a turn two body for any color of mana. I trotted a fine line of format vs game breaking when trying to design it and here are the reasons why I chose the card design:
    1. The card shouldn’t benefit the deck by being on the field, which the easiest way would be using a pre game effect.
    2. 35 life total instead of 40 causes a loss around 2-4 turns earlier depending on the table, losing a full hand gives each card individually a rough 7.5% of being exiled, meaning that out of 10 or so games, you’d most likely exile a combo piece.
    3. The card shouldn’t become a perfect staple, like Sol Ring, rather other strategies should still be viable.
    The land I designed is slightly format breaking, where it affects the format as a whole, yet doesn’t replace most viable strategies. The bishop is more game breaking, where it would most likely see play in almost every EDH table.

    And also turn 1 Command Beacon can be a thing that beats the Bishop’s ability. Nothing can gimmick the pregame effect, in the case of the land.
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  • posted a message on Solving “Power Creep” with more Power
    Quote from rowanalpha »
    You are right that it will power up lower tier commanders, but it power the higher tier commanders up as much or more, so its kind of defeating its own purpose.

    Does it really beef up top tier commanders though? What does Atraxa, Praetors’ Voice gain by adding red besides Saheeli, Sublime Artificer? Is it worth losing life and cards to run The Gitrog Monster in my Korvold, Fae-Cursed King? Most of those top tier cards are that strong because they fit so perfectly in their color that they don’t need another color or commander to be strong. There isn’t a point to take the risk of losing combo pieces.

    Now consider the combo of Márton Stromgald and Odric, Lunarch Marshal. That combo creates one of the strongest synergies for a Boros attack strategy that could in theory win consistently against high tier decks, even though the commanders alone are weak.
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  • posted a message on Solving “Power Creep” with more Power
    Quote from FetalTadpole »
    So you're saying I can run Marchesa, the Black Rose with a white partner so I get Cathars' Crusade, AND I get to have my life total lower than everyone else's at the start of the game?

    And that’s a problem compared to other potential synergies like Golos, Tireless Pilgrim and Azusa, Lost but Seeking? Plus, you could lose the crusade in the initial exile. Or, somebody runs a hatebear alternate partner for a deck depending on the situation to counter.
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  • posted a message on Solving “Power Creep” with more Power
    The new Prismatic Piper commander legends spoiler gave me an idea to try and solve the power creep issue magic created by printing more and more powerful commander creatures. Sure, this card enables extremely high tier combos, but low play commanders that are weaker competitively greatly benefit from this.

    Hall of Infinite Legends
    Legendary Land
    Hall of Infinite Legends can be your commander.
    If Hall of Infinite Legends is your commander, choose two legendary creature cards from your library and put them into your command zone. The chosen cards gain Partner. Then, lose 5 life, exile the top 7 cards of your library, and remove Hall of Infinite Legends from the game. The two cards in your command zone then become your commanders.

    This essentially enables any combination of commanders as a pre game effect similar to the Prismatic Piper’s pre game effect of color change. If you can begin a game without matching the color identity of your deck, but a pre game effect fixes that, then this card technically follows the rules.

    Regarding the power level of a card like this, I don’t see a reason why this can’t be printed. Sure, it’s a free partner commander of your choice, but the downside (35 starting life and a deck of 90) may push players to keep the traditional 1 commander approach. Plus, most cEDH wincons don’t involve the commanders, rather a gimmick coming from tutoring a combo, which defeats the purpose if you exile the condition playing this card.

    The main argument I see against this card would essentially be running a card and throwing a green legend in for ramp, but, while viable, I don’t think that this card will be mostly used for that. Rather than the expansion of the one commanders identity, the stronger synergies between two normally weaker commanders create the strongest benefit.
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  • posted a message on April Fools Secret Lair update— White-Bordered Tibalt
    I mean, I’d be down for a secret lair of white bordered Lorwyn or Alaran walkers with ‘Old-School’ art.
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  • posted a message on [ZNR] Ashaya, Soul of the Wild: can she cause creatures to trigger landfall?
    Oh boy infinite Omnath here we go
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  • posted a message on Lose the game is a difficult mechanic to word.
    Quote from megatog201 »

    Angron, The Blood Tyrant 2BR
    Legendary Creature - Human Primarch Barbarian
    At the end of your combat step, if Angron did not deal combat damage to an opponent this turn, sacrifice two other permanents and lose 2 life.
    At the beginning of your end step, you get a doom counter then you lose the game if you have five or more doom counters.
    Whenever another player loses the game, you lose all doom counters.
    I did change the name to tyrant rather than angel. I see nothing in this card that has anything to do with an angel. But I do see a lot that indicates a tyrant. It requires blood. If even from you. In the form of life loss and sacrifice from your board if it doesn't eat something from them.

    The reason I’m using the emblem is that once you cast Angron, you’re on the clock regardless if he stays on the field five turns. I agree with the lose 5 redundancy, but I need that emblem for the clock. As far as I’m concerned, there hasn’t been a delayed ability that lasts for multiple player turns.

    Regarding the name, it’s based off of a Warhammer 40k character, hence why there’s no angel.
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  • posted a message on Lose the game is a difficult mechanic to word.
    Quote from user_938036 »
    You seem to have misunderstood everything I said. The question on why the first time is because making it everytime is simpler and potentially a larger downside.

    Is other players not killing other players really likely to happen? Mostly I wouldn't want opponents to kills steal making you lose after dealing the majority of damage to a player.

    It is already intractable by being an ETB which is stopped by hushbringer and other cards. Which is why I asked how important is it to not interact? Because you have many far stronger methods of interaction available than would be made available by making it counters on yourself.

    I misunderstood the first part, and that’s on me. But by creating a permanent or player counters causes a few problems involving recursion. If he has an ETB with no ability stopper on the field and he recurs, it’ll either reset or add counters on a player, and for other permanents you can just sac them to itself or other outlets. Emblems can’t be the targets of sac outlets due to the fact that they aren’t permanents, thus aren’t affected by solemnity. He’d be seen as more of a Mardu win-con rather than an independent card because you can lock some combos like Thassa’s Oracle while threatening the board using ETB blockers. And regarding killing players, he’s an early game problem. In the late game kill steals are easier, but that’s not where this card shines. It’s the early game kills that makes him viable. Tree of Perdition, fling and any 1 damage on turn 5 is an easy edh kill early.

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  • posted a message on Lose the game is a difficult mechanic to word.
    I agree with the multiple emblems, and the text change the source. Due to the combat restriction on Angron, emblem still works better, because it’s a free get around.

    And I only mentioned ferropede as a filler for remove counter abilities. Just the first thing that popped into mind that fits color identity for EDH.
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  • posted a message on Lose the game is a difficult mechanic to word.
    Quote from user_938036 »
    I have a few questions that make trying to comment on this card difficult. First, why is this restricted to the first time it enters? It adds a lot of words for what appears to be no gain. Second, do you absolutely have to be the one to kill the opponent to get rid of the emblem, or is any player dying fine? Third, is being unable to interact at all necessary? Usually, these types of effects have a method of playing with them making them more a puzzle rather than a race.

    A 12/10 for 4 needs a drawback. If you can drop him on the field with a trample or swampwalk enabler he’s a two turn kill in any format. The race puts a clock on the board so you don’t just graveyard recur him to reset the clock every chance that you can. Also, regarding an opponent dying, players just won’t attack and it’s too restrictive on combat logically. No one will kill other players if you have this on the board. And if we’re looking at why the third ability shouldn’t be a permanent, it’s due to Lich or other Lich abilities, Ferropede, and Solemnity.
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  • posted a message on Lose the game is a difficult mechanic to word.
    Quote from Boyachi »
    [Whenever ~ enters the battlefield for the first time each game, create the emblem, “At the beginning of your end step, you get a doom counter. You lose the game if you have over 4 Doom counters. Whenever a spell or permanent you control reduces an opponent’s life total to 0, remove this emblem and your doom counters.”]

    I don’t want this to have synergy with Solemnity Because emblems don’t exist, they’re untouchable by permanents.
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