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  • posted a message on One word overload cycle
    Quote from Mr Buttons »
    How about this:

    Morph 3U
    Exile target nontoken creature you control. Then, for each creature exiled this way, reveal cards from the top of your library until you reveal a creature card. Put all creature cards revealed this way onto the battlefield, then shuffle the rest of the revealed cards into your library.

    Overload 3GG

    How’d I forget polymorph… yeah that definitely works. It’s just a little overpowered for a green overload.
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  • posted a message on One word overload cycle
    Quote from megatog201 »
    Kongify G
    Destroy target creature. It can't be regenerated. It's controller puts a 3/3 green ape creature token onto the battlefield.
    Overload - 2UU
    Is that more right? Or because it's green with blue overload it's a no go since pong is blue?

    The design is right, in a way, but the name is wrong. It’s like how Damn is a play on Damnation. When you overload Damn, it becomes Damnation. Same concept with how Ruinate becomes Ruination when you overload it. And, how both ruination and damnation target each permanent of a type, damn and Ruinate are a single target of said type. That’s why designing the cards was such a trouble, finding a single word “each” target card that could possibly color shift into an overload.
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  • posted a message on One word overload cycle
    Quote from megatog201 »
    Glop G
    Destroy target creature you control. It can't be regenerated. Put a 3/3 green ooze creature token onto the battlefield.
    Overload - 2UU

    I like what you’re doing, but my design choice was based on cards that already existed. Ruination, Timetwister,Whirlwind, and Retether.
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  • posted a message on One word overload cycle
    Quote from rowanalpha »
    The base Ruinate is too strong at 2 mana value; that's a Wasteland since it doesn't put you down a mana. Break the Ice is significantly more narrow and double black, which is the only reason its not also broken at 2. Green for the overload is kinda fitting thematically, but I don't think green had ever done more than individual land destruction before. Now, if the effect was a Cleansing Wildfire that became a Scapeshift on Overload, that would definitely be on color and power.

    Whirl works, though the flying restriction is odd in Black. Not off color, just odd.

    I'm not feelin' the blue overload on Tether. That ability doesn't feel blue to me. More green instead.

    I like Twister. Costing is tough to know for that effect, but its the best execution of the bunch.

    The fact that Ruinate and Whirl don't fit the Damn template of enemy-colored casting/overload costs is also weird. Based on Damn, it should be

    White w/ Red overload
    Red w/ Blue overload
    Blue w/ Green overload
    Green w/ Black overload

    That's not to say you're organization is "wrong", just that the eye looking for patterned cycles will see it as off from the standard expectation.

    I fixed ruinate. I tried looking for an enemy cycle but the problem is with blue it’s near impossible to find a green overload that fits, mostly because overload has blue cards, and the one word limitation was super difficult.
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  • posted a message on One word overload cycle
    Howdy folks. As a fun little self challenge, I decided to create a one word overload cycle like damn. It was really damn tough however, mostly due to the color shift overload.

    Ruinate RR
    Sorcery {R}
    Destroy target nonbasic land.
    Overload - 2GG

    Whirl 1G
    Sorcery {R}
    Destroy target creature with flying.
    Overload - 2BB

    Tether 1W
    Sorcery {R}
    Return target aura card from your graveyard to the battlefield. Only creatures can be enchanted this way.
    Overload - 3U

    Twister 3UU
    Sorcery {R}
    Target player shuffles his or her hand and graveyard into their library, then draws 7 cards. (Then put Twister into its owner’s graveyard.)
    Overload - 2RR

    A lot of these effects are kinda goofy, especially Tether, but with a really limited one word card base I couldn’t find better cards to shift. And I’m aware that Road // Ruin exists, but I can’t find a better fit for RG. If anybody has any other ideas on what cards I could’ve picked, because I’m sure I missed a few obscure ones.
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  • posted a message on Gambling-inspired cards
    Howdy folks, been a minute since I’ve designed a card, but I’ve got some fun little gambling inspired cards I’d like opinions on.

    Loaded Dice (no mana cost)

    Artifact - Construct {R}

    Morph - Discard 2 cards
    You may choose the modes of all modal spells cast this turn.
    You may choose the outcome of any “at random” mode as if it was a modal spell.
    At the beginning of your end step, return loaded dice to your hand.

    Decaying Dice 3

    Artifact {R}

    At the beginning of your first main phase, choose one at random that hasn’t been chosen.
    * Nothing
    * Draw 2 cards, lose 2 life
    * Scry 2, Fateseal 1
    * Gain 5 life
    * Exile target card from a graveyard
    * Exile Decaying Dice, then return it to the battlefield under target opponent’s control chosen at random.
    “An elegant answer to the age old question, can a one-sided die be thrown?”
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  • posted a message on Unstable Identity & Isochron Crystal Ball
    Silly thought real quick regarding the activation, what if you flipped the ability so that casting a copy of the imprinted card was the activation to sacrifice the orb? That fixes the problem of the imprint check, and gives the card a bit more power if you were to regenerate the artifact as a response and blink it later. Think of it as a entomb and unmarked grave scenario. Isochron is strictly better, but this can still net value. The power on this card though comes from 3 generic mana to activate any two cost spell, and in a tron style deck, getting three colorless on turn one is easier than getting out two of a specific color mana. And, it serves as a free spell regardless, because you get it back into your library.
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  • posted a message on Hot Air
    I appreciate the inclusion of white, it fits well with the recursion. It’s really interesting because it has easy synergy with both discard and cycling colors, and the variety of decks that can run this is quite nice. Great value. Quick rules question, if this had instant speed, how would this interact with cascade-like effects if it was exiled?
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  • posted a message on Dr lair's Secretorium Bundle
    I never thought I’d see the day where I would pay $8-$10 a shock...
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  • posted a message on Crow commander idea.
    I like the design, but I feel like the anthem effect is overused for flying matters commanders. If you’re worried that the anthem is too strong, you can remove black. Mono blue has had artifact graveyard interactions before, Emry, Lurker of the Loch, and that kinda limits self mill recursion. If you’d rather keep black, you could go with

    “Whenever three or more creatures with flying you control deal combat damage to a player, you may sacrifice a non-token artifact. If you do, gain control of target artifact that player controls of lesser mana value. Otherwise, create a treasure token.”

    Plus, the flavor of crows stealing things is pretty fun.
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  • posted a message on Names from Magic's history that are not yet used as Legends
    There’s a couple funny reference legends that would make a cool niche appearance, like Kakra, the Sea Troll (kudos to whoever finds that), but there are thousands of those types of cards.

    For actual misses you’d need Drafna from Drafna’s Restoration in the antiquities block, mostly due to the college of Lat-Nam; and you flubbed on Feroz, from Feroz’s Ban of course .

    I guess for the next few you’d need Gix (not counting the vanguard) and a couple of the OG urza saga walkers. Those guys would slap as new cards, especially Gix with the new phyrexian creature type.
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  • posted a message on Custom Set Keywords
    My intent is that each creature with Thoughtweft will gain the activated abilities of each other creature with Thoughtweft at the beginning of your upkeep, lasting until the end of your turn.

    So by your example, each creature would gain T: Put a +1/+1 counter on CARDNAME.
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  • posted a message on Custom Set Keywords
    Thanks for fixing void, I wanted that to work as a new take on pseudo-hexproof instead of the generic 3 more to cast.

    I like the new format for impede, but I want to keep the narrowness of the 0/-1 counters so that indestructible creatures can get through. The creature type that will have impede are Slith, as a type of invert on the usual combat damage abilities that they have, but because of the Mirrodin block capitalizing on indestructible and more importantly darksteel, I didn’t want to make it -1/-1.

    I’ll change gigantify and I think I’ll make it toughness rather than power.

    Explode was goofy because I wanted to balance out the colors more and forgot I already included blue in another color so I think I’ll keep it mono-red. The reason I threw blue at it was the creatures would be goblin ‘chemists.’ I’ll consider reworking the ability, but I want to keep a bit of randomness.

    With purify, the idea behind it is by releasing rage (dealing damage), you get rid of evil (the shade), so keeping it at generic combat damage allows it to be a bit stronger, but I think I might reduce the shades power and toughness to 0/1.

    I wanted to design Thoughtweft on the description that’s printed on the Kithkin. My interpretation is that Lorwyn kith has a sort of hive mind where if one member of the clan was a good farmer, every kith was a good farmer. So I wanted some type of ability sharing design, which was hard to think of. Yours is close to another interpretation, but I don’t feel that it’s exactly what I’m looking for.
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  • posted a message on Custom Set Keywords
    Howdy folks, I’m starting (well restarting) to build a set and I’d like a bit of input on a few new keyword mechanics I’d like to introduce. Each mechanic corresponds do a specific tribe/color group, and I’m aware some on the surface look a bit broke or a bit underpowered compared to the others, but again this is just a keyword rather than a full card design.

    Colors: Black/Colorless

    Impede X (Whenever this creature becomes blocked, put X 0/-1 counters on the blocking creature at the end of combat.)

    Colors: White/Blue

    Thoughtweft (At the beginning of your upkeep, each creature with Thoughtweft share activated abilities until the end of your turn.)

    Colors: White primarily, but it has backup shades in Black

    Purify (Whenever this creature deals combat damage, if this creature isn't purified, create a 1/1 black shade creature token then this creature becomes purified.)

    Colors: White/Green/Red

    Gigantify X (You may pay an additional X as you cast this creature. If you do, double this creature's power and toughness and it becomes a Giant in addition to its other types.)

    X is a mana cost similar to kicker, but I wanted to give the creatures a bit more room for other abilities. Most of the Gigantifying creatures will be humans turning into giants to make sense of the ability.

    Colors: Red/Blue

    Explode X (Whenever this creature dies, it deals one damage to X target creatures, planeswalkers, or players chosen at random.)

    Colors: Blue/Green/Black?

    I had trouble designing this, so I ended up with two versions that I can’t choose between. And the wording is horrific, need a rules guru for these.

    Ver. 1
    Void (Whenever this creature becomes the target of a spell or an ability requiring mana for activation, add half of the mana spent, rounded down, as colorless mana to your mana pool.)

    Ver. 2
    Void (Whenever this creature becomes the target of a spell or an ability requiring mana to activate, instead counter that spell or ability. Then, that spell or ability's controller adds colorless mana to their mana pool equal to the amount of mana spent to target this creature.)

    I’m open to criticism, but I don’t intend on completely redacting any of these abilities.
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  • posted a message on Horrors of Scarreth - Full Set
    What I think I like about this set the most is that I get old Kamigawa vibes with the flavor of the legendaries. Sure, Kaldheim had a ton of legends, but again it’s a ton of legends that seem all too bland for the most part save for 3 or 4 heavy-hitting lore characters. In this set each legend has its own distinct sense of belonging in the set, independent from the others in the sense that they make up a distinct part of the sets flavor. And thank god you didn’t go with Wizard’s usual trope of “uh oh, planeswalkers up to shenanigans hopefully it’s not Nicol Bolas.” It would be very out of place for this type of set design. Looking at this makes me now want to finish my own custom set... which of course involves PW shenanigans, but we’ll see if I can do it well.
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