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  • posted a message on Names from Magic's history that are not yet used as Legends
    There’s a couple funny reference legends that would make a cool niche appearance, like Kakra, the Sea Troll (kudos to whoever finds that), but there are thousands of those types of cards.

    For actual misses you’d need Drafna from Drafna’s Restoration in the antiquities block, mostly due to the college of Lat-Nam; and you flubbed on Feroz, from Feroz’s Ban of course .

    I guess for the next few you’d need Gix (not counting the vanguard) and a couple of the OG urza saga walkers. Those guys would slap as new cards, especially Gix with the new phyrexian creature type.
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  • posted a message on Custom Set Keywords
    My intent is that each creature with Thoughtweft will gain the activated abilities of each other creature with Thoughtweft at the beginning of your upkeep, lasting until the end of your turn.

    So by your example, each creature would gain T: Put a +1/+1 counter on CARDNAME.
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  • posted a message on Custom Set Keywords
    Thanks for fixing void, I wanted that to work as a new take on pseudo-hexproof instead of the generic 3 more to cast.

    I like the new format for impede, but I want to keep the narrowness of the 0/-1 counters so that indestructible creatures can get through. The creature type that will have impede are Slith, as a type of invert on the usual combat damage abilities that they have, but because of the Mirrodin block capitalizing on indestructible and more importantly darksteel, I didn’t want to make it -1/-1.

    I’ll change gigantify and I think I’ll make it toughness rather than power.

    Explode was goofy because I wanted to balance out the colors more and forgot I already included blue in another color so I think I’ll keep it mono-red. The reason I threw blue at it was the creatures would be goblin ‘chemists.’ I’ll consider reworking the ability, but I want to keep a bit of randomness.

    With purify, the idea behind it is by releasing rage (dealing damage), you get rid of evil (the shade), so keeping it at generic combat damage allows it to be a bit stronger, but I think I might reduce the shades power and toughness to 0/1.

    I wanted to design Thoughtweft on the description that’s printed on the Kithkin. My interpretation is that Lorwyn kith has a sort of hive mind where if one member of the clan was a good farmer, every kith was a good farmer. So I wanted some type of ability sharing design, which was hard to think of. Yours is close to another interpretation, but I don’t feel that it’s exactly what I’m looking for.
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  • posted a message on Custom Set Keywords
    Howdy folks, I’m starting (well restarting) to build a set and I’d like a bit of input on a few new keyword mechanics I’d like to introduce. Each mechanic corresponds do a specific tribe/color group, and I’m aware some on the surface look a bit broke or a bit underpowered compared to the others, but again this is just a keyword rather than a full card design.

    Colors: Black/Colorless

    Impede X (Whenever this creature becomes blocked, put X 0/-1 counters on the blocking creature at the end of combat.)

    Colors: White/Blue

    Thoughtweft (At the beginning of your upkeep, each creature with Thoughtweft share activated abilities until the end of your turn.)

    Colors: White primarily, but it has backup shades in Black

    Purify (Whenever this creature deals combat damage, if this creature isn't purified, create a 1/1 black shade creature token then this creature becomes purified.)

    Colors: White/Green/Red

    Gigantify X (You may pay an additional X as you cast this creature. If you do, double this creature's power and toughness and it becomes a Giant in addition to its other types.)

    X is a mana cost similar to kicker, but I wanted to give the creatures a bit more room for other abilities. Most of the Gigantifying creatures will be humans turning into giants to make sense of the ability.

    Colors: Red/Blue

    Explode X (Whenever this creature dies, it deals one damage to X target creatures, planeswalkers, or players chosen at random.)

    Colors: Blue/Green/Black?

    I had trouble designing this, so I ended up with two versions that I can’t choose between. And the wording is horrific, need a rules guru for these.

    Ver. 1
    Void (Whenever this creature becomes the target of a spell or an ability requiring mana for activation, add half of the mana spent, rounded down, as colorless mana to your mana pool.)

    Ver. 2
    Void (Whenever this creature becomes the target of a spell or an ability requiring mana to activate, instead counter that spell or ability. Then, that spell or ability's controller adds colorless mana to their mana pool equal to the amount of mana spent to target this creature.)

    I’m open to criticism, but I don’t intend on completely redacting any of these abilities.
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  • posted a message on Horrors of Scarreth - Full Set
    What I think I like about this set the most is that I get old Kamigawa vibes with the flavor of the legendaries. Sure, Kaldheim had a ton of legends, but again it’s a ton of legends that seem all too bland for the most part save for 3 or 4 heavy-hitting lore characters. In this set each legend has its own distinct sense of belonging in the set, independent from the others in the sense that they make up a distinct part of the sets flavor. And thank god you didn’t go with Wizard’s usual trope of “uh oh, planeswalkers up to shenanigans hopefully it’s not Nicol Bolas.” It would be very out of place for this type of set design. Looking at this makes me now want to finish my own custom set... which of course involves PW shenanigans, but we’ll see if I can do it well.
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  • posted a message on Help Finding a Commander
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  • posted a message on Help Finding a Commander
    In my opinion Akroma, Vision of Ixidor and any partner with red in its identity is the way to go. Samurai is inherently boros, and combining with Godo, Bandit Warlord and Helm of the Host is basically going to be your wincon, even if he isn’t really a samurai. Maybe throw in Sidar Kondo of Jamuraa for free damage and “must be blocked” green enchantments for cards with big bushido.
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  • posted a message on [Unverified LEAK] Strixhaven Blue Rare Dump
    Sure, Jin could be printed at that power level, and could be in the set easy. I get Wizards trying to complete simic-banned-card tribal. But I have a problem with the last two cards. Pore over the scrolls sounds awfully similar to another card draw blue spell aptly named Pore over the pages. I seriously doubt that we’d see a new card with a name that similar. And the wizard legend throws me off guard, mostly because golems with keywords have been dealt with on human artificers. With the coloration being WU, now we have to assume that either A) all human creatures in this set are Wizards if they’re in the school; B) the school of WU or whatever it’ll be deals with artifacts and Wizards specifically, ignoring the recent printings of the artificer creature type; or C) this card was deemed too weak with the artificer typing so Wizards through the wizard typing on to make it stronger. And of course blue was the first to be leaked when the only thing we really know about this set is “wizard school,” therefore our first speculated leaks are blue wizards.
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  • posted a message on Innistrad booster box leak Japanese
    Well this is exciting!

    Of all the known, non-native planeswalkers to expect on Innistrad, I admittedly didn't expect Teferi and Wrenn.

    I can't immediately think of a time-related plot element associated with Innistrad right now, so here's my guess:

    • Teferi's mastery of time-magic will simply aid him in working to solve an Innistrad problem in a similar way that Kaya's ghostly magic was useful but central to Kaldheim's plot
    • And/or Teferi is there looking for solutions or managing problems well beyond Innistrad. Exiling ancient evil as opposed to destroying said evil is a common theme on the plane and maybe Teferi is researching phase and exile magic in an attempt to bring back Zhalfir and he gets caught up in local affairs?

    Wrenn could be on Innistrad in an attempt to heal the plane post-Emrakul perhaps? We know that there are dryads on Innistrad.

    I am glad that Arlinn is getting more emphasis in the story and maybe she or Wrenn will be recruited into the watch?

    Is nobody going to talk about how Oko is on the first box? Last I checked Innistrad vampires had rounded ears rather than pointed ones, and it would make sense for 4 walkers, 2+2, to be on the plane. The question is why is he there, besides being on the run from Garruk.
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  • posted a message on Booster Box Recommendations
    Hate to break it to you, but the only boxes you’re going to find at $100 are standard legal boxes still kinda in print.
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  • posted a message on Concerning White, the problem child of Magic.
    Quote from user_938036 »
    Everyone is welcome to be wrong. But when you are so wrong and push an agenda your agenda gets lost in how wrong you are. What hasn’t always been weak.

    I’ve got to agree with you here, white is definitely not ‘weak’ in a general sense in constructed formats. Nor is it necessarily ‘weak’ in EDH or Brawl formats. Like I said in my post, the idea of board balancing isn’t high powered because the board is equalized therefore no advantage is gained. Yes I agree white probably needs more defined ‘white’ cards in modern printings, and white needs stronger balance or ‘true white’ cards printed. But white doesn’t need Aggro, that’s not what it does. White doesn’t need card draw or ramp, it’s not what the color does. White PREVENTS the opponent from gaining an advantage, rather than out advantaging the opponent. And the problem is, players hate not being able to get advantage, thus Wizards won’t print the old ‘true white’ type cards in new sets so white gets less hate, so white becomes inherently weaker, gaining lame archetypes of life gain... and nothing much else. I mean seriously compare Path to Exile and Winds of Abandon, both are basically ‘true white,’ but in the early game where advantage is normally set, winds falls short of the path in almost any situation.
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  • posted a message on Concerning White, the problem child of Magic.
    I think the biggest problem white faces is similar to the issue of confusion between the core functions of white and blue, Balance and Control. With hullbreacher, the mana is correct, in the sense that you’re replacing an action with another. If it was going to be white, it would be “for each card drawn create a treasure token,” rather than the replacement effect. Most cards that we see are rips or weaker versions of cards like the ones mentioned are either breaks in the identity of white, or are sorceries instead of instants, again enforcing balance rather than control. Equalizing the board is an extremely difficult mechanic to print, and on paper looks incredibly weak because it gives no player a specific advantage, which is why white was given the strength of locking out other boards or pillowforting so other players don’t attack. The issue with that is though, blue breaks identity frequently with board locking since it bridges the line between control and balance.

    How can Wizards fix this? I don’t think they can. Looking at the most ‘white’ white cards I can think of, Balance, Land Tax and Wrath of God, again it’s about equalizing the board state, but it branches into the other color identities because in order to balance the board you have to affect all aspects of it. And it’s a problem for players. Nobody wants to be on equal footing, and Wizards recognizes this by limiting these balance cards by making them weaker (like in my opinion Ward of Bones could’ve been printed as a 2WW and been perfect.) It could also be said that the player base isn’t playing white as intended, in the sense that you’re not gaining advantage, rather equalizing advantage. White is weak by design, but it’s not flawed in its weakness.
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  • posted a message on My opinion of the Kaldheim Legends in EDH
    Narfi goes infinite with Kormus Bell + 3+ Snow swamps + Intruder Alarm and a sac outlet or Thermal Flux=> Ashnod’s Altar + Desecrated Tomb
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  • posted a message on My opinion of the Kaldheim Legends in EDH
    Yes my initial toralf analysis does not read well. I’ll agree with you there.
    But I still think Cosima is not as strong as you’re making her out to be.
    Say perfect game scenario:
    Turn 1 - Jeweled Lotus into Cosima, fetchland, Spellbook,Mana crypt => Contagion Clasp
    Turn 2 - Exile Cosima, fetchland, Sol Ring, crack both fetches, proliferate with the clasp. (4 counters)
    Turn 3 - play fetch, crack, proliferate with clasp, cast Throne of Geth, cast a 0 mana artifact of some type, then sac with the throne to proliferate (8 counters).
    Turn 4 - play fetch, proliferate twice by sacrificing the throne (11 counters), crack => let Cosima etb => draw 11 for a 13/15 with no keywords, to smack a player?

    Sure, you draw a tenth of your deck with the perfect hand and you have a meaty creature but you’re not killing anybody yet and Cosima will get blasted after the first attack, even if you have the mana open. For the absolute most perfect hand I can think of there are better options for turn 4.
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  • posted a message on My opinion of the Kaldheim Legends in EDH
    I see what y’all mean about Toralf, but from a threat analysis the moment he hits the board a response is going to be looked for, or if the doubling effects hit the field a response is going to be sought. My own personal opinion on playability puts threat level quite high, which is why I put Toralf low. Should he be higher? Probably so.

    Regarding Birgi, compared to Kykar, this card is stronger solely for the fact that creatures work as well for her ability. Plus, this card promotes effects like Mindmoil to cycle through a deck, essentially pulling 1 cost instants or 0 cost creatures to grapeshot for lethal or Aetherflux Reservoir. And I wanted to keep it brief and left out a bunch of info which is me being a beginner to card reviews.

    For Cosima, she’s still not that good. Sure you draw a bunch of cards, but she doesn’t have haste, you have to run multiple fetches, for a payout that works really well... chancing that you pull lands. There are a bunch of other mono blue commanders that do that job better, and the boat god part was solely for comedy and the select few people that like dolphins.

    Regarding Maja, the infinite is Life and Limb and Maskwood Nexus.

    I ranked Narfi high because you’re not going to expect an infinite from him if you aren’t careful, plus you’ve got good odds to combo off infinite or not with graveyard recursion.

    Koll was the last card I did for the list at like 12 AM and I just looked at him compared to Reyev without regarding combos, which was again an error on my part.
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