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  • posted a message on Claim the first born and kayas ghostform
    so "enchant" isn't so much casting it. youre not 'enchanting from hand to the card" - "enchant" then is defined as a card that is attached to another card is "enchant'ed"?
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  • posted a message on Claim the first born and kayas ghostform
    claim the firstborn
    kaya's ghostform

    When opponent claims creature with kaya on it - kaya falls off? Why?

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  • posted a message on Cat Sac - Steal and Sacrifice yourself to victory - fun deck ive been toying with
    Obviously this type of deck kind of got popular real fast. Especially with banning of oko.

    I've continued to play it. I tried a lot of the top8 decks, but found them bleh. Tuned this deck QUITE A LOT! And still find it to be extremely fun.

    This current iteration I thought was worth sharing, as I don't compete against anything really like it.

    A few of the main differences:

    light up the stage
    RDW loves this card...and rightfully so - 1 mana for 2 cards. Worst case scenario, you see two 3/4 mana cards pop up at turn 2 or 3, and one gets exiled. All other scenarios, you get a land, or some good 1 mana drops.

    Spark Harvest
    Why does no one play this card in this deck? It has such range. Kills a creature or planeswalker for 1 mana...OK? YES PLEASE! Not only that, but with Claim the Firstborn, it serves as an additional sacrifice outlet to kill opponents creature if youre missing Witch's Oven.

    Act of Treason
    How many times has this card won me the game? I want more..but i can't figure out what to get rid of. Thing I love about this deck is how versatile it is and how many different cards you can use to change the deck up. But Act of Treason - you need at least 2. I'd like 3...but unfortunately, the deck needed more creatures (2 drops in my case).

    Vraska, Golgari Queen
    Was looking for more sac outlets to add to Witch's Oven (as I never seem to get them, or get all 4). Vraska serves as nice card draw option (which synergizes Mayhem Devil with a nice way to take out a 1-3 mana flier or other troublesome card. It essentially fills liliana, Dreadhorde General's role, but at a cheaper cost.

    Piper of the Swarm
    This is my current wildcard. I took out Korvold, Fae-Cursed King for these guys - lol. Korvold is super cool, and when I play against him, he always gets pumped up and looks cool...But I have been pretty lucky in treasoning him for wins...nearly everytime he comes out (he cost too much - comes out too late - and is too slow). Now - I experimented with having just 1 in the deck .. but i never seem to get him...so i opted to take him out completely for these dudes. Piper seems cool - as for 2 mana he provides a nice sac outlet for cards like Vraska and spark harvest. Still in testing, but I kind of like him. Maybe I just wanted this guy to be used for a long time, and I'm trying to force him into the deck...

    Either way - Piper x 3 gives you 3 extra cards you can move around in this deck.

    I've had a pretty good winrate so far (I play on geforce now on mac, so I don't use tracker). Anyway...pretty cheap cards. Also cards most people have anyway - so give it a try and let me know if something doesn't work.

    Here are some honorary mentions that were swapped out of this current iteration:

    Thrashing Brontodon
    I was running 2 of this card before I put in vraska. Vraska seemingly covers enchantment removal in most cases. But Im going to keep an eye on it, and if vraska can't cut it, might move this card back in.

    Korvold, Fae-Cursed King
    I already talked about this card. It's great in this deck ... and would be perfect if it only cost 4 mana (and maybe only got +1+1 and card draw when attacking/saccing). Anyway - I think he's awesome, and he starts working for you as soon as he lands. But he cost a lot - For 1 more mana you get liliana. Maybe i need more than 2...need to keep trying him out in different ways.

    Murderous Rider
    It was between this guy and spark harvest, and I found that I much more often wanted more mana on turn 3/4/5 than to cast this guy. Also, 2 swamps requirement slows you down a lot more often than you'd like it to. Still a strong card of course.

    Massacre Girl
    I get why this card went into this deck - I just feel like other cards can take its place. Maybe I just dont see as much aggro as I used to. With 2 ovens and a cat, you can do something like...4-5 toughness damage when the planets align. Pretty nice. Though that scenario doesnt seem to pop up that often.

    Finale of Eternity
    Was looking for some more kill cards. For me this card took Massacre Girls place after a bunch of testing. Still good, but like Massacre Girl, I found that claim/act of treason/spark harvest enough to keep me going.
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  • posted a message on I want to make the best Standard Undergrowth Deck
    Been trying this deck ...

    It just doesnt work well...I've altered it quite a bit with a thrashing brontodon, kraul harpooner, and a few + and -'s.

    Overall, its too slow, and too susceptible to removal and aggro. Flying also destroys it, which is why i added the harpooner (it also functions as a great way to emry into henge).
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  • posted a message on Cat Sac - Steal and Sacrifice yourself to victory - fun deck ive been toying with
    thanks - hadnt seen those. But i tried priest, and honestly, have never had luck with it. Seems too slow, and gets killed, or just hardly gets its ability off. Many other ways to have fun with chandras 2 buddies.

    cavalier seems great though....gotta add that.

    actually - everything looks fun there. But I do like the spark harvest a lot. Yes its 2 cards ... but with claim and spark harvest, you destroy 2 creatures/planes, for same mana cost as angrath.

    Need to try out that brew and compare.
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  • posted a message on Cat Sac - Steal and Sacrifice yourself to victory - fun deck ive been toying with

    Been toying with this for a while - Have been winning a good number of bo1. i don't play many OKO's - for whatever reason arena doesnt match me with them.

    Obviously, this deck focuses on cleaning up the board with sacrifices. Mayhem Devil shines, but even if you can't stick him to board, you can still do pretty well without him.

    I just recently added the Bontu and Lilliana. Not sure how they will work out, but card draw always seems like a good thing.

    Let me know if you try this out. would love some advice on how to improve it.

    Counter-heavy decks are tough, but I have still won out on quite a few, thanks to the low cost spells and the danger of each one (spark harvest/claim the firstborn). Actual allows you to strategically manage their counters.

    Fun deck!
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  • posted a message on Unique Deck - Doing Well on Arena BO1 - Mardu Aristo-not
    Hi There! Thanks for checking out my deck!

    I'm one of those dudes that loves to come up with my own decks, and after a TON of revisions starting with an aristocrat type deck (using cruel + judith + a ton of other cards), I've arrived at an incarnation that seems worth sharing.

    Firstly -- there are a lot of spots that can be improved, as I spent a lot of wildcards on cards that didn't end up working. This amalgamation can definitely be fine-tuned (I don't even have all the dual lands I need).

    I'm sharing it for some feedback and because I feel like it's a super fun deck - that works against lots of other popular decks. It has aggro, large boards, cool combos, lots of card draw, and decent removal. All around - its just a lot of fun to play, and gives a lot of flexibility. Give it a try!

    Some explanations:

    Cruel Celebrant is at the center of this deck. It's not necessary for wins, but it usually comes down to exploding your own board and dealing a game winning amount of damage to the opponent.

    Dusk Legion Zealot has been praised, and it deserves it. After not using it for a long time, I found that it is just so darn good at thinning out your deck to help you get the real cards you need. It also synergizes great with Sorin, Vampire Lord.

    Skyknight Vanguard is one card that stuck out to me. At first, I needed a red/white flier. This did everything I needed it to - and its a 1/2 that survives the board wipe of Solar Blaze. It mixes great with Cruel Celebrant, and is surprisingly good as an aristocrat deck. I'm surprised more decks don't use it. I'm never upset to see it in my hand.

    Mentor of the Meek has gone from 3 to 0 up to 2. 3 mana is costly in this deck. Also, having it in your hand without generators hurts. It's really only great once you have an engine set up.

    Legion Warboss and Leonin Warleader are just great cards and they generate tokens. Tokens are good, because the more you have, the more chump blockers and the more damage you do with Cruel Celebrant.

    Elenda, the Dusk Rose is just a really fun card, and works great in this deck. It's also the reason I have Costly Plunder. For pesky exile removal. You get to blow up your Elenda, create tokens, and waste their vraska, or lava coil.

    Champion of the Dusk is just a large creature, gives cards, and works with Sorin, Imperious Bloodlord. This deck didn't work until I put in Sorin, Imperious Bloodlord. As soon as I crafted 2, the deck started winning...and winning. He brings out celebrant, elenda, champion, dusk legion..all on turn 3, while creating a threat your opponent will go after.

    Legion's End is just plain amazing. I wish i had 4. I only have 2. But it just owns this meta.

    Sorin, Vampire Lord is for bringing back everything that dies to removal. He also gives life link, which helps greatly against RDW, and has saved me a lot.

    Liliana, Dreadhorde General is just a great card. 2, so I don't get stuck with it early game too often.

    Anyway - If you see some things to change, would love to hear it. A lot of these cards are cheap or staples you probably have already. Feel free to try it out. It's definitely a fun deck to play.
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  • posted a message on FNM Glass of the Guildpact Deck
    Did you try hero of precinct one?
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  • posted a message on BW Aristocrat - really loving this
    I've been having a lot of trouble with mana and still losing out on card draw. Midnight reaper and mentor are just too fragile with all the remove out there.

    I found that adding dusk legion zealot actually helped out a lot. I also threw in 3 militia bugler. With these additions, you have a lot of options for card draw, and kaya's ghostform has A LOT of targets. It becomes a x2 creature revive with Sorin, a card draw with DLZ, an of course just token generator with any afterlife.

    It's coming along.

    I tried Liliana, and when it goes off...it kicks ass. But getting it out is really hard, and i often have it sitting in my hand where i'd much rather have a 2 drop, or a spark harvest, or kaya's wrath.

    I took out Bontu as well. He suffers same issue as Liliana.

    Removed Seraph as well ... too many 4 drops, and often can't get it out, because i favor Sorin or Teysa. Also -- feel like plaguecrafter needs to find a home here somewhere..

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  • posted a message on BW Aristocrat - really loving this
    Quote from Dusk707 »
    I have a very similar deck on Arena. I found that Bontu is not nearly as good in this deck as it could be. Possibly a sideboard card. Liliana, Dreadhorde General seems would be better here as she gets you card draw off of dead creatures (that doubles with Teysa). 4 Sorin is a bit too much. The two Forsaken Sanctuary could be basics, as the etb tapped clause is not helpful. Tithe Taker is good here as well.

    How are the Mentors working? I feel they can be slow, and don't help much when tapped out (which is often).

    I tried Liliana, and Bontu. Both seem to work. I decided to go Bontu because I had 2 - and I like how he interacts with sac effects. You sac him, and then get him back next turn, or maybe 2 turns. The extra mana on Liliana always seemed tough to get out...and if she died, shes gone.

    I love sorin. I tried less of him ... but man, he's such a threat with this deck. Bringing back Enforcers/Celebants is just so annoying. With 4, I don't feel bad about saccing him with a double reanimate.

    Forsakens..i think youre right.

    And mentor of meek has been an all-star. He didn't work at all until I put the 4 Kaya's Ghostform in. I think I like him better than midnight reaper, mainly since you get to use him with tokens, despite the 1 mana cost. I find that if he survives summoning sickness, you're guaranteed a decent amount of cards.

    Tithe Taker is really good....I had him in my original. I just had to knock off some creatures for new cards. I may take your advice, and try less Sorin and try and fit in 2 tithe takers. I'll also try liliana over bontu and see how it works out.
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  • posted a message on BW Aristocrat - really loving this

    This deck is fun. It gets smashed by exile effects currently...I really want to throw some red in, but the list is already super tight, and I don't know what to remove/add.

    I originally didn't have Kaya's Ghostform or costly plunder, but when I tried it, they worked so damn well...they became immediate staples. Card draw is the killer of this deck...I originally tried to use midnight reaper x 4, but it wasn't enough, I kept ending up top decking after 4-5 turns. I took out Priest because she just hurt too much (2 sacs just lessens pressure so much) .. which is where costly plunder came from.

    Lots of great rezzing combos and so much life being traded. This is a fun deck as it is! But looking for some suggestions for fine tuning.

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  • posted a message on UG proliferate deck
    Haven't been able to get into Arena yet -- but have been local play testing hands in cockatrice, and this deck seems fairly competent.

    My main issue so far has been card draw. My assumption was the Jace's, Hydroid, and Evolution Sage would be enough, but still...Maybe it's just the shuffle feature in Cockatrice.

    Obvious goal here is to build up huge counters with proliferate, and win with a huge smack down, or with simic ascendancy.

    Would love to cut some more cards and put more counters in ... But I do like getting mana ramped with incubation real quick using arboreal grazer + neoform. I lowered individual creature amounts to make better use of neoform. Pollenbright druid .. still considering replacement.

    Would love some feedback. - Thanks dudes
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  • posted a message on 4 Color Gates
    Been playing gates nearly 100% on arena. After a bunch of trial and error, I've arrived at the best incarnation that I can find.

    It wins against everything...though not easily.

    Hardest matchups are the fast decks - RDW and Monoblue Tempo.

    UW control will be a long game, but usually I come out on top.

    All other decks are pretty easy wins assuming you don't get mana screwed.

    Here it is:

    Now for the explanation. This deck is primarily a stall control deck. Win condition becomes Gate Colossus and Gatebreaker Ram.

    I love playing this deck. There are a lot of tough choices to be made. Specifically, what to counter and when. How much damage you take before wiping with Gate Ablaze (I often win with 1-5 life). Should I play Guild Summit? Or maybe Gatebreaker for a 4/4? Hold off...and counter? Definitely not an easy deck to play - though there were a lot of losses where I said, "if only I did THIS...I would have won."

    The best part though, is once you get ramped up - you will have your entire deck in your hand, full of counters. It's actually not that hard as long as you can get your guild summit out.

    Anyway - if you like completely dominating your opponent with your entire deck in your hand, 14/14 and 8/8 creatures decimating your opponents life points, and watching your opponent writher in agony as you counter every spell...then seeing a glimmer of hope in their eyes when you are about to deck, only to play clear the mind and have them concede immediately --- well. Then this is the deck for you.

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  • posted a message on B/W/g Teysa or B/W/u Kaya - Help me Decided
    I just want to say - man I really do prefer UBRWG over guild names. When I see esper, golgari, bant, etc, it just seems so much harder than putting colors? I don't understand the change - and the adoption.
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  • posted a message on 4 Color Gates
    Quote from LeoninKha »
    Quote from D90Dennis14 »
    Why even rely on creatures to close out the game ?
    Besides Ram which can attack and defend (and Colossus which can be useful) creatures are probably not the best option for the deck.

    Banefire, Expansion // Explosion or a kicked Fight with Fire can use the deck's mana to close out the game outside of combat.

    Because they can come down earlier, finish the game earlier, and most of them dont really die to most removal out there. Plus you don't even need to play them early, you can just play like a control deck, exhaust your opponents resources and then drop several win-conditions in one turn and just win...

    On one of the matches from the last tournament I played, I dropped double Colossus + 1 Ram + Multani on the same turn... it was just game over at once.

    They all die to all removal...Rams die to everything ... Colossus dies to settle wreckage, vraska, seal away, essentially anything with exile (and there is a lot of that). Not to mention they all get counterspelled. And once you have no more creatures, you have nothing.

    Banefire is the way to win with this deck...the only good way to win. There is just too many turbofog and strong spells in dimir that completely stop you. The only way to win in BO1 is to have counterspells and protection. (If youre running creatures, at least play with blink for bounce).

    Kaya's Wrath and other board wipes should clean up big board drops like your colossus ram and multani. I mean, if people don't have answers to your win condition, you'll win. But most times, its not that hard to survive 3 big threats, at least as I've found it.
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