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  • posted a message on UB Control Kefnet
    I wouldn't necessarily call my list a control deck, but I have put a lot of work into it (just hit diamond on arena), and I do think it's what these colors want to be doing.
    Here it is.

    Pteramander is ridiculous in this deck, it feels very similar to gurmag angler. It enables chart a course on turn 2, it's a flier in a format of mostly ground creatures, and being a 5/5 means it dodges all of the red removal and beats most creatures in combat. I feel that this is the most important threat in the deck, and people not playing it is probably the reason why this deck isn't seeing a lot of play right now.

    Search for azcanta has also been very important in this deck. It lets you filter your draws, and it lets you grind if the game goes long. Against control decks and esper midrange we almost always get into a topdeck war, and azcanta lets you bury them. I have cycled through my deck multiple times because of all of the cantrips (and arena shows you the cards you have put on the bottom, so you know what you will hit when you get to that point, which is ridiculous). I am considering dropping a swamp for another search, I have been going back and forth with playing 20 lands and 21, not sure which is correct.

    Saheeli is important because it not only locks up the ground, but copying pteramanders with the -2 and adapting is a big game. 5/5's are no joke in this format and the counters stay on the token.

    I don't play counters, which could be wrong. I started the list with some negate, strokes, and pierces in the board, but I just kept getting wrecked by little teferi, and it's already just good against kefnet. I feel like since any deck that can play him does, I want to be able to ignore it if possible. I play up to 7 discard spells post-board, and with narset, the cantrips, and azcanta, I can find answers to most things.

    I haven't gotten to try command the dreadhorde yet, but I think it can be an "I win" button against control and esper midrange. Like I said we get into a topdeck war against these decks pretty regularly, and neither deck really pressures your life total, so I feel like it would be really easy to get a full board off of this. Imagine getting thief, sorin, and big teferi off of this, not sure they can beat that.

    I'm not playing thief. I think it's just not great right now, people expect you to play it, so they leave in a lot of subpar removal just because it answers thief (stuff like cry of the carnarium and moment of craving). But because you aren't playing thief, these are just mostly dead cards. It's been incredibly difficult to stick a thief on 3, and I'd rather take their big haymaker than their mediocre removal spell with thought erasure.

    A card I have been considering is Shimmer of possibility over discovery. It digs one deeper, and a lot of times you're looking for something specific (threat, removal, draw engine), so I can see the extra card being worth it. But discovery also fuels search and pteramander, so I'm not sure. Dispersal has also been key in some games. I would like some input on this.

    I've been having a lot of success with this deck, and plan to take it to an mcq next Saturday. Any input would be amazing, and I'd love to see everyone else's decklists.
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  • posted a message on BW Midrange/ "Deadguy Ale"
    I played the list I posted above (without damping sphere in the board, because I just forgot about it :p ) in a friendly league on mtgo and went 4-1.

    R1: Izzet Pheonix 2-0
    I will say that this player was using Kiln Fiend over drakes, which is obviously not as good, but they did only play one kiln fiend in the match, and it wouldn't have mattered if it was a drake because it died immediately to a Liliana minus.
    I won one game with a kaya ultimate, and kaya was nuts against this deck. I exiled a looting and a phoenix the turn she came in and gained about 8 life with her that game, while building a wall of faeries with bitterblossom.

    R2: Abzan Delerium 1-2
    I won game 1 because of kaya keeping them off of delerium, exiling the back half of lingering souls, and managing goyfs. I had the token advantage, so it was an easy win.
    I had 3 kaya's wraths in the board, but felt that I wanted the 4 inguisitions against them because of liliana the last hope, and I feel it's important to stick a bob or bitterblossom early and wanted to clear the way for that so I only brought in 2. Turns out I should have brought in the third wrath, because it was gas everytime I drew it, and I ended up just dying to multiple goyfs and souls tokens. I think another reason I lost was because the delerium decks tend to only run 19/20 lands because of traverse and bauble, so their topdecks were just better than mine. Having the third wrath (or possibly a 4th) gives us a nice way to catch up in that matchup.

    R3 Burn 2-0
    Kaya and bell-haunt are obviously incredible here. Bell-haunt made them discard a boros charm, and with gaining the life, and being a 3/4 made it too much for them to handle. Field of ruin is also great against them, because they don't run a basic plains, so you can easily color-screw them.
    I think the matchup is very favored for us, and I wasn't scared at any point.

    R4 Tron 2-1
    This is when I realized I didn't put damping sphere in my deck, and just expected to be 0-2'ed quickly LOL.
    I actually won game 1, as you do sometimes against tron with field of ruin in your deck. You take out their land, tear apart their hand, and get lucky as all-hell haha.
    Game 2 I took out their land but I flooded really hard, and they just cast ugin on turn 8 and that's game.
    Game 3 I took out their land and surgicaled it. They bricked on lands and that's all she wrote.

    R5 Hollow One 2-1
    This was the BR version of hollow one.
    Game 1 I won, again, with a kaya ultimate, in a position where nothing else would have worked, they were at 12, I was on the ropes against an angler and multiple pheonix's, and drained them for 10, and hit them with 2 bitterblossom tokens. Felt great.
    Game 2 I died to pheonix's and a turn 2 hollow one.
    Game 3 We traded back and forth, I landed rest in peace, but bitterblossom got me down to 2 and we were both empty handed, luckily I drew a shambling vent, and faded a lightning bolt, and won. So I got kinda lucky.

    Kaya was great in this league. She obviously does nothing against tron, but gaining life was crucial, and she can take out swiftspears and flameblade adepts, as well as manage lingering souls pretty well. The ultimate is also a real tangible thing. Right now I think she deserves maindeck play, but I can see her being a sideboard option, with the potential unbanning of a certain card.

    bell-haunt was good, not amazing, but not bad either. I think it's a good middle ground between the sorins. The lifegain is important, and the discard is pretty gross, liliana into bell-haunt is great. It obviously doesn't line-up well against anglers and hollow ones, but it's good against swiftspears and bobs. I really wish it had deathtouch though. So it's good, I'll keep playing 3, I wouldn't mind going to 4 either.

    Kaya's wrath is nuts in this deck, there are times where bitterblossom isn't enough, and being able to kill everything, gain 2-3 life from your random tokens, and then allow blossom to take over the game is really strong. I kind of want to go to 4, but that might be too much with the ammount of combo in the format currently.

    Other notes:
    Collective brutality just isn't good right now imo, it doesn't do much against phoenix, it only kills a thing against humans (for potentially 3 mana too, yikes) and would rarely tag anything important against spirits, so I don't think I want it. I'd rather have kaya's wrath. You could argue that it's a duress effect as well, but bell-haunt does this better against burn, and we already have 7 targeted discard effects, as well as liliana, and bell-haunt against combo, not to mention some of that combo doesn't even get hit with brutality (kci), so I think I'm cutting it from my sideboard.
    I wanted to try out surgical over a rest in peace because I don't see alot of kci on mtgo, and I think with it potentially getting banned, surgical is going to be better since it hits pheonix's and can snag a tron land for the cost of nothing. But rest in peace is just a combo with kaya, and I really want to try to make that happen at least once lol.

    Here's what my sideboard will look like now.

    I kind of want anguished unmaking over fragmentize because it's an out to planeswalkers, but fragmentize is better against burn, and it's cheaper. It could also be disenchant, so it would hit hollow ones. So that's a card I'm unsure of.
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  • posted a message on BW Midrange/ "Deadguy Ale"
    Well, with the full ravnica allegiance set spoiled, let's talk about some possible additions.
    I'm honestly disappointed with the spoilers, I was expecting a "fixed" vindicate that didn't lava spike us, a good two drop, and a reprint of gerrard's verdict, but we didn't get any of those.

    Kaya, Orzhov Usurper
    At first glance I was really mad about this card when she got spoiled, but I'm starting to come around.
    I look at Kaya as a Scavenging Ooze with a little bit of Vraska, Golgari Queen, and Shrine of Burning Rage.
    Like ooze, Kaya keeps graveyards down while gaining life. Her upside here is that she can gain more life than ooze could, she has the potential to eat through a yard quicker, and she doesn't consume mana to use this ability. Obviously ooze is a threat in addition to it's ability, but so is Kaya with her ultimate. However just like ooze, she's probably not completely shutting down a graveyard strategy like dredge. Not being able to eat a yard at instant speed is also a ding against her.
    Her -1 actually hits something in most decks.
    Death's Shadow, Mox opal, vial, hierarch, champions, swiftspear, guide, amulet, around 30% of the hardened scales deck, flameblade adept, chalice of the void, and mausoleum wanderer are the biggest hits I can think of, but there are others. While she doesn't hit every deck with her -1, those are the ones that are affected by the +1.
    Her ultimate isn't particularly game-winning on it's own, but we do run paths and rest in peace, so it's more than achievable.
    So incremental life-gain and grave-hate, the possibility of exiling something, and a fireball all in one package. I think it's possible she's good, and it's worth testing her.

    Basilica Bell-Haunt
    I already posted about this card, so I won't go into length about it.
    It survives bolt, beats all of the threats out of the humans/spirits decks, gains us life (3 life is almost worth a card in modern, and it is worth a card in some matchups), and forcing discard means this is almost always a 2-1 at minimum, it's a 3-1 in alot of matchups.
    I will be testing 3 of this card.
    Another side-note about this card is that it does provide 4 devotion to Athreos, God of Passage, probably not a big deal, but this guy and any permanent with one blip turns it on.

    Kaya's Wrath
    I think this is better than Damnation for our deck, since we will have creatures on our board most of the time we wrath, recouping the life lost to bitterblossom and bob seems worth the color requirement.
    I will be testing 2 in the sideboard.

    Angel of Grace
    5 mana is alot and that might price this out of the deck.
    I have always wanted an extra sideboard slot for Angel's Grace in the board, just as a way to go "Surprise! Your combo does nothing!" to combo decks after they go all-in, then laugh maniacally as they start crying.
    Seriously though, this can stop lightning storm, grapeshot, valakut triggers (off of a scapeshift, titan will still kill you unfortunately), I think ther's probably a spot in the kci loop for you to drop her but I'm not sure.
    The main purpose for her though is that she can ambush pheonix's, humans, spirits, hollow ones, and many other threats, and eat them. She also at least trades with most threats. Having flash lets us mess up a control player's sequencing, although it is awkward with liliana in our deck. While 6 mana is alot, gaining 10 means gg for burn.
    She's probably not good enough, but there's potential for her.

    Font of Agonies
    I'm not sure we pay enough life for this to work, if only bob and bitterblossom were payments instead of losing life, this would be sick.

    So here's where I'm starting:

    I'm looking for input, let me know what you guys think.
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  • posted a message on New Quick Draft paper format modeled after Arena
    I'm not much of a limited guy, unless i'm testing for an event, but sideboarding isn't super important for limited.
    I am for this, limited should be best of one.
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  • posted a message on Windstorm Drake (Diário Planinauta preview)
    I am unreasonably excited for this card. I've been wanting to play a janky favorable winds deck in standard, and we are finally getting enough pieces to make it work.
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  • posted a message on Azorius Skyguard, Arrester's Admonition
    Arrestor's admonition seems great with goblin electromancer, but we already have blink of an eye which can be cast for 2, so this is just limited fodder.
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  • posted a message on Ethereal Absolution
    Quote from MarkXero »
    Soooo... you exile a creature from a graveyard and get a spirit token for it. Which is letting the dead be dead... how exactly? Dead, but for the Orzhov? Really not quite grasping the flavour of this.
    Mechanically though - yup; a permanent Zealous Persecution is a very welcome thing.

    I am not reading the story at all, so I could be wrong about this.
    I think this is kaya releasing the souls that have debts to the orzhov (thus orzhov slaves essentially). I guess it's just her trying to destroy the orzhov's power from the inside.

    As for the card, it's good, but probably too expensive for standard. This seems to be on the power level of profane procession, in that it's really expensive, but it just demolishes a certain archetype, so it'll probably see play in a sideboard as a one or two of. I could see a world where this becomes a one-of maindeck in abzan, since we have llanowar elves and druid of the cowl, but it's probably too expensive for that.
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  • posted a message on [RNA] Revival // Revenge
    I kinda wish the card was just revival so I could play it in modern and not get absolutely thrashed by a bob trigger lol. This is really cool in standard though, bring back a knight of autumn, militia bugler, plaguecrafter, plague mare, that zombie knight, there's a lot of potential here.
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  • posted a message on Angel of Grace
    This thing is brutal, flash means it's going to eat a threat, and gaining 10 is worth a card against a lot of decks, this could easily be a 3-1. It's probably better than lyra right now because it has flash, which means you don't lose a lot of tempo to ravenous Chupacabra (although it's still bad against chups).
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  • posted a message on Quent (Mana leak-lite)
    Pretty sure you just play this as a 4 of right? Seems better than negate and scatter because it's not so narrow, this is especially better in a Bo1 meta. This is at least better than scatters and negates in the drakes deck. I can see hard control decks not wanting this though.
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  • posted a message on BW Midrange/ "Deadguy Ale"
    After testing this idea a bunch, I have to say that I don't think it's in a good place right now. Not being able to play stony silence is really rough.
    Honestly BW in general is just lacking to much to be a deck outside of the hatebears version.

    We really need a good two drop threat, I personally think they're going to unban stoneforge mystic in the next b&r announcement. If that's the case then we might be able to make this a good deck again.

    Another card that might be intresting in a jund-esque version of this deck would be the newly spoiled Basilica Bell-Haunt.
    One of the biggest issues with the midrange version that I've had is the lack of a well-rounded 4 drop. The contenders seem to be both sorins and Gideon. The issue with solemn visitor is that while he is amazing with a board full of creatures, he just makes a 2/2 and gets bolted or attacked down (because a 2/2 isn't holding off anything really). The issue with lord of innistrad is that he just isn't fast enough without a board full of creatures, his emblem is really good though, and he pluses to make a guy, that's why I think he's currently our best 4 drop, but, like solemn visitor, he doesn't do much if you are behind, and his tokens don't fly which makes it hard to protect him. Gideon makes 2/2's which don't line up well with most decks, and he doesn't gain life. He's great against midrange and control, but not good against anything else really.
    Bell-Haunt's body is relevant because it walls off humans and doesn't die to bolt. Gaining life is super important in our deck because of bob and bitterblossom (I think bitterblossom is way too good for this deck to not run it honestly), and this buffs our life in a bolt-heavy meta. The discard is also important in our grindier games. I will at least test this as a 3-of if we solve the 2 drop problem.
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  • posted a message on Prime Speaker Vannifar - Command Zone Preview
    The chain would look more like this:
    T1 land, birds.
    T2 land
    T3 land, Vannifar
    T4 (with counter mana available) pod away birds for scryb ranger, untap Vannifar, pod ranger for renegade rallier get back ranger untap Vannifar, pod ranger for exarch untap Vannifar, pod rallier for angel blink exarch untap Vannifar, pod angel for Kiki

    You could even kill on turn 3 if you had something that could grant haste to vannifar that you could cast turn 2 like goblin motivator, I'm sure there's better options though.
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  • posted a message on Prime Speaker Vannifar - Command Zone Preview
    Quote from Shabmaster1 »
    Ok here's the combo for modern.

    Any two drop ->
    Village Bell-Ringer or Deceiver Exarch or Pestermite or Bounding Krasis - untaps her ->
    Restoration Angel - untaps her ->
    Karmic Guide - Resurrect Restoration Angel - Untap Van - Sac Restoration ->
    Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker - Copy Karmic Guide with kiki - Return Resto Angel to Play - Use Restoration to blink and untapped Kiki - then use the Kiki Jiki restoration angel loop to create infinite angels and win on the spot.

    Somebody needs to build a shell for this.

    The shell already exists, kiki-pod decks were a thing back in the day.
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  • posted a message on Prime Speaker Vannifar - Command Zone Preview
    Kind of makes me wonder if this brings back the pod decks in modern. If there's a way to cast this and give it hast turn 3, it's possible. Heck just using this on turn 4 (after casting turn 3) will still give you the turn 4 kill. This should have cost one mana to activate or something, I mean that would still make it great for commander, but not modern playable.
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  • posted a message on Gutterbones (LRR Preview)
    One important thing to note is that this can block.
    However, these sort of effects have never been great, so I'm not too hyped about this card.
    This and diregraf ghoul give enough one drops to make a black heavy aggro deck work though, so that's something.
    This kind of works well with rix maadi reveler too since you can just discard this guy if you have to play it without the spectacle cost.
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