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  • posted a message on Help with graveyard strategy
    For almost as long as I have been playing commander, I have been trying to make a graveyard deck. I've tinkered around with many commanders and many variants of graveyard decks, from reanimator to recursion. However, I cant ever seem to get it to work right. The decks always seem to have alot of setting up to do for very little payoff, and feels very fragile, like one bojuka bog or relic of p. shuts down the whole deck. It also feels like I get run over by any aggressive commander like animar or purphoros.
    Is there maybe a card or a key piece of the strategy that I am missing? Or am I not playing the right commander? Or is this kind of the consession when playing graveyard decks? Any help is greatly appreciated.
    My graveyard decks have been:
    Tasigur, the golden fang
    Sedris, the traitor king
    Marchesa, the black rose
    Gitrog monster
    Karador, ghost chieftain
    Posted in: Commander (EDH)
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