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    posted a message on New Challenge Everyday S2 (12/17/18)(???)

    I barely had time to hop on the site. I need someone else to post the main Challenge and Score post below this.

    I would also like to add a rule:


    My life is simply becoming too unpredictable to be able to do this consistantly.

    Sorry guys
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    posted a message on New Challenge Everyday S2 (12/10/18)(Tribute)

    true true


    slowly learning, ill get there
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    posted a message on Salvation's SCCT/OCaaT - Single Card Ideas By YOU!
    "Um, the card says, "FORM your graveyard". Just saying"

    But overall, the card is very versatile for red, in my opinion, turning into either a recurring burn spell or a recurring blocker, depending on the situation. I do believe that the cost for discarding could stand to be 1 less, so that it can stack up with Shock.

    Also, I would make the "Return to hand" cost RRR, as it doesn't seem to good at the current cost. Even with those two adjustments, its 4 mana for 2 damage each time, or 6 mana for a 2/2, so it is not incredibly broken

    Time for mine:

    Pen and Paper 1
    Artifact (M)
    At the beginning of your upkeep, each player puts a +1/+1 counter on target creature they control and draw a card. Then, if your life total is equal to or less than half of your starting life total, transform ~
    Some wars are won with the diplomat speaking words of peace...
    Shield and Sword
    Creatures you control have lifelink and double strike
    ...and others are won when the knight stabs the diplomat
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    posted a message on New Challenge Everyday: Start of Season 2 (12/1/2018)(Monarch)
    Hi! If you did the "New Challenge Everyday Revival" with void_nothing, seeing me at the helm of another season may be a surprise to you. But they gave me permission(probably) so here we go...

    First off, after counting the points, the top 3 for Season 1 are...

    1ST: Raptorchan with 48 overall votes
    2ND: void_nothing with 45 votes
    3RD: Antiantiserum with 37 votes

    Now that that's out of the way:

    Welcome to the New Challenge Every Day Card Contest

    Today's challenge:

    Rules of the Game

    This contest is a hybrid of the DCC and IIW/winner is judge games like Club Flamingo. If you are unfamiliar with either of those the rules for this contest will be explained below.

    Anyone can enter each day.

    To enter:
    1. Post a card that fits the current challenge.
    2. In the same post, name exactly two other players to vote for their entries for the previous challenge.
    3. It is recommended you include a potential new challenge ("IIW") in your post.

    Each day we use the challenge of the player with the most votes on the previous day who included a challenge. In the case of a tie, we use the challenge of the tied player who posted first.

    Votes you receive each day go to your points for the duration of the contest (currently planned to be two weeks/14 days). The top overall scorer(s) at the end of this period will be the winner(s).
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    posted a message on [Card Creation League] CCL Discussion Thread
    ok! I'll have a theme and schedule up for next month ASAP,
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    posted a message on The One Word Card Game
    All or Nothimg 2C
    Choose all but 3 colored permanents, then exile

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    posted a message on Anagram A Card
    Transfer Roms W
    As a additional cost to this spell, upload another card from your hand
    Put an uploaded card you own into your hand

    (Uploaded cards are in exile face up. It's owner may pay 3 to put an uploaded card in their hand)


    Yank my chain
    Over the top
    You can't always get what you want
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