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  • posted a message on Jori En - Izzet Cantrips
    I'm running a version of this with a few variations. I've got a pretty big collection, but I was missing several of the cantrips, and all of the fetchlands. I'm running Millikin since I'm not going to get to shuffle my library as much. I'm also running Magmatic Insight, which has been really nice if I draw it late, and not terrible if I draw it early as long as I already have blue available.

    Success has been variable. Without the constant shuffling, and draw from the fetchlands things like Brainstorm and Future Sight aren't nearly as good. Delve is also worse, but I'm having to run more of it including Temporal Trespass.

    My suggestion to people trying to run this is that it's an extremely tight list. You can sub the cantrips, but trying to do it without fetchlands is rough.
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  • posted a message on Zedruu the Greatest Of All Time
    Smothering Tithe is clearly too good not to run in this deck. The number of cards it has synergy with is kind of nuts. Unfortunately March of the Machines is some real anti-synergy. The obvious thing to sub in is Mechanized Production, but the synergy there is TOO strong. I'm trying to think of a package I can add that doesn't shut off Tithe, but doesn't kill everyone the turn after I drop Tithe. Any thoughts?

    Master of Etherium? Something something Scrap Trawler? The Antiquities War?

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  • posted a message on Who are the deck building geniuses of Commander?
    Back in the days before I played Commander I would always look at decks by Adrian Sullivan. He's just amazing at finding synergies, and taking decks in unexpected directions. Now that I play Commander almost exclusively I look at Cobblepot's decks the same way. Other people I pay attention to are ISBPathfinder, and tstorm623.

    Who do you think are the tech gods of this format?
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  • posted a message on Best Black Politics general?
    Mathas Fiend Seeker isn't bad. He lends himself to an "arms dealer" group hug approach using Akroan Horse/ Hunted Dragontype cards. However as I play him more and more I wish he was Queen Marchesa. EDH players prefer to use exile effects because there's so much recursion, and exile doesn't trigger the bounty ability he gives. I'm lucky if I draw two cards off him a game.

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned Thantis the Warweaver. It seems about a month ago the world was full of attempts to make her work, but she seems to have disappeared.
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  • posted a message on Zedruu the Greatest Of All Time
    First off let me say that I love this deck. I've had more fun playing it than anything else I've touched. Unfortunately my playgroup seems to be moving in a more competitive direction, and about a week ago I found myself on the receiving end of a turn 3 Hatred. Then the next game I drew a handful of 4 and 5 drops, and the game was out of control by turn 5 with no way to come back from it.

    Can you suggest some way of lowering the mana curve of the deck, while still retaining the fun jigsaw puzzle nature of it? If you had to cut one of the 4 card win combos and replace it with something a little lower to the ground what would you do?
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