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  • posted a message on Burn
    Finished 3rd place today, with the same score as the winner:

    1st: Rock 0-2

    First time playing against this deck, thought it was Jund at first but it was different. Couldn't surpass the swarm of removal/lifegain and losing to myself with mulligans and bad hands. He got lucky 2nd game again, 2x6 lifegain from na unknown card.

    2nd game: Jund Death's Shadow 2-1

    First game I almost won but ended up losing it. 2nd game I had the triple guide hand and it was beautiful. 3rd game I don't remembre.

    3rd game: Ponza 2-0

    Two quick wins with decent hands, he couldn't do much besides destroying my lands and toy with Chandra, Torch of Defiance a bit.

    4rd game: Blitz 2-0

    Played 4 Searing Blazes game 1, neutralizing all his threats. 2nd game managed to win the race by killing some swiftpears and going upstairs with the other spells.
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  • posted a message on Burn
    3rd FNM victory, this time with my mono red sideboard since I forgot the boros side at home:

    1st: Soul Sisters 2-1
    I had to drible quite a lot of lifegain and, with no skullcracks, managed two quick wins with decent hands. Her game, the second one, was a goyf smash with one or two ajanis. I'm getting quite the legend at my LGS'S for a bunch of wins against seemingly impossible matchups.

    2nd: Elves 2-0

    Bolted archdruid game 1 and raced for another easy win. Game 2 sided in 2 Volcanic Fallouts and, with a big grin, watched as 7-10 elves each time kept falling as the fallouts kept showing up.

    3rd: Bogles 1-2

    Leyline of Sanctity and coronet bogle game 1. I didn't stand a chance. My only hope would be Deflecting Palm (since I don't have bridges), but I had forgotten them at home. Game 2 was a fun one: He kept an hand with LoS but no threats, and i was able to deploy a crappy ratchet bom turn 6 or 7 to destroy it. Game 3 was game 1 all over again.

    4rd: Titanshift 2-0

    I haven't lost a match against this deck for some reason, I don't think the matchup is that lopsided in my favor. Two quick wins with decent hands.

    Semifinals: Mardu Death's Shadow 2-1

    Screwed up big time game one. Kept a hand with one land and few 1 cmc spells, oh and it was a Canyon. Won game 2 and 3 by easily sandbagging the burn spells to kill him in one shot.

    Final: Hardened Scales 2-1

    Fast hand ensured he didn't stand a chance game 1. Game 2 was more interesting. He was able to combo off with ballista and hit me for 60 damage. The final game was first game all over again.
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  • posted a message on Burn
    I managed to win my 2nd FNM yesterday, after a few months of inactivity. It was almost 100€ in prizes and I am pretty happy about my performance:

    1st game: humans
    I had never won a match against humans. Lost the coin flip but won the first game in less than a minute with an explosive hand. I could have won 2-0 but attacked with both swiftspear and guide with a champion of the parish and two vials in play at 14 life, and my opponent managed to attack for exactly 14 the next turn, I still make many more mistakes face to face than online. 3rd game I had another explosive hand and finished the game pretty quickly.

    2nd game: b/w control


    I had never won against b w control either at store tournaments. My opponent wasn't the most proficient with the deck I think. I managed to get in with creatures early and then sanbagged some burn to kill him in one shot. It was surprisingly easy. He resolved a timely reinforcements while at 14 life with a guide in play and, with no skullcrack or firecrafts, I still managed to win that game.

    3rd game: titanshift


    Lost the coin flip for the 3rd time, but managed to score two quick wins with decent hands, it was surprisingly easy.
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  • posted a message on Mono-Red Aggro
    I've been playing some version of this deck at my LGS's, I've managed to place 2nd once and won some packs, but not much else. The version I tried with Spitfires had Ghitu instead of Scorch and Skewer instead of Frenzies, it helped me in that top finish but in the following tournament they just kept removing it, otherwise they would be dead the next turn. I think Scorch helps Spitfire, but I'm not too sure about playing this version again over more "traditional" mono-red. I still kinda prefer this over Cavalcade, which I play in Arena, because of the mid and late game of Frenzy. What do you think?

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  • posted a message on Burn
    I've been rocking this deck at my LGS's, I've top 8'ed 5 times, with a 3rd place and a FNM win with worse cards than the current version, which is almost complete:

    What do you think of this version, considering my meta is mostly blind and changes everyday?
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  • posted a message on [$70] Budget Modern Burn
    I've been messing around with this deck in MTGO for the past few weeks, spent something like 10$ on it:

    What do you think of it? I don't feel comfortable with Shrine of Burning Rage.
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  • posted a message on Burn
    Yeah Grim is good, but I doubt he's playable in the no fetches monored build. I'll eventually just spend 100$ for fetches and Eidolon to be able to compete, you can't expect very much from a 10$ deck (if I played Sparks instead of Guides it would be less than 5$ ahah) but I'm so enthusiastic about my results (like 1 loss for every 3 wins, many of them in tournament practice) that I wanted to compete with a budget build. I guess I'll feel a big difference if I upgrade to Boros and add Eidolon, right?
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  • posted a message on Burn
    Thanks for the feedback, I think that in some matchups the creatures actually help, like for example against Leyline of Sanctity: I won a match with Keldon and Hellspark against a card which costs more than my entire deck because Leyline didn't turn 80% of my cards almost useless, I had more answers with them.

    What do you think of Shrine of Burning Rage? I guess it's slow and probably terrible if they have anything against artifacts, but the deck lacks a finisher and I've seen Shrine online in a deck which won a tournament...

    Edit: And nothing feels better than when the opponent is about to gain like 17 life with creatures with lifelink and/or spells and Skullcrack ends up winning you the game and being worth 20 points of damage...
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  • posted a message on Burn
    Yeah I just put 2 sulfuric vortexes back on the deck, and I definitely like them better than Skullcrack. I'm going to get Flame Rift for the 2 cmc slot, together with Vortex it can be dangerous against aggro, but I don't play against aggro much in Legacy, it's either a 3th or 4th turn win for me with Fireblast or a total loss against Combo mostly, which is too fast for burn; do you have any advice on winning against something like reanimator or belcher? I guess Vortex helps against Giselbrand (but only if you play it on time, they're usually online on the 1st turn), but it doesn't against Iona and I have yet to find an answer for belcher and co. I spent like 10$ on the deck (mostly on Guides, if I played Spark Elemental instead the deck would cost less than 5$), guess you can't ask much for that amount of money, specially when you're up against decks which can cost 100x as much...
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  • posted a message on Burn

    I've been rocking this mono red burn deck in MTGO for a few weeks. I can win a surprising number of matches in tournament practice. I didn't try competing in tournaments already because I'm not going to spent money on the entrance if the deck isn't at full speed, plus fetches and Eidolon are kind of expensive. I was wondering if it wouldn't be more efficient to run HellSpark/Keldon Marauders in place of Magma Jet and Skullcrack, I've tried the Sligh version, I don't like the lack of synergy with Monastery Swiftspear, but I also feel that, without those 2, the deck lacks reach.

    I'll probably switch Ball Lightning on the sideboard and 1 or 2 Fallout's for another card, what do you suggest (besides Surgical Extraction, I don't feel like paying for that...)
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  • posted a message on Burn

    I've been messing around with this deck in MTGO for a few weeks, was wondering if you could give me any feedback on it. I use Skullcrack because Sulfuric Vortex is slow and it's hard to trample lifegain, plus I don't have any alternatives on the 2cmc slot. I wanted to start playing in tournaments but Eidolon is kind of expensive and I don't want to start competing if the deck isn't at full speed. Most top 8 decklists I see online play him, do you think he's essential in Legacy?
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