Ultimate Masters: MMI Review
Magic Market Index for Dec 7th, 2018
Magic Market Index for Nov 30th, 2018
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    Well written guide. I agree with most of it though I am pondering your sideboarding strategy against golgari. Once you cut 6/8 wizards from your deck, your wizard's lightning loses much of it's fervor. It will usually just be a 3 mana lightning bolt.

    My sideboarding strategy for this matchup would be to take out the wizard's lightning together with 3/4 viashino pyromancers and leave in the shock. In my current build I run 4 lava coil in the sideboard so all pyromancers go out. Note that ghitu lavarunner is still a viable 1 mana threat since your instant and sorcery count stays about the same. It's not a stellar card in the matchup but there isn't a better alternative in the current 75.
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