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  • posted a message on Modern Spirits
    1) I stopped playingGeist in the main. There are too many decks where you have to take them out ocasionally.I better keep theim in the side against Control and Tron decks
    2) 3x Thalia IS A MUST IN THE MAIN!
    3) Cut 1x Phantasmal Image, 1 Reflector Mage or a Land and add FOURTH Drogskol Captain! How can you not play a full set of them in a spirit deck????
    4) 3x Rest in Peace is too much. 2x is more than enough unless you expect to see many Dredge decks. Cut 1x RiP for an additional Eidolon of Rhetoric. You can also cut 1x Damping Sphere for 1x Grafdigger's Cage. Its very helpful against Phoenix decks and it synergises well with your Moorland Haunt allowing you to spam spirits exiling creatures from your graveyard
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  • posted a message on Modern Spirits
    ok, now some serious question guys. How to side against Humans?
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  • posted a message on Modern Spirits
    I would like to share my deck with you and some thoughts after a big Modern event we held not that long ago

    First I'd like to start with my thoughts about the deck in general. First and foremost I personally think that UW build is the best Spirit build out there. Its more tribal oriented and much more sideboard viable. It's a perfect example of a Tempo deck with all kinds of tools to beat any kind of archetype out there in the Modern world. Especially the sideboard. My sideboard is tweaked to fight pretty much any deck out there. Be it control, aggro or combo. A few cards in the sideboard can also be substituted according to the local metagame.

    20 lands is more than enough that you need to comfortably play the game. A bit overlanding wont harm cause it will allow you to play your creatures and keep some mana for the spells. By the time I write this Iam thinking of mayyybe cutting 1x land for another Path to Exile but Iam not certain about it yet.

    Well, here comes the sweetest part. Deputy of Detention is a sick card by itself. A creature with a Detention Sphere effect which can target any card on the battlefield is INSANE! Since I added 2x copies my overall pressure during the game and viability rose immnensly! A MUST HAVE in any creature deck out there. I'am even thinking of addind another copy to the main or sideboard. The card is just to good not to play it.
    I also tested with TIthe Takerin the main and my results were not so good with it. First, the guy rarely dies. Usually it gets exiled and I dont get a spirit creature in return. Second,the tax mode during my turn doesnt really effect my opponent. If I drop him turn 2, the opp will just crack the fetch in responce. If I drop it later my opp will have enough lands to play around it. So its pretty much a dead-effect card in most of the game. No synergies what'so'ever.. so I brought back 2x Remorseful Cleric instead the to the main.
    As far as Geist of Saint Traft goes, well, this guy is not maindeckable. People put him in the main due to the insane amount for controll decks out there. Now, there is no purpose to have him in the main.. well, unless you have a Tron/Control local meta.
    The rest of the creature base is quite similar to other lists. Best spirits in one deck for your opponent to deal with.

    I used to run 4 copies of Path to Exile but recently I ran into so many articels about how good Echoing Truth was that I decided to run it main and it works incredibly fine. There is no match that this card would be dead in your hand. Its an allaround solution to any threat out there. Of cource, Path to Exile can be crucial from time to time (thats why I am thinking of cutting 1x more land to fit it in) but as I always say - we mostly rely on our creatures not spells

    I dont have much to say about it. Its tweaked vs any deck in Modern. The only thing I am being curious is how to side against Humans. Kira, Great Glass-Spinner may not be enough. I would also like to see another Deputy of Detention and Nebelgast Herald in this match but unfortunatly I dont have any space to spare in my sideboard at the moment. I would like to hear a piece of advice on it from you guys

    There are two decks that I think matches against are tough for us
    1) Infect
    Turn 4 kill is horrible. Very hard to deal with, very hard to counter and almost impossible to block unless they attack us with their lands

    2) Elves
    These guys spamm a huge amount of elve power to the battlefield as soon as turn 3 and later help themselves out with Collected Company
    There isnt much we can do about it. Our only hope is if our opponent's plan for a quick win somehow will be disrupted by a misplay or a bad draw.

    Talking about current modern Tier 1-2 - I dont see a deck which can overrun us completly dead here.
    UR Phoenix can be tough sometimes but we are pretty much as fast as them.
    Amulet Titan? Stop kidding me, this deck is way too slow
    Shadow? Well, a resolved Liliana or some kind of mass removal in the main or sideboard can make our life tough but its still winnable.
    Tron? Well, even if he hits Tron turn 3 we still have a gap in 1-2 turns to finish him off. It will all depend on your start. If you start slow you lose. Ive been in situations with Tron where Iam leaving him with 1 life left and no option to take it after he resolved Ugin and Karn..

    Well, I hope my take on the archetype will be usefull to some.
    Anyway, I would like to hear your thoughts about my build, matchups and sideboarding.
    Thank you
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  • posted a message on Modern Spirits
    Iam still not commited that Esper List is playable one. UW is the most viable and BANT is the most AGGRO. Even though Iam sure any list can win you a gameday or even a big event, you still should choose UW or BANT list to go for a 1st Place
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  • posted a message on Modern Spirits
    Thank you Streex. It has actually cleared my head now. Even though you said some obvious things but it really did help. Thank You!
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  • posted a message on Modern Spirits
    I would like to hear a piece of advice from you guys.
    Second game is on and my opponent sides 2-3 Anger of the Gods. Its fourth Turn and I have a Spell Qualler in hand. Shall I play it in the end of his turn to keep the pressure or save it in case of Anger of the God?
    Which way is the best way to play?
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  • posted a message on Modern Spirits
    So, if an opponent casts a spell and leaves no mana open, and while its still on the stack I vial Tithe Taker - his spell will not resolve?
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  • posted a message on Modern Spirits
    Alan Swan finished second with UW Spirit build.


    As you guys can see he used 2 Tithe Taker and 2 Deputy of Detention.
    I think going hard on Thalia 3x is a bit too much. Two is more than enough. One of them can be replaced by remorseful cleric.
    Also I am not sure about 1x Echoing truth main and 20 lands. Id rather keep 4x PTE

    Hope to hear your thoughts about it
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  • posted a message on Modern Spirits
    how to post a deck here??
    Help please
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