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    Quote from Prid3 »

    Any chance we're going to see any more set reviews from you? You know you love writing them and there are some of us who gobble up in the information. Or is it an end of an era?

    I stopped loving it which is why I haven't written them for the past couple of sets. I used to do it "for me" so to speak but now it feels like a chore. This is exacerbated by the limited activity on this forum because it wouldn't feel nearly as bad if I knew that my reviews were reaching significant portions of the MP community. I'm not trying to change lives or anything, my motives are all selfish in nature, but when the forum gets 5 posts per week it's difficult for me to justify putting in the hours to write a review. I don't have that much fun writing them and it feels like a waste of time since so few people actually read it.

    I've been considering doing it for EDH instead because that's what most people (myself included) seem to play for multiplayer. I never liked doing EDH reviews because the market felt flooded and I didn't know anyone other than me doing it for non-EDH MP but the level of activity of this forums proves that there isn't much demand for this type of content. I'm also a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to certain things and many people are producing fantastic video content that are well produced and edited.

    I have been following your reviews since 2015 when I got back to playing Magic, I've always been a fan of your reviews and it's one the reasons why I still access this forum to this day. Since then I've transitioned from playing 60 cards to EDH. So, if anything...one day you decide to start reviewing for EDH, I for one would be really glad to follow then. Heck even if it's for 60 card format, I would still read them, since they've been helping for so long in commander.
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