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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] The "Evaluate Everything" Project
    Quote from Humphrey01 »
    Didn't see a placement for Vicious Offering in 2cmc black noncreature. I would assume borderline since we have 3 different instant speed -3 and -4 toughness spells at 2cmc, not to mention plenty of nonblack/nonartifact or basically indescriminate creature removal between 2 and 3 cmc.

    card seems really bad since we have multiple Spark Harvest at cmc1 and doom blades at cmc2

    Instant speed helps but I noticed a few other spells around borderline that are comparable. It's possible that the whole group of less playable black removal needs to get shifted down to bad due to the amount of competition though.
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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] The "Evaluate Everything" Project
    Didn't see a placement for Vicious Offering in 2cmc black noncreature. I would assume borderline since we have 3 different instant speed -3 and -4 toughness spells at 2cmc, not to mention plenty of nonblack/nonartifact or basically indescriminate creature removal between 2 and 3 cmc.
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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] The "Evaluate Everything" Project
    I'm trying a few things from Throne of Eldraine and Theros Beyond Death. I won't give ratings because I'll be flamed to death but I'll give some thoughts for giving them a trial run.

    Throne of Eldraine
    Beloved Princess - Pseudo-evasive creature with lifelink. Trying to support enchantments with TBD, so this seemed like it would be fun to stack auras on.

    Forever Young - There are lots of good recursion spells out there but I'm trying this one out alongside similar but different variations. Stacking your deck with any number of relevant guests was extremely good at the prereleases and getting one to hand immediately is par for the course. Would be better at instant speed.

    Rimrock Knight // Boulder Rush - combat trick/2 dmg to face and/or an aggressive 2 drop seems playable.

    Searing Barrage - more expensive searing blaze that can deal with some of the bigger creatures.

    Silverflame Squire // On Alert - See Rimrock knight. Makes Wingsteed Rider and Akroan Skyguard a little better.

    Tuinvale Treefolk // Oaken Boon - Not sold on this one but I'm at a loss for interesting green fatties. Early game +1/+1 counters to lay beats then a big fatty later feels OK.

    Weapon Rack - Strictly worse reverse Serrated Arrows. Still interesting, playable in any color, and combos well with bounce effects.

    Witching Well - cheap scry for early game, draw cards for late game. Another one I'm not sold on, probably better as an Opt or Preordain, etc.

    Theros Beyond Death
    Deny the Divine - Slightly narrow counter that exiles. My black has some heavy recursion so it seems reasonable for me.

    Final Flare - Instant speed 5 to a creature for 3 and sac a creature or enchantment. I think my sacrifice suite needs work but this one is good for it.

    Ilysian Caryatid - 2cmc dorks usually arent great but this has the ability to make 2 mana and color fixes.

    Incendiary Oracle - a bear that pumps and exiles things that die the turn it deals damage to them. Playable against black recursion and isn't a completely dead draw later on.

    Infuriate - strictly worse Brute Strength

    Lampad of death's vigil - Sacrifice outlet that drains oppo for 1. 1/3 body feels playable as a more control centered sac theme.

    Nyxborn Brute - 7/3 for 5. lul.

    Omen of the _____ - The blue one is probably strictly better than witching well. All of the others seem great. 3cmc raise the alarm, 2cmc shock, 3cmc rampant growth, 1cmc (same as the original) raise dead. All with flash, all with 3 mana: scry 2.

    Pharika's libation - 3 cmc edict that can hit enchantments instead of creatures.

    Soulreaper of Mogis - strictly worse skullclamp but has a 2/3 body and can let you eat tokens or persist creatures for cards.

    Underworld Charger - 3cmc 3/3 can't block that is recurrable as a 5cmc 5/5 can't block.

    Voracious Typhon - 4cmc 4/4 that is recurrable as a 7cmc 7/7

    Thoughts on the above picks?
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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] The "Evaluate Everything" Project
    Played in the prerelease over the weekend and got bored at work so I took a look at anything I found interesting. Trying to be a bit more critical and comparing new cards to existing assessments. Feel free to make corrections to any of these.

    • Aeromunculous - Cubable - 2/3 Flying for 3 that can become a 3/4 on the next turn. 1 less power than Drakewing Krasis but 2 more toughness. Requires a larger investment than Beetleform Mage but is permenant and nearly as big - Also comes with flying.
    • Faerie Duelist - Cubable - 1/2 Flying for 2 that gives a creature -2/-0 UEoT. Not especially aggressive but kills up to 3/1's and gives you a chump blocker or blocks 1/1's for days.
    • Final Payment - Borderline - Unrestricted creature removal with a 5 life or sac a creature drawback. Could be abused if you have heavy lifelink support, token generation, or creatures with afterlife?
    • Frenzied Arynx - Cubable/Staple? - Strictly better Rhox Brute. Can be a 3/3 Haste Trample or 4/4 Trample for 4. Overpriced firebreathing as an extra bonus.
    • Rubblebelt Recluse - Cubable/Borderline - 6/5 for 5. Strictly better than Lathnu Sailback. Attacks each turn but probably should anyways.
    • Lawmage's Binding - Cubable - Harder to cast Arrest with Flash
    • Ill-Gotten Inheritance - Cubable? - Rediculous in 2HG but a 2 life swing on each of your turns seems ok unless it gets removed. 8 Life swing for 5 mana to finish off the game if needed.
    • Grasping Thrull - Cubable/Borderline? - 3/3 Flying for 5 that drains opponents for 3 and gains you 3. Better if you plan to do multiplayer. Orzhov has a lot of good staples so this might not be playable, despite the beefy evasive body.
    • Savage Smash - Borderline - Prey upon with +2/+2 stapled onto it for 3CMC. Seems ok but sorcery speed holds it back and pit fight costs 2 less and only 1 colored mana.
    • Titanic Brawl - Cubable - Prey Upon at instant speed at it's best and Pounce at it's worst.
    • Undercity's Embrace - Borderline/Bad - Overcosted Diabolic Edict with possible life gain stapled on. Not terrible but with the amount of quality black removal, it doesn't do anything special.
    • Vizkopa Vampire - Borderline - 3/1 Lifelink for 3 is ok but like Grasping Thrull, I think there is too much competition in Orzhov to make this guy playable. Lots of cards that can easily kill X/1's as well.
    • Wrecking Beast - Cubable/Borderline - a 6/6 Haste Trample or 7/7 Trample for 7CMC are both reasonable. Compares closest to Duskdale Wurm in green (Borderline) and can't find a real close comparison for the haste option.
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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] The "Evaluate Everything" Project
    Am I that far off? I think I might be a little bit liberal, shown by the split ratings, but I the ratings are mostly based off of existing cards. Do you have any specific reasons to knock my ratings down?
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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] The "Evaluate Everything" Project
    Took a look at some cards out of Guilds that I thought looked interesting at first glance. Would love to hear some feedback. Also making some edits to include other cards that don't seem to be mentioned yet.

    Healer's Hawk - Staple/Cubable. Turn 1 Evasion and Lifelink on a small body is fine. Gets increasingly better with auras and equipment, especially when the opponent needs to spend removal to kill your 1 drop.
    Parhelion Patrol - Cubable. Similar to Abzan Skycaptain except with 1 more toughness, vigilance, and a worse ability. Instead of giving 2 +1/+1 counters on your lowest toughness creature, puts 1 on an attacker with 1 or less power. Probably balances out.

    Dimir Informant - Cubable/Borderline. I feel like this sits somewhere between Sea Gate Oracle and Sailor of Means. Good defensive body with Surveil 2, which can be extremely powerful with graveyard synergy like Stitched Drake, Delve cards, or reanimate effects.

    Spinal Centipede - Cubable. 3/2 Vanilla for 3 isn't terrible nor exciting, but it adds a +1/+1 counter to something else when it dies and you could potentially recur and cast him multiple times.
    Deadly Visit - Borderline. 5CC removals at sorvery speed are generally bad but Surveil feel like a sweet keyword. Probably still overcosted though.

    Rubblebelt Boar - Borderline. Hill Giants are a dime a dozen and the ETB ability isn't backbreaking nor reusable. Not super exciting.
    Bull-Rush Bruiser - Cubable. 4/3 for 4 is fine and Warrior is a very relevant creature type to activate First Strike. It might not always be activated depending on your cube makeup, but I think that's fine.

    Siege Worm - Cubable. Not good if you're paying the full cost but a 5/5 trampler for 6 (Giant Wrathog/Moss Kami) is Borderline; for 5CC is at Least Cubable (see Colossapede); and 4 or less is a staple. May not help if you're behind but if you're ahead or the board is stalled, this could give you the push you need.

    Whisper Agent - Staple/Cubable. Hybrid mana is super flexible and even without flying, a 3/2 with flash for 3 feels great as a pseduo removal spell blocker or pseudo haste attacker. Surveil is just icing on the cake.
    Artful Takedown - Cubable. Instant speed, modal, and able to deal with up to two large-sized creatures seems really good. 4CC feels bad but this is reminiscent of Agony Warp to me.

    Sumala Woodshaper - Borderline. The 2/1 body is bad but digging 4 for an enchantment or creature in a creature-centric format feels pretty decent. Gets better if Selesnya Auras is a pushed archetype.
    Rosemane Centaur - Cubable. At 5CC, very similar in power to borderline Armored Wolf-Rider. Same sort of arguement as Siege Worm in green.

    Hammer Dropper - Cubable/Borderline. Looking at Kranioceros/Ordruun Commando, they have similar P/T and CMC but a way to keep them alive. I think Hammer Dropper could be insane with a couple weenies on the field and combat tricks in hand to keep him alive and swinging.

    Rhizome Lurcher - Staple. 4CC for a 2/2 is bad but in the colors of graveyard shenanigans, I think this guy could easily be a better Blastoderm/Imperiosaur.

    Skittering Surveyor - Borderline. Does kill X/1's but really only helps to smooth out land drops. Similar to Pilgrim's Eye but feels more defensive than a possible beater with evasion.
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