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  • posted a message on Masterpieces
    Quote from Jace23 »
    Will I be able to purchase them in Europe?

    I'm going to try and buy one. I can't see any problems with them shipping to Europe.
    I think the biggest problem will actually be getting through the checkout before they are all sold out.

    I'm going to give it a shot though.
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  • posted a message on Ixalan Binding and return from graveyard effects
    Quote from Lithl »
    Returning a creature from your graveyard to the battlefield with an effect such as Liliana, Death's Majesty's -3 ability is not casting the creature, so Ixalan's Binding can't prevent it.

    Casting a spell means to move it from wherever it is to the stack (which is a zone, like the battlefield is). When all players pass priority, the top object on the stack resolves and if it's a permanent spell it would go to the battlefield. Ixalan's Binding prevents you from doing that first step of moving the card to the stack, but reanimating a creature skips the stack entirely.

    Perfect, thanks for that. Clears it up perfectly.
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  • posted a message on Ixalan Binding and return from graveyard effects

    An opponent uses an Ixalan Binding on a creature I control. In this case it was a Zombie.

    I have a Lilliana Planeswalker that lets me "Put target creature from your graveyard into play". Can I select a Zombie with the same name as the one exiled by Ixalan Binding? Does bringing it back from the graveyard count as "Casting" it?
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  • posted a message on Tips for Esper Control deck ?
    It went well. Won all my games, but dropped one against a very aggressive Sliver deck who got a really good start. He ended up getting 2 Descendants' Path and I really just ran out of answers as he was playing 2/3 creatures per turn. But still beat him in the other 2 games.

    It was good fun to be honest. None of us really play control, so it mixed it up a bit.
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  • posted a message on Tips for Esper Control deck ?
    Think nothing of it, and do let us know how it goes. Honestly, your current deck is quite good in general, not just for kitchen table casual, when it comes to spells: unfortunately the land base is very much a non-optimized one, and so you will still incur the risk of cloggy hands... But within the confines of kitchen table casual that shouldn't be too much of a problem, or at least I hope so.

    I'm going to test it tonight (30 min). Will be fun.

    If it works out well I'm going to buy a better land base for it. What would you consider a good land base?
    I see a few new lands have come out in the latest set.

    I'll have to have a look at it after the games tonight. I guess I'd need to look at more shock lands and lands that aren't dependent on having a standard land in play to come in untapped.
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  • posted a message on Tips for Esper Control deck ?
    I personally would remove the guildgates and max out the Briefings (if it is at all possible for you to do so; of course), because 22 lands should be enough for a deck like this. Alternatively, upon cutting to 22 lands you could increase Briefing to 2, and then run a couple guild signets (Dimir Signet for example) to help accelerate your mana. That aside, I like your latest build Smile

    I'll have a look at getting some more Briefings, they are pretty cheap. I only have the 1 at the moment.
    At the moment I have 1x Dimir Signet and 7x Dimir Lockets. The lockets might be an OK tradeoff i guess. Or one of each I suppose.

    I'll give this deck a whirl on the weekend. I really do appreciate your help.
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  • posted a message on Tips for Esper Control deck ?
    Quote from zdtsd »
    Mortify instead of Murder would be great; easier to cast and has enchantment hate, so way better. In addition, if you are willing to buy some cheap cards, the original Counterspell is as good as it gets. Also, Oath of Teferi just doesn't do much, even with 5 planeswalkers. 5 mana can get you an actual Teferi or Eldest Reborn, which is better by a lot. On the more fun side, the Mirari Conjecture is a great value enchantment.
    Usually, my ideal balance when playing control is something like this:

    - 4 to 8 counters

    - 4 to 6 spot removals

    - 2 or less mass removals

    - No more than 4 wincons (Chromium and Teferi)

    Rest should be draw power, a couple creatures with good ETB effects and, of course, lands. Before I proceed with my advice therefore ask: do you have the card pool to put together something with this kind of ratio? I'm sorry to say, but you're just not running enough artifacts for Tezzeret and Karn to be relevant: Chromium (flash him in, and then you've got a difficult to remove 7/7 flying threat to attack with) and Teferi (draws cards, untaps lands, acts as emergency removal: this guy can do literally everything a control deck needs) should be your wincons, but again, don't run more than 4 in total between the two, or you'll risk getting your hand clogged with cards with too high a cost to actually cast.
    Quote from Quilt »
    Teferi is a perfectly good answer to planeswalkers. Smile
    Manlands are performant too. But the ones in your colour are a little expensive (Celestial Colonnade, Creeping Tar Pit)

    How do you feel about using signets (Dimir Signet, Azorius Signet) for fixing and playing more lands that come into play tapped?
    Maybe also replace some sorceries with instants?

    Good points.

    I went ahead and changed the deck using that cards I already have:

    I'm missing a lot of the good land cards, but I'll consider buying some if this decks plays OK. I'd like to get a decent control deck.

    I tried to use the skeleton @zdtsd mentioned above. I didn't really find many creatures with great ETB effects, so i went with 4x Exclusion mage.

    @quilt I have a few Signets, but struggled to make room for them. The mandlands would be great. I have most of those in my Cube, but only 1 of's and the Cube doesn't get touched :).

    Anyhow, this is the next iteration. Sorry for the late reply.

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  • posted a message on Tips for Esper Control deck ?
    We can use any cards from modern i suppose. None of us really have anything older than that.

    I have 4x Ponder and 4x Sword to plowshears which I can swap in.maybe remove murder for Plowshares and Notion Rain for Ponder.

    I'll have to have a look at my older cards and see what I have.

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  • posted a message on Tips for Esper Control deck ?

    I'm making an Esper control deck to take along to a small house tournament with a few mates. It's only semi-comparative with beer and good times :). They will be playing Angel/Knights, Goblin Aggro and Elf/Green Ramp. A few of the others usually run enhanced challenger decks.

    I figured I'd go with a control deck as I'm keen to play with Chromium, the mutable and a few of my mythic planeswalkers I packed recently (Teferi, Hero of Dominaria, Karn, Scion of Urza). So they are obviously the Win conditions in the deck.

    The rest is really just counter, card draw and creature destruction. I put in Oblivion Ring which gives me some creature removal as well as something i can use against enchantments or artifacts.

    So if you have any tips it would be greatly appreciated Smile

    Edit: Made a few changes, taking out Oblivion Ring (SideBoard) and putting in Murder, The Eldest Reborn and Urza's Ruinous Blast

    Although I'm not sure. I don't really have any answers to planeswalkers at the moment.

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  • posted a message on Need a nudge in the right direction..
    Ok, building on the tips I've got from here, twitter and Reddit. I have more refined Cube:

    We spent a lot of time on Mill, but it's slowly desolved as cards have been swapped out. I also posted this over on Reddit, but I'll put up the bullet points here as well in case anyone has the time to have a look.

    • I've built out the fixing quite a bit from minimal to maybe too much (12.7%)?
    • I've strengthened blue creatures to make them more impactful and support mono-blue to a larger degree.
    • I've tried to support GW Tokens as best i can (There wasn't much support earlier)
    • I've got a broader Human focus in White and have more support for Humans in other colours
    • I've tried to support Spells Matter by adding cards that interact well with the archtype.
    • Red Deck Wins has more support with greater quality burn
    • Artifacts have been revamped. They are down a bit in quantity to aid in mana fixing, but I think the list is much stronger and more fun. (Cut a lot of chaff artifacts)

    Happy New Year everyone.
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  • posted a message on Holy ****, this game sucks as a "new" player
    I've been playing MTGArena and been enjoying it. I've mostly just been brewing my own decks with little success :P, but it's fun.

    My only concern is longevity to the game in the constructed format. Staying current when only playing a few games a week seems like an impossibility. I can pay say $90 for gems a few times a year, but even that's a stretch and opening packs for wildcards is just expensive and a massive money sink. I'd rather just splash on paper (Where I have already splashed a lot of cash).

    So I'm thinking Limited is the best way to go.

    Anyone know if you have to complete a draft in a single sitting or can I for example draft my deck today then play the draft out over a few days?
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  • posted a message on Need a nudge in the right direction..
    Quote from LeyShade »
    Sorry I've fallen rather poorly after my local pharmacy screwed up my medicine order. So fun ¬¬

    It's sort of hard to concentrate on much at the minute and my daughter is a full time whirlwind. But some basic advice from the nonsense is:

    1) Keep your guild cards at different mana costs. Which you've done for every guild except Simic and Boros. But switching Skyrider Patrol to something like Coiling Oracle/Shardless Agent or Deafening Clarion/Justice Strike for Heroic Reinforcements won't be hard.
    2) At 360 try to keep your guild cards to a max of 3 per guild. Most 360 cards use 2 gold guild cards (cards that have 2+ diff colours in their mana cost). Where they move to three the third is usually a hybrid card. Your cube works fine with 3 gold cards per guild due to it's lower ceiling for broken insanity, which brings me to...
    3) For now, you're best keeping to a single card for each shard and ommiting the wedges. The cards you have for each shard are fine, but if you need suggestions then Tamiyo, Field Researcher, Jenara, Asura of War and Treva, the Renewer would be examples that work across the various archetypes in Bant colours. Similarly in Jund you could use Gyrus, Waker of Corpses, Hellkite Overlord or Wasitora, Nekoru Queen.

    I'm sorry I can't do much more. Grandma turned up has taken my kid while I was writing this, so ill use the time to rest. I'll try to contribute where I can, but illness and busy week is going to leave me with next to no time =(

    No problems, health and family first!

    I think I'm at a point where I'm just going to leave it as it is now. I've picked up a few of the cards i didn't already have and will finish up the cube when it all arrives. So from this point on I'll just call it finished and continue to refine over time.

    Thanks for your help. Hope you feel better soon.
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  • posted a message on Need a nudge in the right direction..
    Quote from LeyShade »
    Thoughts since the cube got to 360:

    The curves are so much better! They feel right on point for where your cube wants to be. It's a great base for you to work from, and the cards that you've chosen for yourself really give it some personality and are well thought out. Great job.

    Also, the first draft I did with it at 360 was awesome. P1P1 (Pick 1, Pack 1) I took Glimpse The Unthinkable. I then proceeded to take every mill card I could reasonably take, hate drafting Gaea's Blessing and Fastbond in case I could splash it. Then in pack 3 the God-Pharoah showed up (Nicol Bolas, the Ravager), with me having red splash lands. It resulted in this monstrosity.

    The God-Pharoah predicted this day would come. Let his will be known. Bow to your master Bolas, all hail the God-Pharoah.

    You've done a fantastic job. Your cube's foundations are now truly solid, and the only thing left to do is balance up your multicolour section to match your needs. I'll help with this if you wish. From there, just swap in and out cards as you discover them or wish to test them, and enjoy many games of fantastic drafting.

    Welcome to cubing! It's been a pleasure helping you learn the basics and get your first cube started, and I hope your playgroup appreciates all your hard work =)

    If you have time some day throw up a few suggestions for the multicolour cards. I'm having a look, but it's not easy :).
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  • posted a message on Need a nudge in the right direction..
    I didn't get much time to look at the cube tonight, but i managed to put in about an hour.

    So I went ahead and changed out a few cards. Including some of your suggestions and i tried to make a few changes of my own. I also bought the card count up to the magical 360! - YAY :).

    I have to goto bed and didn't manage to look at the multi coloured cards yet. I can put up maybe another $20/30 this month to fix up those colours. So I'm hoping to go through the cube and pick out the worst cards per colour and pick up newer better cards. But it won't be tonight, i'm stuffed and have to sleep.

    I really appreciate all the tips in this thread, you have all been a major help. And definately a big Kudos to Leyshade for his dedication!
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