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  • posted a message on Burn
    Do you think the new card Roiling Vortex is playable in Legacy burn ?

    I’ve been thinking about it, it seems pretty meh compared to Sulfuric Vortex but the free spell hate makes it a bit interesting.
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  • posted a message on UW Silence
    This deck is a midrange deck built around Deafening Silence, and creatures.

    Here are the main concepts the deck tries to embody:

    The main idea is to have a "prison" aspect to it.
    We're maindecking 4 Deafening Silence, as it shuts down a LOT of decks right now in the current meta.
    Rest in Peace is also a great option with so many delve cards, dredge decks, delirium decks etc.
    As such, we're playing only a few spells and have almost no interaction with the graveyard.

    The best removal/counter creatures are UW, so they fit right into this deck.
    The Reflector Mage + Deputy of Detention + Spell Queller package is very efficient.
    Pretty self explanatory.

    The lifelink buys us time, is a counter to burn strategies, and can also give us an aggressive edge through the card Lone Rider.
    It's very easy to flip turn 3 or 4, as they are 13 cards in the deck than can make us gain life.
    Glory-Bound Initiate is great value too.
    4/4 lifelinkers is often not what the opponents expects when they see a UW deck, so it has a slight edge right now.

    Most other cards are enablers :
    • Charming Prince is a workhorse in this deck. Really great card.
    • It can flip a Lone Rider, flicker a Reflector Mage, or scry for lands early game.
    • Ojutai's Command can fetch back a Lone Rider and flip it the same turn, as well as serve as counter+draw tool in late game.
    • Blessed Alliance is great counter to Boggle decks as well as gaining life.
    • Teferi, Time Raveler is one of the best pw in the format and also acts as prison + removal. Easy include.

    I'm been brewing this for a week or two now, and so far my results on MTGO have got better and better.
    With this version I now do either 3-2 or 4-1 leagues.

    Its main weakness is creature-based decks, especially those that don't rely on many spells or graveyard interaction.
    They're basically immune to my prison cards and I can't really board mass creature removal so that's a problem.

    I'll post more detailed match-ups when I have more results and if you guys are interested.
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  • posted a message on Burn
    Won an FNM going 3-0 with the deck (my first tournament playing it).

    I’m still refining the mana base, but the Horizon Lands have been very good to me, I’d say they won me several games seeing extra cards.

    20 lands seems appropriate.

    I now need to try Barbarian Ring.
    Still hesitant on how many Light Up the Stage is the right number, too.

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  • posted a message on Devoted Devastation (aka Turbo Druid/Druid Evolution)
    Well, I was interested in the win condition aspect + mana accelaration in a deck that usually plays 10 mana dorks.
    That seemed decent, hence my question.

    But someone just pointed out to me that, with that Leyline on the board, Freed From the Real on a Birds or Hierarch makes infinite mana + infinite buff and attack on turn 2.
    Seems quite possibly busted.

    Like you, I don't know if Druid Evolution is the right shell for it though.
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  • posted a message on Devoted Devastation (aka Turbo Druid/Druid Evolution)
    So, what do we think about this ?

    When you tap a creature for mana, add an additional G .
    6GG: Put a +1/+1 counter on each creature you control.
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  • posted a message on Devoted Devastation (aka Turbo Druid/Druid Evolution)
    I think you could include 1-2 Eladamri's Call in place of Finale of Devastation, just to split your options against Graffdigger's Cage decks.
    It's not really better or worse I think, still 4 mana to get a 2-drop in play, just a different option.

    Finale has the slight advantage of being a mana sink and occasionally serve as a kill on its own, if your regular kills are gone. Call has the advantage of being able to get a Ballista directly.

    By the way, like AcademyRuins, I started running Neoform, and so far I'm really liking it.
    I was already convinced by the green Finale, but Neoform should definitely be included too.
    These two cards are a great addition.

    This week I've been running a list inspired by his, only with 8 fetches instead of 10 (for 2 Razorverge Thicket) and Shalai instead of Ezuri.
    So far, I've won somewhat consistently against my friends playing Tron, Humans, and Whir Prison.
    I'm still novice with the deck, but I'll run the list this weekend at MKM Series Paris, I'll let you know how it went.
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  • posted a message on [MH1] Modern Horizons Discussion Thread
    Quote from ElectricEye »
    Birds of Paradise and Noble Hierarch have been the best mana creatures in modern since the format's inception. Deathrite, appearing quickly onto the scene but disappearing soon afterwards, briefly took the first place slot. Third place goes to Arbor Elf.

    I believe Modern Horizons would be a perfect place to print new mana creatures that could compete for power level with Birds and Hierarch. These are the type of cards that are too good for standard - where they hesitated to even print Llanowar Elves - but are perfectly acceptable in modern and legacy.

    I can't wait to see what they come up with.

    I desperately want a one-mana dork with defender.
    They keep pushing the defender "theme" since last year (Arcades, and now High Alert), but a credible deck would need a proper wall to ramp/combo properly.
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  • posted a message on Devoted Devastation (aka Turbo Druid/Druid Evolution)
    Finale of devastation definitely seems good.
    Chord of calling is often too slow when I play the deck, so a cheaper version that can serve as a kill in itself is definitely appreciated.
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  • posted a message on Colorless Eldrazi Stompy
    Just back from playing the deck in Cardmarket Series Ghent, they were around 400 players.
    Went a pretty harsh 1-4 and dropped, so I'm a bit disappointed.

    Burn 1-2. It was a very close match, probably could have won it had I been more patient, but playing smasher into mimic just felt too good.
    GW Vizier combo deck 0-2. Made a mistake in first game, and drew five lands in a row in second game.
    GW "good stuff" 0-2. This one was weird and I wasn't prepared. Couldn't finish him and then he just had better creatures.
    Grixis Shadow 2-0. It was the only match I won, and pretty easily so, thanks to Chalice.
    Humans 1-2. Unlucky, I lose last game mulliganing to 3 without hitting a single powder.

    It's my second time playing the deck in a big tournament and I feel the deck is still very inconsistent, even though I did a few mistakes against the GW decks.
    Overall, I mulliganed a lot, often to 5, without hitting my powders, and my hate cards weren't good.
    Obviously it'd be better to play against "meta" decks like Phoenix and Grixis Shadow all day, but I feel I shouldn't lose so hard to random creature decks.

    I'm not convinced by Torpor Orb in sideboard, I managed to play it turn 1 against Humans ans still get wrecked.
    As it turns out, it doesn't stop Meddling Mage from choosing a card.

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  • posted a message on Bant Walls Worship
    Shield Sphere would be really good, it's clearly one of the best walls we can get.
    Also, I'd really like Tinder Wall and Wall of Light.

    But brand new walls with cools ETB/LTB is what we're after.
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  • posted a message on Bant Walls Worship
    Ah, too bad Frown
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  • posted a message on Bant Walls Worship
    Infinite mana with walls is not a new idea and has been laying around for quite some time.
    You have plenty of possibilities, Umbral Mantle, Freed from the real, Overgrown Battlement, Axebane Guardian, etc.

    I tested this too and, without being disrupted, you can expect to kill regularly on turn...4. Clearly that doesn't work for modern.
    Right now, there is no reason to play this over a quicker and more reliable vizier + druid combo, for example.

    For that plan to work competitively, you would need good zero or one drop walls, particularly a mana dork.
    Saruli Caretaker was indeed very close to be what we needed...

    The good thing about High Alert is it does all things as the same time : allowing your defenders to attack, untapping your creatures, and boosting your toughness-heavy creatures (not just defenders). So that's definitely the best wall enabler we got out there.

    Have a look at the "Coco walls" thread.
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  • posted a message on Bant Walls Worship
    I played around with this concept last year, with more tutors, and it felt... too fair.
    High Alert seems like a good card but we desperately need better actual walls before we can do anything.

    For example, I hate having to play one drop mana dorks like Birds that don't have defender and thus do not synergize with the other cards.

    Let us know how it goes though, if you end up testing it.
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  • posted a message on Devoted Devastation (aka Turbo Druid/Druid Evolution)
    If Protection from black is what you're after, I'd prefer a Chameleon Colossus which can also serve as a kill with our combo.
    But still, 4cmc is a lot.
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  • posted a message on Modern Battle of Wits (Possibly Primer?)
    Can you actually shuffle it by hand, without splitting it ?

    I think that's the main reason this deck will never be playable in a tournament, unfortunately.
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